How to get an ex back after two years

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But by using this trick, You are able to send all sms’s for free without spending a penny!
By using my trick, You are not charged anything and you get FREE UNLIMITED SMS with one month validity to consume those sms. The BSNL sms scheme charges 0.07 rupees per sms but using this trick, you can send all messages for free…Enjoy!!

In that 250, I can send local as well as national SMS, as long as their value (60p and Re 1) doesn’t go beyong that Rs250. I’m a new bsnl user, so please can you tell me which message pack will be most beneficial? As send free SMS or text message online has been very common nowadays via web browser and the 3G iphone is going roll out soon.

However, Teleflip offers a more text messaging-like interface, which using Mail HTML rich email client interface in iphone to sent free SMS.The entire send and receiving SMS is perform on Email application on Apple iphone.

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