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A service called Magic aims to provide users with anything they want a€“ providing ita€™s legal a€“ and all they have to do is send a text message (a screenshot from the website is shown)Users can sign up to Magica€™s service, which is currently only available in the US, by texting 408-217-1721. Users of the service have to pay a 'tip' for the convenience, but texting the number in the first place is free.
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From the Station Editor you can Customize your stations to have Visibility and Task Restrictions, Reminder notifications and custom notifications. Both Calendars this will show the station on both calendars or Neither Calendars in case you want to hide a station, but possibly reopen in the future for booking.
Mouse over Company Account on the menu of your scheduler and select Task Management, Click on the edit link on the task that you would like to change. Both Calendars this will show the Task on both calendars or Neither Calendars in case you want to hide the Task, but possibly reopen it in the future.
Resources appear in your Appointment Tip when you mouse over an appointment in your scheduler view.
Our system allows you to do basic HTML customization and add System Information from the EZnet Fields drop down.
Under the Notifications Tab then Notifications Setup you can edit the company wide Notification settings. These are your default notification templates for Email, Text and Phone reminders (refer to tabs above).
You can also set up Custom Notification Templates for specific Stations, Tasks or Resources. Custom Status Select the edit button on one of the Custom Statuses from the list on the left.
Block out times - Company Wide Hours To block out times for your regular hours go to Company Account > Company Administration > Working hours. Block out times - Station Specific To block out times for a specific station go to Company Account > Station Management then click Edit on a desired station. To create a block out time: From your desired block out location (see above) click on the "Add A New Block Out or Exception" button in the bottom right corner. You will be presented with three options on what type of block out you would like to create. Option Two:Use this option to add a block out based on a specified date, a period between two dates, or a recurrence rule. For example: you want to add a block out for a holiday, several days of vacation time, or you are unavailable on Thursdays of every other week. Option Three:Use this option to add an exception based on a specified date, a period between two dates, or a recurrence rule.
For example: you have a block out for Thursdays of every other week, but you want to be available on one particular Thursday.
Once you have selected a block out you can give it a Name(Description) and specify the date and time of the block out. Manchester United have registered solid interest in £70million-rated Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ahead of the summer. Harry Redknapp is in line to be the next Nigeria manager, Starsport can exclusively reveal. Super Eagles midfielder, John Ogu has shared a couple of photos of himself and his pregnant wife with her baby bump. SMS Everywhere - Send A Message to a Cell PhoneSend text message SMS from computer to cell phone and receive replies online.

How to Send Email to Cell Phone - Send Text Message FreeYou can send text message free via SMS gateway.
Texting - Sprint Service DetailsSend texts from your phone or from My Sprint online; Text mobile phones, email . Inside there you will know how do you send a text messages online from computer to a cell phone? In any kind of business or enterprise, the importance of effective communication is not underestimated and it’s correct to assume that it contributes straight away to the achievements of the business. The emergence in the internet has quickly wiped the standard postal mails which for years were the preferred mode of communication. One of many factors which have renedered business text messaging so well received lately is the fact virtually every person carries a mobile gadget and unlike computers phones are easily portable thus making it simpler to supply a message instantly as many people carry their devices everywhere they’re going. Thus, incorporating business texting as part of your organization not only provides you with competitive advantage but in addition ensures efficiency. Business texts, as we have observed belongs to the best means of communication within an organization as it can help systematize the operations within your enterprise at a very affordable, simple and effective manner. Example: Rob is qualified to color hair, but Sam is not, he can only do haircuts and blow-dry. Create a notification Select whether you would like to create a Email, Text or Phone notification from the Type list on the left hand side. Notification Restrictions Here you can set from what time to what time are the notifications allowed to be sent out. Immediate templates will go out with the immediate notifications as soon as an appointment is scheduled. EZnet Fields From this drop down list you can select a variety of information fields that will display the Appointment Information to your client. Other Settings Email Subject will dictate the subject line of the email that this message will be sent with. Since the nature of text message is text only, there is not much to do when styling your text message notifications.
Open Appointment Editor Click on an appointment you would like to setup a notification for. Track the Notifications The scheduled notifications will display up top in the Existing notification box. You can block out times for your regular office hours like for example for Lunch or a weekly meeting. Without proper communication within a business, co-ordination of activities becomes impossible and so slows or hinders the entire process of production. The online world provides a provision for emails which have quickly rose more and more almost the de facto mode of communication nowadays by every other business; but emails will also be slow and therefore many organisations have now use an efficient means of sending messages across their organization named business texting. Thus, when you are the boss and you want to summon your team for a meeting it makes the task easier and intensely effective. But as much as they are effective, sms messages can be very sensitive when used inappropriately. Use the right language: When sending a business text message, be sure you take advantage of the right official language rather than to address your customers or employees much like your friends. Always add a call-to-action: After your sms, ask a question or put something that will prompt your recipient to take action. Using the incorporation of text messaging within your business you are going to experience an important increase in the collaboration between departments, or else you can even decide to use mass business texts to reach to thousands of your buyers.
This section will allow you to edit the stations general information, set a price and limitations.

This section will allow you to edit the stations general notification information and create new reminders. Enter the necessary information like email, phone number etc and hit the Add New Notification button. This section will allow you to edit the resource general information, set a price and limitations.
This is how all your Users will be listed, Click on the Edit button to change the information.
You can create custom messages that will not only be informative to your client but also esthetically pleasing. When you select one of the fields from the drop down, you will see for example [AppointmnetDate] added to your text. Or you can block out times per station basis, for example if one of you employees is out that day. Another huge competitive advantage that business texts has over email or any other means of business communication is it’s real-time. Using proper correct English is one of the ways of utilizing the right language in running a business text messaging. A business message isn’t a social conversation so keep your timing inside the stipulated business hours whenever necessary. These are generally emotional triggers that could prompt someone to read your message further increasing the effectiveness of your message.
This might include calling you back or using a certain method that you’d like them to. Whichever you choose, these guidelines above will invariably turn out to be useful and you’ll see the difference and take your venture a pace further forward! Reminder Templates will go out with a reminder notification at a set time prior to the appointment.
You can also group your search by dragging and dropping it into the Drag-and-Drop section up-top.
That field will enter the appropriate appointment date into your message when it is sent out.
These fields will insert the appointment information into your message, like date, time or phone number. Then select when you would like this notification to go out from the Reminder Interval list. The ability of mobile gadgets and smart phones to deliver notifications and alert you any time you get a new message allows for real-time delivery of messages thus easing communication. So what are you waiting, Send A Text Message From Computer To Cell Phone NOW…click above image to begin with. When an appointment is scheduled with Rachel, you can send her a custom message at a particular time to remind her of her appointment. Immediate will send the notification immediately, the 15 min, 30min and 1-72 hours are reminders prior to the appointment.

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