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The new Xbox 360 dashboard reflects Microsoft larger ambitions--a declaration that Xbox is much more than just a games console.
In the new update, hubs are now displayed horizontally (left to right) across the top of the dashboard.
Quickplay lets you access and launch one of 7 of your most recently played games and applications. Beacons allows you to post alerts that can be viewed on Facebook or the actual Xbox 360 dashboard. Updated apps include the already established, Hulu Plus, ESPN, and a much improved version of the Netflix app.
November 2008 -- The subsequent dashboard, dubbed as the NXE (short for new Xbox experience) introduced much more variety in terms of accessible content.

November 2010 -- Microsoft tweaked the design of the dashboard to include their Metro design style with sharp lines.
December 2011 -- The new dash is the next evolution of the Xbox, with a focus on the Kinect motion controller and a fully-Metro design. 6, 2011, Microsoft released the next major dashboard update for the 57.7 million Xbox 360 consoles that have been sold worldwide.
It's a full-blown entertainment system that not only competes with the likes of game-industry rivals Sony and Nintendo.
They include Bing, Social, Video, Games, Music, Apps and Settings, with Microsoft introducing Live TV to the mix later in the year. These alerts let anyone viewing their friends list know that you would like to play a game or watch a movie.

So now, there’s less of a need to carry your Xbox hard drive or a memory card when you want to continue slaying dragons at your friends dwelling.
Along with the existing apps come an assortment of newcomers such as Today, Daily Motion, SYFY, and dozens of others.
With it comes a brand new Metro-based user-interface along with a number of fresh capabilities that not only improve the Xbox experience, but moves it several steps closer to being the jack-of-all-trades device of your living room.

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