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The plot is a thick one, its sort of childish but even children might find it too exaggerated for their tastes.
At first I thought, how is it possible that two really great indian movies came out during the same time?
What is left to be said about movies like Pardesi Babu, I guess one can never get tired of typical Indian movies. China Gate is about ten former army men, who were court-martialed for fleeing the battlefield.
Akshaye plays a college student whose rivalry with Urmila slowly turns into love with the help of his grandfather (Kadar Khan) and her ayah (Aruna Irani). Any movie Nana Patekar is in has to have some validity so when viewing this film you should already expect it to live up to certain standards. Anil Kapoor plays the son of Anupam Kher, who has just come back to India after studying in America.
This film was filmed in New York City, and could have used the oppurtunity to impress its viewers a lot more than it supposedly did. Ravi (Chandrachur) and Kajal (Mahima) are a young and frisky couple living the good-life with their young daughter and live-in Nanny (Sushma Seth). You would think Amitabh would start doing father roles now and act his age, but I guess that blood in his veins is still younger then his body. Aarzoo is is a love triangle in which two heroes fall for the same girl and it requires a sacrifice from one of them to give the movie a happy ending. Silsila Hai Pyar Ka brings Karisma back to the screen, a year and half after Dil To Pagal Hai, in a welcome return where she continues to display the same charisma.
The film opens with a synopsis of the crimes of Jeet Balraj (Sunjay Dutt), a killer on death row. The plot is as follows: Gajendra Singh (Mohan Joshi), murders both a simple village man, Surjit (Anil Dhawan), and his wife, and seizes their property. In Haseena Maan Jaayegi, Sanjay Dutt and Govinda play Sonu and Monu, spoiled brats of rich dad Kader Khan (Ameerchand) who sports a PA in Satish Kaushik (Kunj Bihari) to attend to his phone calls.
Another typical film, for some reason this month, there wasn't even one movie released from Bollywood that was good. Hote Hote Pyar Ho Gaya took four years in the making and the end result would've been better if it had been released in the mid-80's. The movie is an Indian adaptation of the Hollywood classic, An Affair To Remember, and the premise is a little more ridiculous. How would you handle two overpowering actors who are both brilliant and intense about their work? Before I begin this review, I would like to warn Govinda of his steady decline into the Mithun stream of films. This movie might as well be called "Urmila" cause thats what you basically see through out most of the film. Vaastav is about Raghu (Sanjay Dutt), who lives in a chawl with his parents (Shivaji Satam and Reema Lagoo) and his brother Vijay (Mohnish Behl). The much anticipated "Hum Saath Saath Hain" has arrived and people are rushing into the theatres to see it. A couple of weeks ago, actually Christmas eve to be exact, I happened to walk into BlockBuster and with no particular film in mind, I glanced upon the word, "Chutney" on the cover of some movie box.
This film stars two new actors namely the dashing Hrithik Roshan and the cute Amisha Patel.
Bobby Deol plays Badal, who is seeking revenge on behalf of his family {who was victim to the ruthless crimes of Jai Singh Rana (Ashutosh Rana)}, who is the corrupt police officer that caused riots to take place in Punjab and Delhi.
In Hera Pheri, Sunil's character is poor and leaves his ghown in search for a job in a bank where his father used to work.
Baaghi, revolves around Vikram (Aditya Pancholi), who plays an underworld lord with Raja (Dutt) as his right hand assassin. Gang has quite a leading cast of stars: Jackie Shroff, Nana Patekar, Kumar Gaurav, and Javed Jafrey. This film is a comedy through out, and a surprising one since you would think that an Indian film could only surmount to cheeziness.
Preity (Priya) is portrayed as a strong willed girl who has a caring family and particularly a loving father and an over protective older brother.
In Hum To Mohabbat Karega, Bobby plays a waiter, Raju Bhatnagar, who is in love with a journalist from Ch. Govinda plays Raja and Johnny Lever is Kanhaiya - two crooks who pose as narcotic officers at airports and loot innocent strangers. The story revolves around the murder of Roshni (Tabu), a nurse at the Military Nursing Service. Abhishek Bachchan is introduced in this film in his first starring role following the legacy of his father Amitabh Bachchan.
The movie starts out with Siddhu (Fardeen) and Anu (Urmila), next-door neighbors who have silly squabbles and eventually fall in love.
Raju (Govinda) and Urmila (Urmila, yes, with the same name) are in New Zealand, where they happen to meet the typical 'one mishap after another' Govinda, fall in love, and depart to return to India, planning to meet again very soon. Raj (Salman) is a poor orphan who comes to Mumbai from Goa with dreams of becoming a super star singer. Being a Kapoor creation; Hamara Dil was expected to fill spaces previous Kapoor films such as Pukar and Prem failed to.
Yes, he's back, and with all due respect to Jaya Bachchan and Karishma Kapoor, the spotlight and attention was mostly on Hrithik Roshan. The setting of the movie is Punjab, and the main female lead, Sahiba (Aishwarya), comes from a traditional Rajput family.
Set for release this Friday (February 19th), Dig Deep is the first album by the band following the passing of guitarist Justin Lowe. You catch the sweet troll job Lamb of God pulled of their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night?
