Online pharmacies are becoming more popular day by day. This modern distribution channel inspires more and more trust. However, are the drugs bought this way safe? What to look for when buying drugs at an online pharmacy?

An online pharmacy works differently than a regular online store. Mail-order sales of drugs ordered via the Internet can only be carried out by pharmacies and pharmacy outlets with the appropriate authorization from the Pharmaceutical Inspection. Therefore, they are traditional pharmacies that, following the times, have also decided to operate on the Internet.

There must be a special place in such a facility for the preparation of the medicine for shipment. Such a room should be equipped with a table for preparing a package, a wardrobe for storing external packages and a platform for storing ready consignments.

A person with the qualifications of a pharmacist or a pharmaceutical technician is responsible for mail order sales in an Internet pharmacy. The employee responsible for shipping the product must mark the outer packaging of the medicine with the pharmacy's data. Each order is subject to electronic records.

The medicinal product should be protected, in particular, against contamination, contamination or damage. You should also take care of the appropriate storage temperature, the lack of light, water and other external factors harmful to the drug. The transport of packages with medicinal products should take place in a separate part of the means of transport, preventing access by unauthorized persons.

How to recognize a legal online pharmacy?
There are certain risks associated with the purchase of drugs via the Internet, e.g. the possibility of purchasing a preparation of unknown origin or illegal or even harmful. On the one hand, the web is teeming with websites that, imitating pharmacies, sell miracle pills for cancer, and sometimes prescription-only drugs. On the other hand, it happens that counterfeit medicinal products are placed on the market via a legally operating online pharmacy. Faced with these dangers, it has become necessary to regulate the online pharmacy market.

Online pharmacy: slightly different assortment, different return policy
We do not buy drugs available only with a doctor's prescription online. Pharmacies can only sell OTC drugs (without prescription) by mail order. However, they do not have any restrictions in the case of mail order sale of the entire rest of the pharmacy assortment, i.e. dietary supplements, medical devices, cosmetics or foods for special dietary purposes. The regulations regarding the possibility of returning the purchased product are also different.

Drugs from the Internet: pros versus minuses
Opponents of online drug purchases point out that in the case of this type of transaction, there is no direct contact with a pharmacist, who is always a highly qualified professional with knowledge and irreplaceable experience on the pharmacy market. The ability to buy medicinal products and dietary supplements anonymously and without consulting a pharmacist may lead to their overconsumption, improper use, as well as the purchase of unnecessary products related solely to marketing (promotions, discounts). In addition, there is still a lack of supervision over the legally compliant transport of medicinal products purchased online.

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