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Nim Tribute Website - BLOGApril 19, 2014 The National Museum of Animals and Society explores the human-animal bond and our shared experiences. Sierra Leone on Monday announced a new Ebola death in a northern district that had gone nearly six months without reporting any infections. In August, Sierra Leone's last known Ebola patient was released from a hospital after recovering, a milestone that allowed the West African nation to begin a 42-day countdown toward being declared free of Ebola transmission.
But less than a week later, officials confirmed that a 67-year-old woman had died of Ebola in the northern Kambia district.
The latest fatality is a 16-year-old who died on Sunday in Bombali district, about 150 miles northeast of the capital, Freetown, according to a statement from the National Ebola Response Center issued Monday. A swab from her body tested positive for Ebola, but the source of the infection is unknown, the statement said. Officials said last week there were four Ebola patients receiving treatment in Sierra Leone, all of whom were believed to be relatives of the woman who died in Kambia district.
Nowadays there are plenty of sources which can give you various pieces of advice about how to make your business sky-rocket. Personalization makes it possible to individually approach every customer taking into consideration gender, location and order history and makes the shopping process more pleasant.
For instance, Marks & Spencer offers customers free nominated day delivery on the occasion of mother’s day and some other free additional items in case of flowers’ purchases.
For further effect, you can create a dedicated product bundle category page which will make it possible for customers to choose additional goods. Indisputably it’s important to point out the importance of up-selling as one of the key ways to increase your AOV.
Alibris online store shows the percentage of savings customers can get by buying certain goods.
Besides, you can always offer your customers to buy vouchers or gift cards for their relatives, friends or colleagues.
On the whole, each technique has its unique advantages and we cannot distinguish the most effective one. Tweak Your Biz is a thought leader global publication and online business community. Today, it is part of the Small Biz Trends stable of websites and receives over 300,000 unique views per month. Would you like to write for us?
An outstanding title can increase tweets, Facebook Likes, and visitor traffic by 50% or more. Generate great titles for your articles and blog posts with the Tweak Your Biz Title Generator.
Oleg Yemchuk is a marketing manager at Maven eCommerce sharing office space with Magento business experts in NYC and software developers worldwide. Tweak Your Biz is a business community - a place where business professionals like you can stand out. If you are an athlete, you have probably felt the pressure to win or experienced the fear of being beaten by your competitors.
If you suffer from postpartum depression, please know that you do not need to suffer alone. Internalized shame can prevent you from reaching out to others, from opening the door to the possibility of postpartum depression treatment. There are many postpartum depression treatment options: you don’t need to wait to get help. Traditional medical treatment is basically getting brave enough to reach out to your primary care physician and having a discussion with him or her about your symptoms. If you have a less complex case of postpartum depression or anxiety, usually your primary care physician can treat your symptoms. In addition to medication, research shows talk therapy has great efficacy in helping heal depression and anxiety. Omega -3 supplementation has been shown in recent small studies to be effective in treatment of postpartum depression symptoms.
Mindfulness has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, and symptoms of chronic pain in numerous studies, in just eight weeks of daily practice. Creative Arts The benefit of the creative arts is that they access non-verbal feeling states and imagery, and combines this with and the verbal thought processes. Postpartum doula carehelps the new mom get some sleep and helps tend to the all-encompassing needs of the new baby. Guided Imagery is effective in healing emotional and psychological issues and is effective in reducing stress. The BirthTouch® self-help method of shiatsu is a simple way to connect with your partner and family. Infant massage promotes bonding with your baby and decreases stress hormones in both mom & baby, reduces colic and GI symptoms, relieves muscle pains and assists recovery for preemies.
Make your decision about whether or not you want to take medication; either way its a decision. Did you know that anxiety during pregnancy increases your risk for postpartum mood disorders?
Dr Victor Thompson is interviewed on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on the pressure on Andy Murray in Wimbledon - is it too much, how can he cope? Dr Victor Thompson is interviewed on America's biggest breakfast TV show, NBC's Today programme on grunting in tennis. Focus on the elements that are key for your optimum performance, without getting distracted by the minutiae of your play or what others are doing. Develop routines for pre-match and the breaks so you exert more control and consistency over your game.
Set goals for the year, month and next round or practice to shape what you do, focus your efforts and improve more quickly. Re-visit why you play, what motivates you, and set-up training to increase your motivation. Develop images and visualise your performance, this speeds up learning and increases confidence. Problem: You get yourself worked up into such a state before even minor matches so that you feel extremely nervous, you want to leave, and sometimes you even vomit. Solution: After a full assessment of the difficult situation and your response we can apply a tailored stress management programme to reduce your physical and mental stress.

Problem: In your last competition you performed so badly that your confidence has taken a big fall.