Lamb of God performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (Thursday, August 27th) and was sort of humorously billed as a 'christian metal' band. I can't seem to find the video of 'Laid To Rest' and 'Redneck' (which sucks) but I'm searching. Off the upcoming albumA VII: Sturm Und Drang due out July 24th, the song is titled after the second of his three cells he was held in. Following a lengthy legal ordeal, Lamb of God have announced the release of their seventh studio album 'Sturm Und Drang' (German for Storm and Stress, but used as a literary term that boils down to an individual revolting against a society, because we're all wondering).
I haven't the slightest clue what they're saying, but I think we can all piece this together.
This supergroup features Max Cavalera (Soulfly, ex-Sepultura), Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan), Troy Sanders (Mastodon) & Dave Elitch (The Mars Volta). I knew I was going be to in for some silliness when I looked at the album cover and song titles. Earlier this week, we learned that the late Dave Brockie, AKA Oderus Urungus, of GWAR's cause of death was a heroin overdose.
Former Pantera bassist Rex Brown (pictured above) and his band Kill Devil Hill played Rock on the Range in Columbus, Ohio over the weekend. Meanwhile, Lambesis' former As I Lay Dying bandmates have moved on with a new band, Wovenwar. If ever a Pantera "reunion" were to happen, Black Label Society founder Zakk Wylde is on the VERY short list of names that Pantera fans would want to see playing the late Dimebag Darrell's guitar parts. Many of you have heard the rumours already and we can now confirm that the release of Pale Communion has indeed been pushed back to late August, commented Opeth frontman, Mikael kerfeldt. Arch Enemy have just released a lyric video for another new song featuring their new vocalist Alissa White-Gluz. While White-Gluz continues to prove that she's a worthy successor to Angela Gossow, in fact she also wrote the lyrics to the above song, I have to wonder if Arch Enemy is going to take advantage of her clean vocal abilities too. I know some people are emotionally conflicted about Slayer releasing new music with a Jeff Hanneman and Dave Lombardo-less lineup, but I look at it like this. First off, please do note everybody this IS NOT any of the recent interviews made with Mike Browning (After Death, ex-Nocturnus, ex-Morbid Angel, etc.), but an interview that was conducted with him in 2003 already, 4 long yet tormenting years ago.
So, why was this interview with him published 4 years later may some of you rightfully ask?
Now let Mike quide all of us through the early days of Morbid Angel to Incubus to Nocturnus, etc.
It’s starting to get hot here now in Florida and After Death just finished our first show and now we’re just writing songs and coming up with new stuff and new ideas for songs. Yeah, I’ve been listening to music since the 1970s and the first bands I really liked a lot were Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.
Then in the mid of the 80s’ new styles of the whole metal genre started gaining more and more attention; a lot of new bands marched out from their cellars and the first US bands representing that genre unleashed their first albums like Slayer, Metallica, Exodus, Megadeth, Hirax, Dark Angel, Possessed, etc. That’s a very interesting question because it really was for me, I think I was much more interested in the European bands than US bands at that time. Hmm… you have always been heavily involved in the occult things since the early days up ?till now and have penned down a lot of interesting yet mystical lyrical matters in several bands. Actually, when it comes to the occult, I’ve been interested in the occult longer than I have music. Then a very personal question to you (for which you don’t need to answer if you don?t want to?), do you belong or have ever you belonged to some occult group? What happened was when I was talking to Richard and Gino about reforming the band, it would have been the actual first Nocturnus, as some people know the people who own the Nocturnus name now were not even in the first lineup of the band. Due to the constantly changing line-up problems, to be honest with you Mike, have you ever thought of putting an end to the band’s existence and focus on other things?
The present After Death line-up consists of you and your better half Lisa Lombardo, Brian Hipp and then the new recruited face from Lisa’s own band named Tom Swain. Actually, our last bass player Todd, he didn’t like keyboards in bands so he was more towards the straight Iron Maiden kind of sound. I remember having seen some ads in Hammerheart?s own site when announcing about some certain upcoming releases that After Death was supposed to release a mini-CD on the label, but obviously the plans for that mini-CD in question went up in smoke. Yes, Hammerheart had expressed interested in us doing a mini-CD and we said cool so they gave us a certain amount for us to go into the studio.
You got a new 2-song demo out a while ago and it definitely differs a helluva lot from the previous material what I managed to hear, but how come the running time of two tracks altogether rises up to 25 minutes?
Actually, it was two mixes of two songs and the two songs themselves had a total of twelve minutes. Really, in most of the situations in my bands, the other people in the bands come up with sometimes maybe the full four or five guitar parts all at once or sometimes it’s just here’s a couple rhythms so let’s work on these.
I assume that writing songs for your own band(-s) must be very rewarding and uplifting from time to time; especially when people around you are the ones that give you heart-warming feedback about your songs and basically tell you to keep on writing similar caliber songs compared to a song or songs they have become mostly pleased with. I think that it’s strange sometimes when I write songs, as far as the music goes I just do the drums and so the music has always been up to the different people I have been playing with. The lyrical side of the newer material is based on your views on some certain occult issues and has a lot of issues dealing with the Egyptian mythology, too. The newest demo was carried out at your own ?home studio?; how long it took from you to get the material recorded there and how it was to record it at your own home instead of using any highly modern studio equipments for the recording? If you got a chance to choose one studio in the whole world and record a debut After Death full-length album there, then what studio would it be?  And who would you like to take the production helm for it?  Are you having any worth mentioning candidates in your head right at the very moment why they indeed could be ideal guys to produce After Death?s music? As far as label interest, it’s been strange for us because we do something so different than most people.
