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If you’re a typical Scorpio, chances are you are either alone, looking to be in a relationship, or in an unhappy relationship. Unfortunately for too many Scorpios, they tend to look at their emotional world in black-and-white terms. Your definition of emotional authenticity and personal happiness within your relationship is so extreme that it ruins your relationships. If you want to finally get off that unhappy treadmill, you need to pay attention to what I’m about to say. If you want to stop believing that you are just simply unlucky in love, you need to wrap your mind regarding the concepts I’m about to reveal. Well, to scorn a Scorpio woman would mean to incur the wrath of hell one million times over. You have to understand that the reason why you are unable to forgive people is because you look at the world in black-and-white terms. You have to understand that not everything that happens in your emotional world is intentional.
It’s not uncommon for a Scorpio friend to undergo a lot of personal risk and financial ruin just to bail out a friend. In many cases, Scorpios end up abandoning friends because they feel that their friends are not reciprocating the same level of intensity. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others.
It is very easy to come up with all sorts of negative images of the Scorpio.  The reality of course is much more complicated.
Sure, Scorpio people do tend to get imbalanced from time to time.  However, in their minds, it is for a perfectly good reason. While a good reason in most minds would have something to do with logic, reason or some sort of financial or practical consideration, for the Scorpio it all boils down to one thing: emotions. It is very hard for them to realize that the world actually has many different colors.  It is not just black and white. In fact, there are many shades of gray in between.  However, good luck telling this to the Scorpio. It is easy for them to simply hold a grudge.  It is very easy for them to try to pay somebody back.
With that said, it is very easy to paint the Scorpio as the bad person in any kind of relationship. What does not get much publicity is the fact that too many Scorpios find themselves in unhealthy and imbalanced relationships.
While it is easy to get down on the Scorpio as somebody who is steering up all sorts of trouble in the relationship, nine times out of ten they are actually the ones who have to put up with all sorts of abuse. I am not talking about physical abuse here.  I am talking about subtle forms of emotional abuse and manipulation. The Scorpio is unnecessarily a victim.  If a typical Scorpio finds himself or herself in a physically abusive relationship, they usually do not have any problems leaving.

That is not the problem with them.  The problem is when it comes to the 50 shades of gray of emotional abuse. However, if there is just some slight emotional abuse or there are some emotional bullying involved, it is very hard to shake you off. You have to understand that once you get the Scorpio to be on your side, it is very hard to shake them off.  They are extremely loyal. If you send enough signals to the Scorpio that you are on their side and they should be loyal to you, it is very hard to change their minds. This works against them when the partner is somebody who is not worth being loyal to.  If the partner is a complete loser and needs to be abandoned, the Scorpio has a tough time letting go. Here are some tips for Scorpios on how to leave a partner who is not doing them any favors.
One of the main reasons why Scorpios tend to stick to an otherwise emotionally abusive or imbalanced relationship is they read meaning into the relationship. It may be clear as day and night to a blind person that a particular relationship is worthless and does not help anybody. However, to the Scorpio that relationship may be worth hanging on to because this person is reading all sorts of meaning into the relationship. In the same way you would look up in the sky and you see all sorts of clouds and come up with all sorts of shapes and interpretations, Scorpios do this all the time with their relationships. It really is quite frustrating.  It can be very obvious to people around that the relationship is not worth saving, but the Scorpio will just stand their ground.
You would start noticing that there are some sort of objective readings you can get from what is going on around you. Instead of you always putting an emotional cast on what is going on, you would be able to see what really is going on.
I know this might sound mercenary.  I know this might sound like you are a gold digger, but in reality you are investing something that is very precious.
The longer you stand by a relationship that is not really doing you any good, you are just cheating yourself of other more beneficial relationships. Somebody who treats you like garbage, somebody who puts you down, somebody who diminishes you is not worth your time.
You need to leave that relationship and find a person that will treat you like the piece of gold that you are.  This should be non-negotiable.
You have to remember that the only person you can really count on to truly love you is yourself.
Out of self love, you owe it to yourself to leave relationships that are not doing you any good. Scorpio is the eight sign of the zodiac and he is dynamic, extremely sensual, passionate, loyal, competitive and a wonderful partner, if those are qualities you admire. Typical Scorpio man gets bored easily, so if you want to attract and keep this man, create an air of misery about yourself. In order to win a Scorpio’s heart you should never do or say anything that makes him feel threatened.

Alluring ways to attract a Libra woman Women born under the sign Libra are the embodiment of justice, fairness and balance.
However, I need to paint in broad strokes so you can get a clear understanding of the big picture. Something bad may have happened, but most people in that situation probably didn’t want that to happen. You have to look at your current relationship based on the specific situation surrounding your relationship. If anything, you would be putting all sorts of unnecessary pressure and demands on your relationship. If you want to seduce the Scorpio man, you should keep in mind that the Scorpio can be a hard zodiac sign to understand. Scorpio loves mystery and is seduced by intrigue, so make sure to keep an air of mystery around you, to keep him guessing. They are attracted by confident and strong minded women, who are not afraid to go after what they really want.
Even though it is important to send out strong signals that you find him sexually attractive, at the same time you shouldn’t commit the error of making yourself too easily available for him.
Don’t reveal everything about your life at first, because Scorpio likes solving puzzles and uncovering hidden information.
A Scorpio man is unlikely to fall in love with a person who has deceived him or isn’t going to be honest with him.
Keep in mind, that Scorpio man loves challenges, and he will soon get bored if everything is handed to him on a plate.
Scorpio men suffer from inner insecurities and like to be in a position of maximum power, which they actually achieve be staying in charge and disclosing very little about themselves. Scorpio loves challenges more than all zodiac signs, so don’t make things too easy for him by revealing everything about you, because he will quickly lose interest in you. Scorpio appreciates honesty, and once you’ve given a Scorpio reason to think he can no longer trust you, he will probably be turned off forever.
In order to seduce him you have to prove that you are independent and capable of standing up for yourself. Just support him in his career and let him have his harmless secrets, and there should be no problems in your relationship.
The Scorpio man loves sex, so wearing something sexy is a wonderful idea if you want to seduce him. So, if you want to attract a Scorpio – just be yourself and never lie about anything!
However, you should keep in mind the fact that he also likes mysteries and secrets, so make sure you leave something to the imagination!

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