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I think you’ll agree that the Spanish title is far less likely to offend than the original. The Spanish title sounds far too latino for a film starring Macauley Caulkin, probably the palest actor ever to grace the silver screen.
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This is not a good time to be a comedian.The whole comic-entertainment species, homo japiens, is under attack.
Bob scores a temporary gig as a cook at an "underdog" frat house and discovers that he fits right in!
Polityka dotyczaca plikow cookie na stronach DiscoveryTak jak wiekszosc stron internetowych, rowniez strony Discovery wykorzystuja pliki cookie, aby pomoc uzytkownikom w dostepie do wszystkich znakomitych tresci w naszej ofercie. This year, panelists include Kristen Schaal and (my personal faves) The IT Crowd‘s Noel Fielding and Richard Ayoade.
Oh, and hey, the TARDIS is right there in the opening credits, so you know they dedicate a lot of time to Doctor Who. If you know any other amusing film titles in Spanish or English titles of Spanish movies, I’d love to hear them.
From the gag-spraying vaudevillians of my youth to the droll young stand-ups of today, they’re all feeling the lash of public disapproval. Dodatkowe informacje na temat plikow cookie i zarzadzania plikami cookie znajduja sie w naszej polityce prywatnosci.
Back in 2008, it was Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross being wicked on the phone to Andrew Sachs.

To spolecznosc pelna kontrastow, w ktorej religijne i kulturowe tradycje wplataja sie elementy wspolczesnych trendow mody i ekstrawagancja charakteryzujaca celebrytow.Przyjrzymy sie, jak przebiegaja romskie swieta i uroczystosci, od pierwszych komunii po ogromne wesela. Some months ago, it was Frankie Boyle who’d Gone Too Far in saying outrageous things about Katie’s Price’s disabled son.
Two comedians whose heyday was the 1970s and 1980s are currently being questioned by police about sexual abuse.
To spektakularne widowisko, podczas ktorego panna mloda musi wystapic w wielkiej, wyszukanej sukni.Zapraszamy na spotkanie ze spolecznoscia, ktora zyje w swiecie pelnym uprzedzen. And this week there’s been an unholy row about the comedians invited on to Channel 4’s Big Fat Quiz of the Year to be funny about famous people in 2012.Jack Whitehall mused about whether the Queen remained standing throughout her Jubilee Thames trip because she’d caught a urinary infection from the Duke. Others seized on the unfortunate Twitter hashtag employed by Susan Boyle’s PR – #susanalbumparty – to make, er, anal bum jokes.The Daily Mail spat fury about the quiz. It called their post-watershed jokes “vile”, “obscene” and “puerile”, and threw up its hands in horror to think that the victims had included Her Majesty, Bolt, Boyle and Obama. It called in fellow comedians (Rory Bremner, Billy Connolly) to tut-tut about the competitive nature of modern humorists. For the readers’ benefit, the paper reprinted several of the jokes and provided an online video link to remind viewers how dreadful it had been.Had British humour really gone too far at last? Since it was revealed that some stand-ups can parlay their disrespectful monologues into millions through stadium appearances and DVD sales, and are no longer dependent on TV shows to make a living, the public’s attitude to them has changed.
Though only 240 people complained about The Big Fat Quiz (out of an audience of 2.5 million, or one in 10,000), there’s a groundswell of opinion online that too many stand-ups are smug, overpaid, potty-mouthed enemies of common decency and moral health (and some are probably perverts, too). It’s a long way from Morecambe and Wise.But are the likes of Carr, Corden, Whitehall and Ross being reviled because of their jokes or because of who they are? The Big Fat Quiz was a display of men (and a lone woman, Gabby Logan) reverting to naughty schoolboys in a pretend exam presided over by a benign teacher asking simple questions to which they made cheeky answers, while eating pizza and drinking wine.

Is it time to launch a Levity-son inquiry about humour, convene a jokes watchdog (Ofgag?) with a statutory underpinning and legislate about what’s funny and what’s not? The Rwandan genocide wasn’t funny, though the names of the warring tribes, Hutu and Tutsi, offered an open goal to the flippant. A hole in a parachute isn’t funny, unless the wearer is a universally disliked figure like Chris Brown or Piers Morgan. Cancer is not funny, though my friend John Diamond found some bitter humour in confronting his excised tumour (which he named “Rupert”).Nothing involving death, massacre, illness or personal misfortune is a barrel of laughs, except that perspective makes it so. We welcome, for instance, the new post-Paralympics phenomenon of the disabled comedians, who share their social embarrassment, and encourage us to laugh about disability. Ditto Woody Allen and Jackie Mason on being Jewish, Richard Pryor and Chris Rock on being black, and the remarkable Tourette’s sufferer, Jess Thom, on the bizarre linguistics of her condition.There is, however, no need to find exculpatory perspectives for the humour of sex and bodily functions. To criticise knob and poo jokes, straight and gay sex jokes, jokes about royals and heroes, as being in poor taste is a mature, fastidious attitude, but it ignores millennia of gleeful rudeness.Catullus (84-54BC) joked about fellatio. Rabelais’s Gargantua and Pantagruel (c.1532) is a compendium of physical comedy, featuring a dissertation on the 51 objects with which a giant enjoys wiping his bottom. When the cartoonist Gillray pictured George III having sex with his new queen, the public response was delight, not condemnation. We may disapprove of the puerile behaviour of today’s comedians, when no holds are barred on television.

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