As most of people know your long and impressive background in other bands since the mid 80’s, and you?ve been involved with several other projects as well, you have gained some sort of cult name in the extreme metal scene, but instead you have kept quite a low profile with your current band as, to be honest, tracking down some After Death material has been quite, let’s say, sort of ”Mission Impossible”, but how come you haven’t arranged a tremendous promotion campaign for After Death in order to spread the band’s name for a wider mass of people and becoming more known amongst metalheads that way?
Yeah, I’ve done some projects for other people and if I do something like that, I leave it up to them to do what they want with it. I believe that After Death have done some gigs at some local clubs in Florida thus far, am I right?
We did have our first show recently and that ended up being okay, as musicians we played pretty good but the sound man wasn’t the place’s regular, so they had this punk rock kid in there and he had three microphones, none of my drums were miked, the drum monitor was blown and it was just making this terrible cracking sound the whole show which was actually louder than anything else on stage, I couldn’t even hear my vocals. Playing your newer material in a live situation might probably be a little bit complicated thing to carry things out due to your lengthy songs (I?m referring to such songs as “Consumed by Fire” and “Mercury-Sulphur-Salt” with this question!). Actually, as far as this particular situation, those two songs are really only 7 and a half minutes or whatever so it’s really not that long. When I met Lisa, she was self-titled and called herself Lisa the Wolf so she always fashioned herself after a wolf. Speaking of the musical direction of Wolf And Hawk as stated above it is acoustic, but how did you come up with that concept to carry out an entire opposite style what you have done previously? Do you just play on your own, or do you also play some accoustic gigs with Wolf And Hawk for an audience? We have done some small gigs here and there, even a big one at DragonCon, which is a comic book convention in Atlanta. Yes, it is her brainchild; she had that 30-minute piece which I had talked about earlier already written when I met her.
If you're like the very few Bollywood fans who demand new and meaningful plots than Dil Se is for you.
We're constantly shown how the upper class - lower class division is still very wide spread in India and in a good way.
With the really boring films that have come out recently it is very pleasantly surprising to watch films like this.
The sort of reunion for actors Shahrukh Khan and Kajol who starred in the smash hit "DDLJ" together. After being branded cowards, they live a non-existential life with a story woven into each character.
The responsible gang's demand is that one of their members be released from police custody. The illegitimate, Muslim, arms thief son Afthab (Ajay Devgan) and the legitimate, Hindu, rich, advertising executive son Dhananjay (Saif Ali Khan) are introduced to each other on their father's deathbed. The film has its moments of brilliant humor but it also has moments in which the fast forward button on all remote controls is required.
There life is even more complete with two adorable little kids and mother dearest (Himani Shivpuri). Well this couple doesn't have to worry about that, cause they fell in love without seeing each other. The (unfortunately) fading Jackie Shroff and the current Numero Uno Kajol lead this lackluster film. Some parts are great while others are just horrible, and as a whole, the film amounts several notches above the average Bollywood action flick.
Hero lives in a basti and loves Rani (Rani Mukherjee), Rani just thinks of Hero as a good friend.
Kittu (Aftaab) is a College student who has an obsession with an actress named 'Malika' played by none other than Urmila. Zamindar Dharmaraj (Anil Kapoor) is the head of a village and represents the Supreme law of the land. They both do an excellent job in the film but Hrithik exceeds Amisha as he has sex appeal coming out of his belt buckle. Although the film itself is somewhat distorted, as it doesn't appear to be as composed as it should have been. The movie is a story told from the mind of a dying man, Saket Ram (Kamal Haasan), an 89-year-old South Indian Brahmin. Jackie Shroff plays Veer, a police inspector whose family is complete with wife Naina (Raveena Tandon) and a young son, Sahil. Here they meet NRI Raju Patel (Ali Asghar) who they practically rape and send to an insane asylum. Her body is discovered in a pond, and CBI officer Jasraj Patel (Nana Patekar) is assigned to the case. Kareena Kapoor also stars in her first film role following the engraved foot steps of her sister Karishma.
A Along with the announcement the band has released it's first track of the album 'Still Echoes' which can be heard below. A The book details Randy's experiences during the manslaughter charges, arrest, trial and eventual acquittal. Juggernaut was a concept thought up by guitarist Misha Mansoor a while back, but has finally been finished and made into a two album set, ready for release on January 27th. My favorite part of the album is how they go back to the intro a few times throughout the album.

Brad & I are still here, but Dave is gone- accidental heroin overdose, as many of you heard today.
