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Neo (Keanu Reeves), Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), and Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) continue their battle against the machines in THE MATRIX RELOADED, the second chapter of Larry and Andy Wachowski's MATRIX trilogy. Matrix is a more sophisticated full-frame and tile panel system, offering versatility and functionality while remaining cost-efficient.
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Like real number multiplication and exponents, An means that we multiply A together n times. 3) If A is invertible, when the left side is reduced to the identity matrix, the right side will be A-1. As RELOADED begins, Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus arrive in Zion with new crew member Link (Harold Perrineau), and discover that 250,000 dreaded sentinels are close to launching a massive attack on the underground haven for the liberated minds of humanity.

Introduce Matrix to your office environment and get a long-term solution for your space management needs. When Neo seeks advice from the prophetic Oracle (the late Gloria Foster), their meeting leads to a sorely outnumbered fight with Neo's old nemesis, Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving). This system allows you to create open environments and 90, 120, and 135 degree space planning. While the sentinels advance on Zion, various battles within the Matrix continue to escalate, culminating in an extended highway chase sequence involving Morpheus, Trinity, more imposing agents, and two new adversaries--the relentless white-clad Twins (Adrian and Neil Rayment). With RELOADED, the Wachowski brothers delve deeper into both the realm of the Matrix and the apocalyptic, machine-controlled future reality.
Off-modular panels are easy to integrate around structural poles and tombstone electrical areas in floors, as well as in those difficult long runs where you need structural support. Initially giving ample attention to both the romance between Neo and Trinity and to the vast underground city of Zion, the film eventually delivers one stunning set piece after another, with the amazing martial arts sequences and jaw-dropping effects of the first MATRIX elevated to even more astounding heights.

In addition to the returning cast of Reeves, Moss, Fishburne, Weaving, and Foster, Perrineau and Jada Pinkett Smith make for welcome new additions, and Monica Bellucci offers up an unforgettably sensual appearance.
A variety of glass options are also available for Matrix, boosting the light radiated throughout your office while also enhancing employees’ productivity, health and outlook. Larger than the original scale on every level, THE MATRIX RELOADED is a thoroughly entertaining sequel that will leave viewers eager for the trilogy's conclusion, THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS.

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