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The Social ID Bureau is handing-out personal identification cards for a limited number of Facebook Social Network citizens, interested in alpha testing. Be the first among your friends to pick-up your social identification card and explore the future.
Governments like Germany have released new passports that offer online identity checks as well, but they will likely never succeed with their technologies given the already existing structure of Facebook, powered by convience.
Next time someone needs to "see your ID" - How about showing a Facebook ID card instead of the documents your government gave you? The predecessor of this project is FB Resistance, a series of workshops to encourage people to question the rules and restrictions of Facebook by showing them the basics of web technologies, open data and creating little "hacks" that open new perspectives. Known projects: The Foebud has given out "Lichtbildausweise" at the CCC Congress in 2011 (Anyone's got a link?).
Update May 2012: A day after this project went viral, someone took the idea along and created a Google+ ID card generator. THANKS to: Ela Kagel (Supermarkt) for the perfect location, Paul Steinhilber for putting together the ID Card Generator, Nadine Freischland for her generall support, Sonja K. I went to pick up a package today at FedEx today and the first thing they asked me was my valid photo Identification. When they ask for a picture ID, you can show any of these that have your photo and your date of birth along with signature.
Any place where you use Credit card, you will be asked for your picture ID.  I can keep on writing still more, but you get the idea the importance of having an ID in US. As I have already mentioned in article why International Students or H1B holders should get State ID, it is a very risky proposition for us to carry passport to all the places listed above. Actually most credit cards do NOT require an ID, and it is even against the issuer’s ToS for a merchant to ask for an ID if the card is signed.
As someone from the US who has traveled a lot in my own country and outside of it for work – I agree about not carrying your passport around.
One important thing you didn’t add is that a lot of places will NOT accept a passport as valid ID.
So, I guess the obvious point in that is don’t go to a bar and expect to use your passport as ID.
Retired Veterans With 20 Years of Service Veterans ID – Retired veterans who have served honorably for more than 20 years can obtain an ID card on base by submitting a copy of their retirement paperwork and they will be issued a DD form 2 (blue colored) ID card. ID Cards for Eligible Family Members of Living and Deceased Retired Soldiers – DD Form 1172-1 (Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card) is issued to eligible Family members of “Gray Area” retirees.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Veterans Identification Card (VIC) – Also known as a veterans universal Access photo ID Card, many veterans are eligible for a VA health card and may not know it.  The VA issues IDs to anybody who needs to access a VA medical center and many businesses accept these as valid proof of service. Service Organization Veteran ID Cards – Many national and local veteran service organizations provide ID cards such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and the American Legion.  While this are not official government issued proof of id many businesses accept these cards as proof of military service. DD12 Form 214 – These are veterans discharge papers and separation documents and many government agencies and businesses accept this paperwork accompanied with photo ID as valid proof of military service. Honor System – Some businesses utilize the honor system.  If you say you’re a veteran that’s good enough for them. Private Verification Services –  Private companies such as Sheer ID and (formerly Troop ID)  verify military service in order to take advantage  of partner offers and discounts.
If you don’t get your card processed during one of these cycles it will be done at the convenience of Film Operations. It certainly struck some nerves and recieved international media coverage within a couple of days.
When signing-up for new services around the open web it's quite common to use Facebook Connect instead of creating a new user account.
The other way around though - A future where a Facebook Identity becomes more important than any governments' doesn't seem unrealistic. Much sooner than expected BBC News has broken a story about "Bouncers 'checking Facebook on phones' as identification" - Exactly what I proposed in an interview over at VICE - The Creators Project. Imagine you going to a Jet Ski place and they asked for picture ID, you give your passport: “ Do you expect the passport not to get wet ?  What if the passport slips and gets into water ? If it gets lost, stolen, or damaged – you will have a hard time getting a replacement. A DD Form 1173 (Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card) is issued to eligible Family members of a retiree. People stop ranting on blog comments because they only allow comments connected to your "real name" aka "Facebook Identity" (till the end of time). What if you go to bar and lose the passport in Bar after getting drunk ?”.  It is much harder to get a new passport. Nope, I’m not talking about that piece of laminated freedom that showcases our best look that only a mother could love.
A DD Form 2A (Ret-Red) ID card is issued to “Gray Area” retirees (prior to retired pay eligibility), and a DD Form 2 (Ret-Blue) ID card is issued to a retiree who is actively receiving retired pay.
The same rules apply for the DD Form 1173 for Reduced Retirement Eligible Retiree Family members; their ID Cards will not have full medical benefits until the Sponsor is age 60.

The card programming process is not a convient one for all involved, but it’s necessary. What is exciting about this, what can be our role as artists and why should one even bother?
The user's next battle is about nothing less but who controls your identity, and we still might have something to say about it. There are so many complexities that can kick in.  You really do not want to get into any of these risks.
If you are unable to drop off your card on any of the above dates processing cycles will accure every Friday morning through out the semester (unless otherwise noted). It’s powered by DocStoc, which was founded by Jason Nazar (also founder of License123).How simple is it to use? This site contains information about GI Bill benefits, VA loans, news and services for military veterans and is not connected with any government agency. If you would like to find more information about benefits offered by Veteran Affairs, visit the official site for veterans benefits at Veterans Affairs. We also include all the application forms you will require and the associated instructions where applicable.
In addition, we outline the specific license cost and fee schedule for each permit or license, the full contact information of each licensing authority. You will also find the application deadline and any applicable renewal information you need to know. If the license can be filed electronically, we will provide you direct links to the online forms and applications.
Nothing stifles business growth like being hit with a few penalties or being shut down before you really get started.No need to be intimidated here though because License123 really does seem to make it easy. Even if you don’t see your industry on the site, some of the similar businesses listed require some of the same permits and licenses, but as always double check your work (and their work).

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