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About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. While these tiny versions of humans seem to be programmed to wake up during the night to get some milk into their tummies, there are some tricks to keeping the midnight squalls to a minimum. During the day, Mum and Dad should keep the house bright and reasonably noisy even when the baby is snoozing so she's not all bright-eyed and bushytailed at night. If your baby has this pattern, then a tip from the University of Illinois is to try waking him up an hour or two before you need to go to sleep yourself and see if he is hungry.

A rapid nappy change a little bit before bed and a full tummy and you'll have removed some of the excuses that he can use to wake you up out of your lovely deep sleep. Some softly sung lullabies or a relaxing warm bath before bedtime can help her drop off into the dreamland of whatever babies dream of, possibly filled with tinkly music, people disappearing behind their hands, and soft furry bears whose hard plastic noses have a great mouth-feel. This way he'll be in his crib still awake but not so awake that he'll start grizzling for you to keep him company.
This routine will also ensure that he gets used to falling asleep when he is on his own, so if he wakes up during the night he is comfortable dropping back off by himself without screaming for you. Although rocking him to sleep might be tempting, the NHS says that this might encourage him to expect it every bedtime. The NHS recommends that parents close the curtains, lower their voices and keep other stimulation to a minimum to help the baby drift off to sleep easily.

Don't be tempted to change her just in case, as this can make the baby more alert at this quiet time.
Choose a soft night-light when feeding him, as bright light will wake him up more, and it'll be easier for both of you to get back to sleep. According to the NHS, this is completely normal and if you feel that she is not upset, ill or hungry, then try not to stroke or cuddle her. This can make her more alert, which reduces the chance of her going back to sleep on her own.

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