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Check out her YouTube channel Smoothiefreak for this video and more amazing videos like it. In a few short weeks, kids all over the country will be starting their first year of high school. If you’re girlfriend has decided not to dress you for the occasion, you need to begin by asking a few imperative questions about the upcoming event.
If you’re usually sporting crazy spikes or Mohawks, it might be best to lay loose on your wild side for one side. If you’re dealing with a more prim and proper family that spends their nights tasting the finest wines and riding horses, the stakes are a bit higher.
Don’t even think about doing anything with your hair other than slicking it back or to the sides.
The moment eight years in the making finally came on the How I Met Your Mother season 8 finale. In the final seconds of the episode "the Girl with the Yellow Umbrella," as the end credits called her, bought a ticket to Farhampton, the location of Barney and Robin's wedding.The relatively unknown actress playing the Mother is Cristin Milioti, best known as a Tony Award nominee for the lead role in the Broadway adaptation of the film Once. It’s a hysterically funny, yet still extremely serious, list of things any white man should know before dating a black woman.
These kids were by and large born in 1999, so it’s safe to assume that their high school experience will be different than yours.
After all, you spent so much time looking for a girl and finally found the perfect woman; how bad could her parents be? While this may seem like an easy way out of a potentially hard attire decision, proper outfit choices are still important.

If it’s a real casual night on the couch for you and the family, it is still OK to bring the mother some flowers. If the evening calls for a stop at the higher end of the city, you need to make sure you pump up your look as much as possible- without overdoing it. Shirt in darker colors like black and blue typically work best, especially paired up with a stunner tie. A pair of black slacks will do miracles for your outfit and will also have your girlfriend fanning herself at how impressing you look. Congratulations, lady, you just became famous.The big reveal was one of many huge developments in the HIMYM finale. We know white guys have been down with the swirl for quite some time, and Akilah has masterfully set some ground rules for an interracial relationship to be successful. By following these simple ideas and taking note of the tips on what to wear to meet your girlfriend’s parents, you will capture their hearts with ease. A simple short sleeved top with a neutral color is fine, and if it has a few buttons or a pocket, that’s OK too. And that crazy, wild hair you’ve been sporting for years needs to take the back seat for the night. On a personal side note, she’s pretty much the type of YouTuber I want to be someday.
If the weather is cold outside, bring a neutral colored sweater or jacket that compliments the rest of your outfit. Of course he hasn't told anyone yet by the end of the episode.All of this happened as the show let us know it is Friday at 10am, 56 hours before the wedding.

You’d hate to wear all black to an outdoor event during the hottest part of the day, right? You probably want to stray from wearing anything too tight or too baggy, as these can appear unappealing to parental figures. It may be in your best interest to remove piercings and cover your tattoos, especially if they are offensive. It is also best to try and cover all tattoos and bring along a matching black coat in case you become chilled.
The specificity of that makes me think the ninth and final season of How I Met Your Mother will be a bit like 24, taking place largely, if not entirely, during those 56 hours, plus 10 more.
Asking your significant other these two simple questions will save you a lot of hassle and possible embarrassment in the long run.
In the season 8 premiere, "Farhampton," we learned that Ted was waiting at the train station, about to meet the Mother, 10 hours after the wedding.My current theory is that the final season will include the Mother popping up sporadically, interacting with various characters at different points in the season, narrowly missing Ted. There's also the option to have flashbacks showing Milioti in various scenes from the past.Whatever the case, I suspect Ted won't actually meet the Mother until late in season 9, I just hope that doesn't prevent HIMYM from using Milioti. Given the show's love of complex storytelling structures, I could easily see her being a series regular who shows up in every episode next year without ever sharing a scene with Josh Radnor until the series finale.However the show does it, fans have met the Mother, we know her face, and we also know next year is the last season. Hopefully they have an elaborate endgame planned, one worthy of the Playbook, and one that utilizes Cristin Milioti a lot.

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