Several circumstances prevented the band from delivering essential tools to Roadrunner in time which are needed to set up the album release properly and release schedule conflicts made us mutually decide on August instead of June. Mike Browning provided a lot of in-depth information for this very interview that just never gets outdated – telling many very informative things about the past times with his other bands prior to After Death. In fact, this is more like a story about Mike Browning, and we can quarantee you it?s absolute a great read! Browning, what is it going on in Florida at the moment and what’s up in the After Death -camp nowadays? Browning, there is definitely a new generation of the extreme metal freaks who have and may have heard of your name linked to your past bands, so Mike, could you tell and introduce who is Mike Browning? I remember when I heard the Hellhammer demos, before Celtic Frost, my friend had the Hellhammer demos and those were just amazing to me. Was playing the drums a logical choice for you in the beginning and did you possibly try out other instruments before the drums?
I did some marching band stuff where I do half-time shows marching on the field and things like that. My mom was into witchcraft when she was young and my great grandmother was actually from Hungary and I guess it’s the old world thing that’s a little bit a part of me.
I can say yes, I was involved in a magical group for a good five years and I learned quite a bit. The band was basically founded back in ?99 with Richard Bateman, Gino Mario and Mike Walkowski still under the Nocturnus moniker, but the name was changed quite soon to Nocturnus A.D.
He lived like an hour and a half away and he didn’t have a driver’s license so he was trying to get to practice by driving illegally and he didn’t want to go back to jail and have any problems.
As a matter of fact, I was wondering whether you could be able to name some of the basic reasons for why the line-ups kept on changing that often in After Death? Like I said it goes back to what I was just talking about in the last question, a lot of people think it’s cool to jam together, and then they kinda go oh, you’re really into this stuff. And the songwriting was something that he was doing, it was kinda complicated and cool but it really wasn’t something that fit with keyboards anyway. What exactly happened?  And the result was however released on your own as a traditional demo?
Did you decide to abandon that particular song because you basically thought it didn?t represent well enough the style you were heading toward at that time? Was your main intention to gain length for those two particular songs, trying to make them sound ?epic? and all that – or would you rather like to say both of the songs just turned out that way without giving too much time for thinking whether they might reach a couple of ?extra? minutes at the final stage of making as far as the length of both of them is concerned? One song was like five and a half and another was like six and a half, so they are a little bit long. I do like when I finish a song because we usually write the music and then we’ll sit back and then I’ll ask what is this song saying to me?
Could you politely shed some light on your lyrics on the demo and where do you basically ladle all the lyrical inspirations from?
As the deal with Hammerheart went up in smoke, have you tried to draw the attention from other labels, and have some potential record labels been interested in signing you? There’s been a couple bands I’ve played in just as a temporary drummer because I really wasn’t doing anything else at the time.
I was just wondering whether you may have re-arranged (read: shortened!) some of these very lengthy tracks in order to make them stand out a bit less complicated way in the live situation or will you just carry out them as they are right now as in their original formats?
Again it was four songs on the demo, not just two and people didn’t realize it was the same two songs.
This just crossed my mind that Richie Blackmore has his own acoustic duet with his wife called Blackmore’s Night, too.
Yeah it’s kind of fun and rewarding, it’s a completely different crowd that would never like the other stuff we do. The problem against them comes in the form of the girl's three brothers and strict mother and the boy's parents. The British Empire then announces dugna lagaan (double tax), making the villagers' lives even more miserable and complicated than before. The film is not terrible, but could have been better, if only some of those "comedy" sequences had been cut out. Sapna is constantly bored by Vishal's lack of romanticism, and his routine dance ball nights. A Seemingly so small a gift actually made a world of difference when absolutely everything is filthy. A A majority if not all of the lyrics were written by Randy while incarcerated in the Czech Republic in 2012 for manslaughter following the death of Daniel Nosek who sustained injuries during a Lamb of God show in Prague and later died from the injuries.
Over the top power metal with crazy sci-fi themes and a cover of Falco's "Rock Me Amadeus" thrown in for good measure. Not that it really matters, because dead is dead, but I don't think Brockie was a stone cold junkie when he died- he couldn't have done all that he did if he was strung out. If one of your co-workers passes on or can't come to an agreement with the company, that shouldn't stop the company from carrying on with the remaining craftsmen.
It would be very easy to make scapegoats for this enormous delay of getting this huge interview of Mike Browning out, but it wouldn?t serve anyone?s interest, or purpose anyway. Also, since Mike put so huge amounts of effort and time into answering the interview questions, we sincerely thought the only right thing to do, was to get this interview released some day, no matter what. Can you name the most important drummers that you could say, have had at least some impact on your playing style or otherwise influenced you in one way or the other? I would have to say that it’s just seeing my mom into things like that and thinking it’s cool. As for Gino Mario, he has been with you since the mid of the ?80s thru Incubus and the beginning of Nocturnus, but eventually he left the band due to some personal problems.
Could you claim that you are somewhat such a very demanding person who wants to have an absolute maximum devotion to the band and in general could you let us know a more specific way what you wanna carry out with your own musical views and standpoints?
While you were recording After Death?s first output, you managed to face other kinds of problems, an explicit content of your lyrics was one of those issues. It was written in 1987 and it’s called “Nocturnus” and the first actually version, was when Gino was in the band so Richard, Gino and I were the ones that recorded that song.
