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While we may have been taught that gender means boy or girl, man or woman, many of us realize that gender is far more of a spectrum, with many different, and related, identities and expressions! This interactive graphic provides a general “map” of gender identities and expressions that people use, with their definitions and a few examples and further links and videos. Seek, test, treat, and retain: exploring recent evidence on optimizing HIV prevention interventions. The five Boston-area boys first called themselves Nynuk, a name their manager, Maurice Starr, came up with.
A consent form provides you details of your rights and information that you can use to decide whether or not to participate in a study.
In this section you will learn about the study itself and why it’s being conducted and find information about the overall goal of the study.
You will find out what you will be doing in the study, how much of your time are they asking you to commit, and what tasks can you expect to complete. A section like this tells you about side effects or other things that might put you at risk!
This is where you can find out how you will benefit from being in the study and how your participation might help other people.
This is probably the most interesting section, because here you will find out if you are getting paid to participate.

You are volunteering to be in a study, so you have the right to drop out or not answer any questions that might make you uncomfortable!
These forms are usually packed with information, but the people conducting the research know this form inside and out.
For example, woman is connected to cisgender woman and transgender woman, but NOT to drag queen.
True or false: Saadiah Gaon thought that belief in rational argument is a vital component of religious belief.
What is unique about the creation story in the Bible, compared to other Ancient Near Eastern creation stories? True or false: In Kabbalistic mysticism, our prayers are sent directly to the endless and eternal Ein Sof of God, not to the sefirot. When Efron doffed his shirt for a recent trip to Hawaii, we swear our heart broke out into song! You will always get a consent form when participating in research, because researchers need to follow certain ethical rules in order to do research. If it’s a survey or focus group to find out your opinion on something, chances are the risks are low.
This is the section that will give you a breakdown of what the researchers will pay you and when they will pay you.

Dropping out never has a negative impact on your standing with the place that is doing the study. They eventually took the name New Kids on the Block from a rap song that member Donnie Wahlberg wrote for their 1986 debut album.
As part of our Community in Action campaign this summer, we asked this question to people at PrideFest and Dyke March in Chicago, 2011. Not all consent forms look the same, but here are short descriptions of common sections to help you get the most out of the information provided. For example, if the study is being conducted at your local LGBTQ center, you can keep going back even if you drop out of the study.
Drag queens, however, usually identify as men when they are not “performing femininity.” For more on this, see this IMPACT blog. This video shows some of their answers, including recognizing the importance of the transgender community in the fight for all of our rights.

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