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You can buy your boyfriend an expensive, age-appropriate Christmas present, like a shirt and tie set or a designer leather wallet or a book by his favourite author, but if you're dating a guy who is as active as a 10-year-old on a sugar high you might need to get creative this Christmas.
It's the ultimate boys toy, with features he'll love, this smart phone will have his undivided attention all Summer and beyond. It's rugged, durable, water-proof and guaranteed to make your boyfriend love you even more.
Jumper - Christmas time is the perfect excuse to make your boyfriend wear cute knitted jumpers. Nandos Sauce - This huge bottle of Nando's sauce is the ideal gimmick Christmas present because it's useful, and will most likely last all year.
Aftershave Vivabox - I blogged about this, and I still think it's one of the best presents you can buy someone.
Washbag - These will always come in useful for men, it's not just girls who need a makeup bag!
Holdall Bag - Wether he wants to use the bag for uni, work or the gym, this bag is really smart and versatile.
You can find my gift guide for your best friend here, I still have girlfriend, Mum, Dad & Secret Santa to come. It may be one of the most important anniversaries you share together like a couple, and you want to make it memorable for the boyfriend.
This is the perfect list for the hard-to-buy-for sporty guy in your life with gifts ranging from $4.99 to $899 you might even find something fun for yourself.

The shops are full of them at the minute, in every colour and design possible, but this is definitely one of my favourites. It gives them the chance to sample seven different scents, and choose which one they like the best to receive in full size. You can get these printed with your own photos on the front and back covers and put special messages or personalised info inside.
He'll be able to use this day to day or if he goes away on holiday or to take to uni or the gym.
This one is so cool, and it will keep him all snuggly and warm while you're out playing in the snow.
On your first anniversary, you can’t give him a card, a bouquet, or a shirt because, after all, the very first anniversary only comes once. You’ll need more than just a simple gift, and you may need to plan your anniversary gift a few months in advance. If you cannot think of any ideas or if you need something to kick-start your personal special anniversary plan, here are some fantastic ideas on anniversary gifts for boyfriend to help you.1st Year Anniversary Gifts for a BoyfriendPaper GiftsThe traditional first anniversary gift is paper. Although this is traditionally for a first wedding anniversary, it may be incorporated into a dating anniversary as well.
You can also get more creative by finding the newspaper from the first day you met or your first date and give that to him like a gift. It’s obviously worth the cost, however, you can still give a gift worthy of the first anniversary without spending money.

For instance, you can cook him an incredible five-course meal if your man is really a foodie. As the old saying goes, the quickest way to a man’s heart is thru his tummy, and a good meal at home or in a gourmet restaurant of his option is a great way to celebrate first anniversary.A photo diaryAn execllent way to celebrate your first anniversary would be to make a photo diary that captures all of the great things that happened within the last year. Buy a diary and begin out by showing the way your life was before him, and how things have changed for the good. You can get him the jersey of his favorite soccer team or the pair of studs he stared at within the window of a sports store. Just dash into any sports gear shop and becoming anniversary gifts for men becomes easier.Create A Simple Love BookShare your passion inside a personalized journal of romance!
1 year anniversary ideas for any boyfriend are tough to choose, but an excellent expression of your love is a tailored journal from LoveBook. The books feature customized covers, custom doodles as well as your own one-of-a-kind wording. Your list of reasons he’s sweet can create a LoveBook that is ideal for the fellow which has every little thing. On your 1 year anniversary, an appreciation book can serve as the perfect gesture of passion for your boyfriend!

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