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A few weeks ago he confessed that on a drunken night he called his ex-girlfriend and slept with her .
The problem is, this girl has caused so much misery in the two years we’ve been together, from stalking on social media to stopping access to their daughter.
What do you think takes to be a seasoned world wrestling federation champion like John Cena? John cena’s workouts are deadly with charts for a week targeting different parts of the body at a different time on different days.
Unlike Bollywood and Hollywood star, John Cena’s Gym Workout And Diet Plan are intense, marked for making it through the wresting championship. The wrestler’s day starts with an ultra humongous breakfast with 8 eggs, 8 whites, 2 yellows, milk and a 100 grams of oats for fibre intake. Asking cena what he would like to tell all body builders he only tells them to keep the spirit alive and keep striving hard for a wonderfully got body.

I am big fan of John Cena and after reading this post and knowing about his workout and diet plan- I really felt Cenation in me. His entire week is distributed on the basis of weekdays start if with upper body, lower body and cardiovascular exercises and the routine repeats.
He tends I focus on his biceps as triceps and give a thousand odd stretch and weight exercises for them.
Midmornig snack includes a A power nutri bar, lunch is followed with 2 chicken breasts with brown rice, and some hand tossed vegetables. A break is also welcome, but the intensity of these exercises is deep and high built to cater to the giant like John cena. Body building is a very small aspect, especially if you are not looking forward to becoming a wrestler.
The general mantra as deciphered by now is that if you want to build a body you just can’t rely on either just exercise or just on a diet.

During each day depending upon which part of the body he is attacking he trains each body part separately like arms, hands, torso, ABS, thighs, and legs, etc. Dinner mostly houses some grilled delight of chicken or fish with either rice or pasta to go with. Simple lives if big people should give you encouragement to fight your own battle with your own body.
Take a look at the what the world champion wrestler has to tell about himself, a 6-foot guy with 250 pounds of weight to tone and an amazing will power  to want to earn the biggest titles in wresting. If you have done enough research, you would have noticed by now that the diet is the way heavier than other stars diets.

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