The songs really aren’t that long but what happened with the demo was I bought this new recorder what I’m actually doing this recording on. By reading (occult) books, studying, from your past experiences with occultism, surroundings around you in general and so on…? It’s about the cycle of procession which is when the Earth wobbles on its axis and for the Earth to make a complete wobble and come back around to where it was, it takes 26,000 years.
They are all starting to sound really good and producer-wise there are just so many different people who do different things, I wouldn’t even know where to start thinking about that. I think that’s a problem because some labels are comfortable with putting out music that will actually for sure sell because they sound exactly like someone else.
Ever since I got After Death together, I’ve pretty much just been working on that and Lisa’s band.
There was a good crowd there earlier but before we even came on two thirds of the people had already left. No, most After Death songs are six to seven minutes long, we really don’t have anything under five minutes. We kind of realized that Wolf and Hawk were a pretty cool situation, it’s something that actually means something to us. What happened was when Lisa and I met, I found out she was in a metal band and she also has an acoustic guitar. As the catchy phrase to the movie "A Story of Burning Love" states, this is definitely a film that explores a hot topic: Sex!
If you're a fan of at least 2 out of the 4 member's bands, you'll find something to love here. I heard the Angel Witch album and that was one of the main things that showed me what I wanted to do.
But then again, I have to say that Slayer is another one of my favorite bands but they’re from the states, same as Possessed.
I thought I should check it out and I did and for some reason I had my mom not in any way influence me in religion so this was a great thing because I could explore what I wanted to. Excuse me, but this sounds a relatively weird to my ears, but why you just simply didn?t change the whole Nocturnus A.D. That was his situation, he writes great music and I do like to jam with him in that aspect but for us, I guess spiritually, there were certain things we don’t along with. We actually had to part ways with that situation and Tom had worked with Divine Essence, he was actually still with them. We put the song together and then I sit back and see what kind of ideas come to me from the music itself. I get this idea and a lot of times it will come from a personal experience or something I have read that I can really understand. Basically the night that the pharaoh’s soul went through the shaft in the pyramid and went to the stars or a particular star, that was on a particular night. It’s something I kinda know what I want out of the music but then in some ways it’s cool to have someone come in and put their touch on it and on your stuff. What happened was when the first After Death demo was done and the things we went through to get it done, it ended up breaking up the band.
As far as I have understood, most of your local ?rock? -orientated clubs down there in Florida are closed or some of them have totally changed their ?Rock? -imago to some dance club –orientated things and such things in order to get more people in so that the owners could make a bit better profit as well?
We ended up not playing to a lot of people but we did pretty decent considering all the complications that we had. She feels like a wolf in life, you know, if you get near me I’ll bet your head off sort of things.
One day we were sitting around, and she pulled it out and started playing some stuff, and I told her that was pretty good. It does have an Egyptian type feel especially with some of the drum stuff I do but it’s mainly just a straightforward, acoustic guitar thing. But there's a lesson here- dabbling with drugs kills people dead every day, just like being fully addicted does.
That kind of music, even Angel Witch back then through some keyboards in their songs which was really cool.
Those two bands were really good but I think for the most part, there was more European bands that I was always waiting to get their albums because they just seemed like it was a harder thing to get.
So the bigger the group is the more weak links you’ll have especially when you’re working with magic, it becomes very political, I’ll say it that way. You’re talking quite a while when the band had all these members before these three members basically took the name and trademarked it themselves. Anyway it was just this huge empty room and the guy just had mega amount of cool equipment in there.
The demo that we did put out was just done on this little box with only two available effects. That particular night will happen again in 26,000 years and it basically has that a the outer lying fact of the song and it’s got more inter lying things like about regeneration of the soul. We paid less for it than we would have paid to go into a studio and record a demo probably.
Everybody for a while wanted to sound like them and when you opened up a magazine and read reviews it would say that it sounds like so and so and all of the sudden you hear that band is signed.
In Devine Essence, which will become Lisa the Wolf, there was a song that we called “The Piece”. And I feel like a hawk at times, just soaring above pyramids and just looking at things from a hawk’s perspective. She has tons of stuff like that and she said the first stuff she ever wrote was when she first picked up an acoustic guitar.
It has this weirdness to it and it’s cool to do it for people because it’s cool and it’s different and just about anybody can listen to this stuff; in fact it’s geared toward anyone to just tape their foot to it.
It was pretty good for what it was at the time but then we kind of realized after we took a break that we liked playing the older, heavier stuff more and she had just gotten away from that. I would have to say that they were one of the biggest impacts on what I wanted to do with music. I don’t know if it was a logical choice because the drummers probably have the most work in the band, and sweat the most and for sure have more equipment to carry around, and set up and worry about than anyone else in the band. People that are a higher rank than others and supposedly hold higher secrets, they let you know that they may know this higher secret than you or that they’re better than you.
So, the first part was that I didn’t know that I couldn’t use MY name and I got a letter in the mail from Louis Panzer saying “You will be sued if I keep using me name”. Everyone can have fun here or there but when it intrudes on every single practice and these people are constantly late, it seems like those kind of people have been mainly guitar players for us. Guido from Hammerheart was in town and we all went into the studio and we looked at the place and he said this is pretty cool you should be able to do some good stuff in here. It’s funny, you said it was a good song and when we were sending it out as a demo we sent out the whole thing which included all three songs with a bunch of intros. It was very limited but we just wanted to put something new out to show people what it was like and if they were interested we could go into a real studio and do something 10 times better than this.