They will be running a 3-month long exhibit beginning on May 10, 2014 entitled "Light in Dark Places", which explores anti-vivisection from the Victorian Era to the modern day. 13, 2015, a billboard advises residents how to keep free of Ebola, in a shanty town on the outskirts of Freetown, Sierra Leone. And there is no doubt that one of them will be devoted to the question of increasing Average Order Value (AOV). There is no doubt that putting together all behavioral data makes it much easier to find out what this or that person may be looking for. It has got a fantastic impact on anyone and even such metrics as gender or age do not play any role here.
If your goods presuppose frequent purchases, use a Loyalty Rewards program which may include coupons, bonus points and even free merchandise. Let your customers know that it’s the last chance they can buy your stuff and you will see them hurry up to get what they want.
Very often comparison turns out to be a driving force in making your decisions, especially when it comes to a purchasing process. Contrary to up-selling, this approach involves offering accessories and other additional goods. It is also worth of mentioning that this “save” note is put not just near an item with a discount but as a separate category on the homepage. This technique is based on the psychological principles – it allows users to reach the set aims, win and logically get satisfaction. There are several ways to do it – offer different kinds of rewards: points, coupons, free shipping, gift cards or discounts.
Gamification has different forms and can include points gathering, users’ competitions, progress bars and games themselves.
This technique works pretty well, especially if your goods suit such occasions as anniversaries or birthdays.
The best you can do is to avail yourself of every tactic combining them into one solid strategy.
Read the specialists, share your opinions and sign up to become recognized for sharing your expertise by writing on this site! Coaches and athletes can use principles from this field knowledge to improve competitive performance.
The most reliable resources in any field are rooted in sound research and successfully used in practice. Having suffered from postpartum depression myself, I can say that I was ashamed to ask for help and was in emotional pain too long.
Many professionals recommend that treatment first begins with self-care sleep and social support, then moves to complementary methods such as mindfulness and touch therapies, then moves to professional talk therapy and the use of medication as a last resort. You can add complementary methods, such as bright light therapy, Omega-3 oil supplements, mindfulness meditation, creative arts therapies, yoga, postpartum doula companion care, guided imagery and touch therapies.
You might bring your partner with you, for emotional support, or to hold the baby, so you have a chance to really talk with your doctor. If your situation is more complex, such as postpartum obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (childbirth onset) or you have multi-layered trauma, like pre-existing traumatic experiences that have been reactivated, you probably should find a psychiatrist to manage your psychotropic medications.
There are many types of talk therapy, depending on your individual situation, you may need just a short course of therapeutic intervention. A 2005 meta-analysis conducted by the American Psychiatric Association indicates that bright light therapy is an effective treatment for depression. Researchers say that omega-3 oils should not be used as the sole treatment, but a complementary postpartum depression treatment.
This wholistic approach facilitates the individual’s path towards integration of experience, achieving deeper self-understanding and more complete wholeness. Yoga has been shown to reduce stress, improve mood, improve fitness and help manage chronic conditions.
Many mental health therapists teach guided imagery to their clients, helping them to create a safe place, or emotional strengthening imagery, or protective imagery, as a coping skill.
But with help you can learn to set appropriate and achievable goals, set up practice so you are likely to reach them and to conduct appropriate reviews of progress so goals can be lowered or raised over time.
At times you suddenly become aware that you are behind, when it is too late to bounce back. We will also identify the times when you don't need to concentrate fully on tennis elements. The exhibit includes special Nim artifacts and Bob will be a guest speaker on its opening day. In fact, this issue itself hides a number of secrets and levers, the use of which can affect your revenue greatly, and I’m happy to share their key principles with you. Personalization is especially effective on the category pages when a considerable need to divide your online-shop visitors into the interest groups appears. Another way to motivate customers to become, and stay, your regular visitors is to offer discounts after a minimum purchase. Of course, to make this strategy work you need to provide customers with a discount or free shipping, for instance.
That is why it’s important to include price anchoring into the list of your marketing moves. Make the customers come back and have a look at those items one more time – boost their decisiveness.
The main aim of this tactic is to engage a customer who in the course of time can turn into the real fan of your store. For me, studying the mental side of training in graduate school while I was still competing gave me more effective ways to achieve peak performance.Sport scientists and coaches alike consider the mental side of performance to be just as important as physical training. Perhaps you are interested in learning more about the field, or are even considering a career. I am hoping that I can help you overcome any reticence you are feeling about your situation and help you open the door to get help.

Additionally, it’s always a wonderful thing to exercise your strengths and help yourself with your favorite self-care and social supports. If you have a history of abuse, depression and anxiety, you may need additional time to heal. Qualitative studies have shown bright light therapy is specifically helpful for women suffering fro postpartum depression. It’s a simple technique to ease yourself away from conflicting emotions towards peaceful emotions.
