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Start with these three tried, tested, and true pieces of advice and make new friends in no time. Being wanted or included is a great feeling, so you can imagine the effect it has on journalists who are constantly used for their written words. Because you’re awesome at PR you’re already following the journalists you want to pitch on Twitter - right?
I’m a firm believer that every person in the universe can find something in common with another human. Our core team is a bunch of smart, quirky, creative individuals who want to make a difference for our clients and a difference in the world. While some of us find that friendship comes easily, others find it a challenge to make friends. Research has found that the amount of time you smile during conversations with people directly effects how friendly they think you are.
Studies also find that when you compliment someone, people unintentionally transfer the traits to you.
You probably know from experience that stressing out about making friends is usually a waste of time, but try telling that to your kids! The little lessons you teach your kids throughout the day will have an impact on their ability to make friends.
Classrooms are microcosms of our society; a place where people of all cultures, characteristics and interests meet. He encourages parents to talk to their teacher to find out which students share your child's passions. Even though you may not be in the classroom every day, as a parent, you have the ability to create a sense of community within the school and within your child's specific class.
Jacqueline Edelberg, author of How to Walk to School: A Blueprint for a Neighborhood School Renaissance, has seen this strategy at work firsthand.

With a little help from you, your little one will have the ability and confidence to expand her social circle this school year. Making friends with them first is always encouraged, but that can be easier said than done. They’re always up against the clock, racing to get their latest story to an editor, while sourcing the next two, three, or four in the queue. While this may not work with regular or senior writers, many freelancers or regular contributors may be up for the opportunity - or should we say, break?
People who have facial paralysis that prevents them from smiling also have trouble making friends.
This means that if you tell Sarah that she’s vain, she will unconsciously associate you with being vain. Her writing has appeared in magazines such as Alive!, Occupational Health and Safety, Restaurants and Institutions, Tampa Bay and Arizona Woman.
From your child's perspective, perhaps the most unsettling thought is the challenge of making new friends. Rather than play the "don't worry about it" card, you can arms your kids with the tools they need to socialize with confidence.
For example, when your child works well with others, making friends will probably come little easier.
This scenario provides both an opportunity to teach acceptance and a chance to discover our commonalities. While it's not realistic to expect all the classroom parents to be best friends, it helps when the moms and dads are at least friendly with each other. It's no secret that polite, respectful and friendly kids (and adults for that matter) are well-equipped to attract friends and develop solid relationships. It’s true, sometimes they’re just really not interested in your story, but in some cases - if time allowed for it, they’d be all over your news.

We commonly say that PR professionals often do a journalist’s job for them by sourcing the ultimate story, but at the end of the day, they still have the write the piece.
Don’t make assumptions but do ask if they would consider a ghostwritten piece if they pass on a story angle due to time constraints. You need people to confide in, to provide you with support and to give you a sense of belonging.
Go to parties, talk to your co-workers, chat with other parents when you’re picking up the kids and make an effort to put yourself out there. Of all the survival skills one doth possess in life - making friends is an invaluable talent. Keep links to other pieces you’ve written handy, they’ll likely want a sample of your writing to gauge your abilities. Don’t forget that you’re also more likely to make friends with someone when you see them more often! We promise you - it won’t just make their day, it will help you in the future when you want to pitch them a great story. Frequently enough that I become a blip on their radar, but not too often that they sense my desperation to be their friend. Even if you say that company you’re pimping is not a client, they’re always going to wonder what’s really in it for you.

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