The song actually talks about quite a few different things going at the same time in these different planes of existence. Some of our friends were definitely there and that was cool and I’m glad they did but if you aren’t a well-known band in Tampa, then people aren’t all that interested in coming to see you. It’s her and I creating something, doing something with different chemicals and we get different results with the same two people. We just recently recorded that thirty minute piece and we did the drums, bass and guitar not too long ago. Really, really, tired of it- some of them die slow in the throes of addiction, & some of them die after just doing something stupid one night after a party. If I could have thought ahead of time I probably would have picked something different [laughs]. I mean, I’ve been reading these things and practicing and working on things and involving those experiences in my lyrics. But, what I really learned was that most of these people in these groups are fashioning themselves after somebody completely. He can believe in whatever he wants to believe in because I’m able to believe in whatever I want to. I think it’s the fact that I like to do what I like to do and people don’t understand a lot of what I write for some reason. The guy said yeah so we booked the dates to record and we came in and Guido had paid the money up front. Some of them are astral, some of them are actual physical and some of them are just mental.
It’s kinda cool because we have a practice place at our house and it’s very convenient to work at the house and do anything. The different you are, the less likely you are to be signed, they look at you as more of a risk because they aren’t sure if people are going to like it or not.
We got Brian and we tried learning the old songs, but we realized that’s not what we wanted to do so we just dropped everything and started over. I have a collection of these weird hand drums from all over the world and I figured I could throw some stuff on there and we wanted to make a little project. We’re going to add all the other stuff to it, maybe add some keyboards and just let people have that to…none of this stuff is for sale, it’s for people to enjoy and if they don’t enjoy then they haven’t wasted any money on it.
I went on the website and looked and I guess it is your name now because you bought it out from under me.
That kind of thing, when you’re really serious about what you write, I does bother people [laughs] that’s all I’ll say!
We started working on the music, it was going pretty good and the night I did my lyrics I did them with candlelight and some incense to get into the mood of singing. When we recorded the stuff it was actually just a practice rehearsal that we were recording.
A lot of times it’s right in the morning when I first wake up and I’ll just start going crazy and I have literally run to get a piece of paper and a pencil so I can write these things down as they’re coming to me. Whether they are just demos or something for us to listen to, I can literally record a practice and burn the CD that same day. Right now I kinda know what I want to do with my music and if I had better equipment I could get it across to any engineer.

For most regular people that are just listeners have really liked our stuff but the labels just haven’t been interested. I would rather each time someone in the band changes, for the most part not force the new members to play these other people’s songs.
We have done that live, so we have played this eight song epic, I guess you can call it and it’s thirty minutes worth of straight music. It’s just her and I, it involves nobody else, and it’s something that we can just sit in the living room and do.
A lot of people specialize in one thing and we just like to branch out and do a little bit of everything. That’s the way we look at it but Devine Essence is totally her thing and I would never want to stop somebody from being creative in their own right.
I put out two CDs with that band and just did some various things here and there since then. The combination of those things I really like and growing up you hardly ever saw a singing drummer and I thought why not? Now when I write lyrics I look at them and go, damn I’ve got like three to four levels of different understanding in just one song. What that one person was actually telling them was to do their own thing and take the little bit that I did and just expound on it from there. But to go on from there, we actually had Scott replace Gino because our other guitarist, Mike, really just played rhythm and we wanted a lead player in the band. Tom Swain was just a choice that… I think he just had some things in his life where the band didn’t take up too much of his time, just a couple days a week, and we just didn’t ask him any earlier because we didn’t want to take up all of him time and have other people in his life get mad at him. It’s funny cuz when something doesn’t become available anymore is when people seem to like it. Then I look back and sometimes I’ll be like, “Damn it didn’t even feel like I just wrote that”. So I wouldn’t mind recording our own stuff and then sending it to a producer but I guess it would be cool to find somebody that has done something that you really do like and tell them to put their touch on it and see what it sounds like. It does go through many different changes and stops and starts and rhythm changes and it comes back to certain parts; it’s kinda like a roller coaster ride to play. But I always and still listen to Sabbath and early Maiden, especially the first two albums, and especially Killers. You can take it this way or that way; there’s just so many different levels of what I’m talking about now compared to the way I used to write songs.
I think that’s one aspect of group magic that for the most part, these organizations are just following one person which is no different from any other religion that I see and I think, personally, that’s not the way to learn things.
Basically, we found Scott which was actually somebody I had known for a long time and had been in some bands that I knew. Once we realized that it wasn’t gonna work with Todd we asked Tom if we could do it just one more day a week and see how it goes. So we recorded and then I think we had like two days until we come back to finish with the leads and mix everything. It was 8 tracks of drums with a little bit of everyone else bleed over so we just added some guitar tracks and some keyboard tracks then through out the vocals.
I look at the fact that labels think we’re a risk as just exactly what somebody should take the chance on.