So mom can physically recuperate from giving birth without having to immediately take on her full family responsibilities again. Such limited-time offers encourage people to buy now and get rid of procrastination which is a deep-rooted habit of every second customer. It’s up to you to decide whether a product is “cheap” or “expensive” and to nudge your customers to buy the most “lucrative” one. Browsing history is a useful tool which can get your clients back on course and finally make a purchase. Put this small cost savings note when offering product bundling, discounts, free shipping or BOGO. A long list of rules and explanations is a real time-consumer which brings negative impressions. Research shows that people with mental illness experience externalized (from others) and internalized (self-imposed) shame. There are several online resources available where women can find each other and tend and befriend and there are many self-care options that are simple and short. Forty years of research on what works in therapy shows that the type or method of therapy is not what works in therapy, rather, it is first client factors and then second, the client-therapist relationship. However, although bright light therapy is effective for some people in treating depression, for those with bipolar disorder it can cause mania. Online-marketing is one of those spheres which allow taking into consideration plenty of factors which are closely connected with the customers’ interests. Customers are more likely to spend their money on the stuff you offer than on the shipping. All you need is to put cheaper products among more expensive ones though all of them can be regarded as of the same class. Usually, these goods are hidden behind such categories as “You may also like”, “Why not try” and “Others also bought”. Organizations such as Central OK Humane Society, ASPCA, Animal Resource Center, Code 3 Associates, and dozens of volunteers stepped up to provide assistance to the community.
Consequently, it results in a positive and friendly attitude of your clients towards your business. However, to make this trick work don’t forget to remember it starting with your homepage and finishing with checkout. The rest will be done due to the “anchor” mechanism – when people are likely to bank on the information which is accepted first. You can also include “Bestsellers” but keep in mind that products must relate to the same category. Click HERE to read about some of the rescue efforts by those who provided housing and care to the canine and feline victims and their efforts to reunite them with their human families. January 5, 2014 Help urge UCLA Chancellor Gene Block to release 5 primates from UCLA's research lab! "SAEN – Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
The nurturing presence of a postpartum doula in the house relieves the emotional stress and loneliness. Primatologist Bob Ingersoll states that as drug addiction is a social malaise, using monkeys in addiction experiments has limited applicability to the real world.The NIH funds these experiments at the taxpayer’s expense.
14 to tour the sanctuary, listen to live music, participate in the silent auction, and watch the apes open their gifts! On December 2-5, 2013, they filed the first-ever lawsuits on behalf of captive chimpanzees demanding that they be granted the right to bodily liberty.
These filings are based on the scientific evidence that chimpanzees are self-aware and should therefore be recognized as legal persons with certain fundamental rights.
To develop cosmetics, cleaners, toothpastes, shampoos, and other products, rabbits are locked into restraining devices and have chemicals rubbed onto their eyes and skin, and rats are forced to inhale toxic fumes.                                                                  These animals just want to be free but instead, their lives are filled with pain and lonliness as they are forced to wait in fear for whatever painful procedure will be done to them next before they are killed.
Animal experimentation is the cruelest practice I have ever seen; and I believe any compassionate person would be horrified if they looked inside an animal lab and saw what they were unknowingly paying for people to do to animals. Click here to find out which companies and charities are and are not cruelty-free.  2) Kick the smoking habit or buy from companies that have official policies against testing their products on animals, such as Imperial Tobacco, Nat Sherman, and Santa Fe Natural Tobacco.
In order to develop new cigarettes, many cigarette companies restrain dogs and pregnant monkeys so they can strap devices onto their nose and mouth so that they are forced to inhale tobacco smoke. Philip Morris has stuffed rats into tiny canisters where they had tobacco smoke pumped into their noses for 6 hours a day for 3 straight months.
Not only is animal experimentation cruel, it is senseless!                                                                                                                                                       3) Tell your representatives you don't want your tax dollars to be used to torture animals in labs.  4) Spread the word.
T-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, and posting an animal testing video or picture to your facebook page are easy ways for your message to be seen by a lot of people.                                                                                               5) Spay or neuter your companion animal.
Many Expected to be Retired NIH has just approved a proposal which calls for big cuts in grants used to study chimps in labs.?On January 22, 2013, one of the committe's of the National Institutes of Health proposed that it cut funding for seven of the nine taxpayer-funded grants used for biomedical experiments on chimps, as well as cut funding for the twelve of the thirteen behavioral studies.
They stated that for these 360 chimps, "the majority of NIH-owned chimpanzees should be designated for retirement and transferred to the federal sanctuary system.
After this statement was made, NIH formed a committe to see which taxpayer-funded grants should stop and how many chimps should be retired.
They have different physical and psychological needs than humans, and they are ill-suited to life as pets, isolated from other members of their species. Babies grow into aggressive, unpredictable, unhappy adolescents and adults, and can carry diseases that humans are susceptible to. Our varying levels of experience have taught us the same thing: it’s a bad idea to have monkeys for pets.

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