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None of us ever like to think that we have to lick our wounds when we’ve put all our eggs in one basket, bet all our chips on one hand, decided to be all or nothing (whatever metaphor you prefer, really), only to have the other party cut and run with your heart just before they were all-in, too.
What you did, what you didn’t do, what you could have done, what was wrong with you, what was right with you — you never get these answers, so you wind up speculating. They will ask where that one person you were talking to went, have you seen them recently, what is up with you two, are you official yet — the whole nine. I think, at our cores, no matter how jaded and cynical and bitter and burned we might claim to be — we’re optimists.
There are various scenarios and situations in which a woman can’t stop obsessing over a guy. The failure to express your emotions for him might be building up in your mind and this makes you obsess about him and constantly think about what he might be doing. It is tough but it can’t go on like this, if you like somebody, it is extremely important to go ahead and share your feelings with him, for your own well being.
It can so happen that a woman is in a relationship with the guy she likes, yet she keeps obsessing about him all day. You might also be thinking about your crush, present boyfriend or your ex-boyfriend constantly if you have cut off all other people from your life. You might be feeling rejected, low and worthless.  Sometimes everyone tends to feel that way.
There’s an inherent desire for it — all the stories we never learn the endings to, the movies we never finish, the seasons of TV shows that leave us with more questions than answers so we turn to blogs and the internet to vent our frustration.
And it might seem ridiculous at first, like believing in magic or fairies, but sometimes, it’s the only thing we can do. This is what enables us to feel so torn in admitting that no, you didn’t date, but you still kinda feel like you ought to call them your ex. But it happens, and though it’s not fair to us, chances are good the other person never asked for our hearts. We like to believe in love and happily ever after, and we like to believe that something is out there waiting for us.

But at the very least, if we are all constantly floundering through these almost-relationships together — because after all, it seems like everyone these days has an almost in their history — we can collectively learn, and be a little braver, and say what we want next time. You might see him every day or hear about him from other girls or friends, which can be quite hard for a woman who is absolutely smitten by the guy.
This happens when things aren’t going too smoothly or as the woman expected.  He might not be meeting your expectations and this constantly hurts you.
If your boyfriend is taking it casually and just putting off serious commitment, it can hurt you.
A failed relationship is difficult to get over and more so when he has happily made a new girlfriend. It is important to keep meeting your friends, family and other guys to lessen the effect of that one guy on your mind. I believe in honest, open, consistent, positive, fun, assertive but not needy (emotionally healthy) communication.
But you’ll have to relive the pain that things fell through every time, and though this never gets any less difficult to admit to them, you will become stronger and soon enough, they will forget that the almost-person ever existed. And so that is why we hold onto the could have beens, and all of the futures we painted in our heads but were never brave enough to admit.
If he can’t take your hints or continues to hurt your sentiments, its best you confront him or leave him.
In fact it is necessary to keep other people in your life so that a one person doesn’t take over your mind and heart completely. This can lead to constant self reflection and self pity and putting him high up on a pedestal. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! But when you don’t get closure — when they drop off the face of the earth or suddenly spring a new significant other on social media — what do you do?
It’s hard to reconcile the fact that maybe, deep down, the way to get what we wanted was just to have The Talk with the other person before the cut-and-run.

She might even doubt or suspect her boyfriend and constantly have silly questions.  Seeing your own boyfriend with other ladies can result constant fear in your mind about his loyalty and intentions. But it is important to know that, such moments happen with all people and what is important to get up and get back there, because one person’s opinion of you is not the fact of your life! Those people who show anger to others and show anger in relations it very hard for them to live the life full of enjoyment.
There will always be a next time, if only we can lick our wounds and find the courage within ourselves to try again. Some women might find it difficult to express their insecurity to their boyfriend and this can lead to constant over thinking. Seeing somebody you shared so much with happily moved on, while she is still stuck up on him can be quite tough. If you need a happy life than you need to remained cool and calm in every situation of life. Sometimes you just need to know that you tried, and that was all you could have been expected to do. You can download these pictures with quotes about love and show them to the people whom you love in life. You anger will keep them away from you whereas your love will make them feel that you are true and your words are meaningful for them.
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