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With Valentine’s Day coming up, some of you are probably thinking about confessing your love to a crush or significant other, but struggling with exactly how to do it. If you're feeling stuck, you can gain some inspiration from the creative people below who took a different, more "unique" approach to their proclamation of love.
Love Notes Jar – Cut up strips of paper or cardstock and write down what you love him or her!
Stud Muffin – Go to your local grocery store or bakery and buy a four or six pack of muffins. Time for All Things started when I realized that there are different times and seasons in my life to experience and accomplish different tasks.
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Breakups are never easy…and even though you survived your first one a few years ago, for some reason, it doesn’t get “easier” the next time it happens…it’s just different. It’s been over half a year since my heartbreak, and to be honest, while my everyday is filled with great friends, tons of joy and lots and lots of laughter, there are moments, especially at night, when I’m alone, that I have my moments of overwhelming emotion. It has taken the support and wisdom of good friends and family, beautiful songs, witnessing others in positive relationships – to take me out of my jaded, black cloud and believe in love again.
About The EditorAmy is a relationship columnist for the 24 Hours Newspaper and a blogger for The Huffington Post and The Vancouver Sun. When it comes to Valentine’s Day we, women, tent to get carried away by all the love in the air, that we forget that the gifts we choose are supposed to be for men. It is unbelievable how many socks men go trough in a single week, so you can never go wrong by giving your man a new pair of socks.

Even if they don’t know the first thing about cooking it seems that all men know how to grill. If your an is the outdoor type and enjoys cycling, then this handmade handlebar bag is the perfect gift for him.
Men don’t pay much attention to grooming, except when it comes to shaving and the irritated skin they are left with afterwards. I am so glad that my job is closed tomorrow because of snow so I can do something special for my 2 favorite boys : ).
And if you hold on to the cynicism too long, you may lose out on the next door that was meant to open. I still struggle with the fact that someone who I loved so dearly left me and so easily started a new life with someone else.
I’ve realized that all I can do is be a source of love myself – embrace the love around me, cherish it and share it with others.
For the BBQ head chef make these spice rubs and, thanks to you, he will be the king on the next backyard BBQ party. So, instead of buying a regular aftershave, make this Valentine gift even more special by following this simple recipe for and effective homemade aftershave. I ordered treats for my older daughter and husband and bought cute gifts for my two younger kids. Included are a list of candy bars with appropriate sayings so you don’t have to do the thinking. This would be great to just have around the house for anyone to add a note into on a regular day.

Your heart feels like it’s been shattered into a million pieces and you just don’t know how to fix it.
Our emotions, feelings and chemical reactions can rule us –and it is the easier route to fall into what just “feels good” at the time instead of doing what is ultimately healthy and positive in the long run. They will never admit to the woman they love that they hate the gift, but they will also never use. A place of fear – where all of my insecurities – abandonment and not being good enough  – looms over me as a risk if I open my heart again.
But as you know, time heals, distance makes it easier and eventually your weeps will turn into delicate tears, and those tears will eventually turn into a nostalgic memory.
So, forget that you’re making a Valentine’s gift and by choosing something from our list of top 10 Valentine gifts for men,  you will make your man fall in love with you all over again. Anger will definitely be another stage – where you resent, recount only the bad memories, the fights, and feel victimized. You will tread like a fragile bird, afraid of anything that can potentially hurt you again.

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