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SMS text messages are a quick and convenient way to get in touch with someone, but as the month rolls on they can start to take a bite out of your wallet. If you have a Gmail account, from the convenience of your e-mail inbox, you can send SMS text messages for free. The replies will appear in Gmail, either in a chat box or as an e-mail depending on whether you are online or offline when the reply is received. The list of destinations included is growing slowly, but includes some useful destinations already. The only Israeli cellular companies that are currently supported by Gmail’s free SMS feature are Pelephone and Orange.
I switched to Rami Levi from Orange (kept my number) and now the SMS from G-mail doesn’t work anymore since Rami Levi uses the Pelephone network.

I used to be able to do this using the Chat Gadget from GMail and Google Chat from Israel but somehow all SMS functionality disappeared from the user interface. What can we do to persuade Gmail to include Cellcom and Mirs on the list of possible providers of SMS service?
Rahel, you can always contact them, but I wouldn’t hold out much hope at least for Cellcom.
From a consumer’s perspective, all other conditions being equal, it makes sense to choose Orange or Pelephone as your provider over Cellcom because it lets your friends and family in Israel and abroad contact you via SMS for free. I understand that, in Israel, Gmail’s free SMS program features Pelephone and Orange (and not Cellcom or Rami Levi). Rahel, as stated in the article above and Google’s list of supported mobile operators, all US mobile carriers are supported.

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I hear that Dor Alon will soon be starting their MVNO service and will be using Orange’s network.

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