Basically, once a project has changed members I like to move on and not stick with the old stuff. It was kind of difficult at times and it can be hard for people to sit there and watch a thirty minute song, but we like to do it every once in a while to change things up. Like I said, it’s just stuff she had already written and we just sort of revived it and gave it a newer sound. It’s different, it gives me a break from what I like to do just like the Wolf and Hawk thing. Most things that I’ve learned were in books already and most of these people were just very book-smart.
That’s why I came up with a name and why it was something that I put together because I had certain ideas, lyrically, that I wanted to get across to people. Actually, after Morbid Angel I jammed with these guys called Fatal Blessing but that was only about two months before I said I wante to put my own thing together so that’s how that came about. Actually we ended up stopping doing Divine Essence for a little while just to concentrate on this After Death stuff so we could get enough material to record or play a show.
The guitar player got there that day and Scott and myself got there and the guy takes us into the office and says he needs to talk to us before we do anything else. The plan was just to have something for people to hear a little bit of and the band really did change a little between the two demos. In the inner and the outer because a lot of people still think alchemy was strictly making gold out of other chemicals.
There used to be quite a few less studios around and everybody used to pick this one or that one. I think the most important drummer, of course it was Led Zeppelin when I first started playing drums because there really was no heavy metal, they were considered heavy metal and every magazine Zeppelin appeared in said heavy metal. That’s what I was interested in at the time and I always see a band as an open book and whatever you’re doing that day is what you write down on that page. So when I looked at their lives and I looked at my life and the things I’ve done and where they lived and where I lived, and what they did for a living and what I do for a living and the things I’ve accomplished in my life and what they’ve accomplished in their life because that’s where it’s all at is the action.
Being a drummer and a singer at the same time is the only way I’m gonna get the things I want to write about across to the people is by writing it and having my own band.
I know I’m not the best drummer in the world and I’m not gonna claim that I’m the fastest this or that. It was a weird mix, it sounded like you were right there in the room with it instead of some well-produced studio thing. I have to go and memorize them because it’s like me not writing me sometimes they just sort of pop out of nowhere. For live recordings, it’s good for us to record things and we can multi-track and add little things in and just play around with it. I think people should be interested and taking a little bit more risks with something different and just seeing what happens. I haven’t really had a really good band that I would want to put a lot of money into and promote until…it’s just been evolving so much and as soon as I feel that it’s going to settle down and I know that it’s going to be what I want it to be, I’ll say hey, this is it. It’s good to have different stuff to do; we like to stay busy and we do stay very busy and Lisa’s always working on the websites, I’m always doing things and working on occult projects and things like that. Life and bands, sometime they should change and I think it’s a pretty cool thing that you can work with different people and make totally different kinds of music. I’ve never looked at drums as a competition thing and I’ll say that every drummer that I know does look at it like that and I never played drums because I failed in sports or something like that and I was just trying to get back by beating these other drummers in some way. He’s been doing a great job and now we can just flip back and forth between the two bands whenever we really feel like it. She actually happened to have the same birthday as mine and I thought that was pretty strange. The inner, concealment of the song is how to turn yourself into gold; how to make everything about you change to make a better person out of yourself. It’s pretty much impossible for anyone, unless they wanna sound like somebody else, to say where they want to record at and this person will produce me. But some people like to play it safe and I think that with the ways things are these days, especially with the economy, the labels would much rather play it safe and make it to their next release; taking their money and putting it all in one band. That may happen but it may not, but I play music because I like it and not because I worry about how many people are going to buy it. Sometimes I bring one drum, some time I bring a few different things and we just sit there and play. I might die surfing in the ocean tomorrow, but I will go out doing what I love, not choking on my own vomit.
I was more in that situation in that time until I started listening to other types of music.
For some people that’s not possible so in a way it’s been good that I’ve played with different people because I’ve made different music with each one.
That’s what most people get wrong about magic and I think that’s the biggest reason why it fails for most people because they are looking to see what they can get out of it instead of what they can get out of it and discover for themselves. It was just a practice and we were kinda happy with the end result of it so we just said hey, let’s make this our demo. So I would like to do the producing part myself in a good studio with a really good engineer and I think that’s all it really takes. If a label already has one big band, pretty much you can consider the other bands on that label are going to get not much at all and I don’t want to settle for that. I had to say probably that Tommy Aldridge was the biggest influence for the type of drumming that I like to do but there’s a lot of great drummers out there, it’s like where do you start? But, as far as the occult I’ve been reading books and studying and working on things for years and years and it’s like I only know a drop in the bucket. What I do is very magical and it has always felt that way and it always will so there’s no reason for me to stop doing it. You don’t really meet to people that are the same sign as you and end up in a relationship with them.
He said well, I was gonna give you guys a deal but the time you’ve spent in here recording is already paid for and I was gonna give you the extra time, the mix down time as an extra deal. We didn’t want to overthink it too much, it was just a raw, real, barely any dub-overs just to make it a little more clear.
I would rather sit at home and just play my music for myself rather than get something that would make us sound different.
The first drummer from Mercyful Fate and Mickey Dee I loved, those two guys were just amazing.
