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Johnny is the president of The Lost MC but as the years passed, the whole group gets heavily involved in drugs and arms trading. Simeon owns a car dealership business in Los Santos and he hires criminals to do the dirty works for himself. Madrazo is a known drug dealer; he leads the most ruthless Mexican narcotic gang in the Los Santos.
Franklin starts by stealing expensive cars while working for Simeon Yetarian, alter on he starts working with Michael De Santa and his criminal level ascends to large robberies, as well as assassinations. He has achieved a decent rank inside this organization and as a captain he has to deliver bikes to other members.

He used to be a drug dealer but in GTA 5 he prefers to steal expensive cars with his best friend Franklin. Bad guys are a complete plague; they’re simply everywhere and in the fifth game the scenario repeats itself.
Between many other robberies he met his wife Amanda, at the time a dancerr and he opened up an illegal business.
He runs his own drug and gun trade business but he loves to get involved in big robberies and gun runs. With so much competition around being the best criminal isn’t as easy as it should be, since breaking the law in multiple ways is a task only for masters.

Trevor only thinks big and while other robbers think about stealing cars, he prefers to steal military planes. Bad guys are known for using any means necessary to achieve their goals, which includes taking down other bad guys, especially when they become too influent amongst their own.

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