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I have acted in various TV commercials in non speaking fetaured parts as a shopper for Harvery Norman and a business woman for Disprin. I've worked with many photographers as featured talent for stock photography campaigns.
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Created content for magazines, newspapers, stock photography libraries and private companies.
Aside from that I have experience as an extra on Home and Away, Police Rescue and All Saints.

She has a real habit of lying to various men about her situations in order to obtain property & money. The last time she left my house, she stole many items from me including a credit card that I had just received in the mail. I felt like she was someone that I could have seen for the remainder of my life until I found out what kind of person she really is.
Ella es muy controladora, ahora ella es ex novia de Rodolfo, pero todavia hace intento de hacerse cargo de su vida. Rodolfo esta casada con otra persona, pero, Rosie sigue controlando y se muestran sin previo aviso, aunque, el no quiere a su alrededor.

El ha dicho varias veces que no quiere tener nada que ver con ella, pero ella sigue persistiendo. Mi hermana descubrio que Rosie es una bruja, que al parecer ha hecho hechizos contra Rodolfo y su hijo.

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