The field and variety of things that you can endlessly work on and just always have the opportunity to write songs. The biggest magician secret in the world, and I’m giving you this for free, is a sucker is born every minute. Then, I come to find out that we also have the same rising sign which is Leo, so we are both very headstrong, Gemini Leo rising people. It’s sort of like burning off the things that are bad that you want to change about yourself and actually making that change happen and perfecting those things that you want to perfect in your life. Like I said, where do you start with drums… Slayer with Dave Lombardo, has an incredible style that he does on his own and you always know when it’s him playing. When I write a song it’s usually from a mystical experience that I’ve gone through and I try not to write too many stories anymore, it’s more things that I’ve experienced in one way or another. It’s creating songs, I mean I’m creating something from nothing and that’s where you’re looking. Then he said, “I don’t want to finish your project because of the lyrics and the message your getting across to people”.
There are so many bands out there now and so much music being put out that I’ll say 90% of the people that review anything that I do music-wise, they haven’t taken a look at the lyrics. The guy’s wife happened to be there because this is a big old theatre and they actually live upstairs. It has a couple levels of understanding but the first one was many and it goes from there and some of the other songs we have have the same type of inner and outer meaning. The two songs are linked together by a set of chimes and some noises and then the new lyrics start up.
She said, “What kind of a person are you, writing lyrics like ‘you are the maggot that infests the brains of Christ’?” So I said, “Hey, we paid you to record the music and you knew the band was called After Death and you knew it was an ‘evil’ metal band”.
They had all of our equipment packed up by the front tour and they had every track we had recorded, no matter what song or what take, they had it all dumped onto like 10 CDs worth of tracks with no names. These are people who review the demo and I don’t see how somebody could have listened to it and did a review without noticing that there were two sets of the same two songs. Being the fact that we have three different project that we can work with, I think that makes a big difference because we don’t get stale in one thing and have arguments.
To me, I think most people… The reason for that is they might have listened to the whole thing but they weren’t checking out the lyrics and didn’t even look at them. It’s kind of like with Divine Essence, which is now gonna be called Lisa the Wolf because it’s a lot easier for people to remember. And also, a lot of people spell Divine wrong, they spell it Divine and we wanted it to be Devine so it’s like evil instead of good, devil instead of divine but no one seemed to get that, everyone spelled it wrong and no one could find the website. There are experiences I don’t mind telling people and the music is just a cool way to create something out of nothing and every band still sounds different even if they sound pretty much the same in a certain style, each band has a little difference and each time you change a member you change the chemical mixture of that band and you are going to have different things. After we took this break and did this After Death stuff, we said let’s put this Devine Essence back together but call it Lisa the Wolf because everyone seems to be able to remember that. When somebody does something and it’s really good and people like it a lot, don’t expect it to happen the same way again because that’s the way life it.
Then we’re gonna go back and rework some of the older music that was really heavy that she like and just kinda go from there and see what we’re doing with it.
We spent days and days what bass drums track was for which song and which take each one was. To keep comparing somebody with something they did in the past is not opening your mind to what they could do in the future. Actually, she has her outlet with her band and she obviously writes the words and does the vocals and that’s like what I have with my band. I don’t know, I think that with After Death the reason, or purpose I should say, is to get my experiences… Instead of writing say a book, I would rather put it into music and put it out for people to say. It has progressed but I don’t think that it’s actually changed in terms of what I write about actually, I know for a fact that it hasn’t.
Books are in a way they’re unlimited because when you read a book, no two people read it the same. It took us forever, we should have just gone into a different studio and re-recorded it, we would’ve spent much less money that way but we wanted to keep the original recordings. Say it’s a fiction book and you’re reading a story, everyone is going to have a different view of the landscape that’s being given in the book. But by the time we figured everything out the computer kept crashing because the music was on a different system and they were trying to convert things.
For some reason I get faulted for playing with so many different people but sometimes you just have differences with people and you just don’t want to keep playing with them because it doesn’t become interesting anymore and you’re just doing it to make money, which I have never really done anyway. We ended up spending like $2000 just to finish the project and they was twice as much as Hammerheart said they would give us.
With the lyrics, I figured if I’m saying words, I’m going to want to write those words because I don’t want to sing other people’s words. To me, I just don’t have the feeling and that’s what happened with Nocturnus and why I ended up not singing after the first album.
So our guitar player actually ended up playing for that and soon after that he left the band. I don’t care how much money someone would offer me to get back together with the original members of Nocturnus, I mean I still talk to some of them but there’s a couple of them that I could care less if they die in a car wreck tomorrow.
This was something I was doing before any of those people were in the band and they all wanted to change what the band was supposed to be about.
At that point we decided that anything that he had written we would abandon and we would give the recording away but we wouldn’t sell it. So, when I started After Death, that was the main thing in my mind, was that if I’m going to sing, which I wanted to play drums and sing because I like to do that, that’s why I started After Death.
I like to do that not because it’s gonna sell records or this or that, I just like to do it.
I don’t want to compare myself to anyone else or anything like that, for me it’s what I like to do and if other people understand it and like it then that’s a great thing. Everybody should do what they want to do, and not what is going to make money or sell ?x? amount of records because another band sells ?x? amount of records. I like not being safe in music, I like people saying, “I don’t like it because it doesn’t sound like this”. So, it’s very hard to do that but I think I’ve done a pretty good job of trying to do that, if not anything else.

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