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Calling or texting the number (669) 221-6251 will trigger an automated message that delivers a quote from bell hooks, the pen name of feminist scholar and activist Gloria Watkins. The Feminist Phone Intervention Tumblr page includes a link for donations to help keep the service running.
The Feminist Phone Intervention hotline certainly seems to be in demand, with an almost overwhelming number of calls being received already.
The phone line is located in California, but for now at least, the people behind the project are choosing to remain anonymous. Selena and Justin are totally back on right now after she traveled all the way to Norway to meet up with him on April 18. So Selena may have just given in to her emotions and decided to give Justin another go-around — even though she probably knows it might not be the best decision. Some people will not take no for an answer, and in rare cases may even become violent in response to a rejection.

According to the project's Tumblr page, the number was selected "because (669) UGH-ASIF, WTF-DUDE, and MAJR-SHADE were taken." The Feminist Phone Intervention line not only endeavors to help women escape uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situations, but also educate the men who cause them. Any money received beyond that which covers the phone bill will be donated to The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health.
Although many are likely from people simply testing out the number, there are undoubtedly already a few overzealous suitors who have been shown the error of their ways. The source insists that the two are still very close, and that it has been hard for Selena to shake Justin off since splitting up.
Now that the wheels have started turning again for Jelena, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them fully recommit to each other soon! The reality star insists she has no plans to get back with her former partner of nine years any time soon. The Feminist Phone Intervention hotline seeks to assits with this problem by allowing women to give out a fake number that provides more than just a not-in-service message.

The institute said that while it is aware of the project, it was not involved in its creation. We value your privacy and we will never sell or distribute your email or personal data to third party advertisers. End of the day, I would love to see us work everything out, and be in love again, and watch movies together, and be intimate, and love each other, and be best friends. We're not getting back together right now, but I don't know what the future holds in life, in God's plan.

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