Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride--Reverse Aging

  1. How Can Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride Reverse Aging?

During aging, the body experiences some physiological changes as the cellular functions fall back. For instance, the body depletes NAD+ and SIRT1 proteins than it can synthesize. Low levels of these coenzymes accelerate senescence while sparking off age-related comorbidities including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity.

Administering nicotinamide riboside chloride benefits the immune system by boosting the blood vessels, such as lymphocytes and leucocytes. The compound upregulates the synthesis of NAD+, hence, stepping up the levels of SIRT1 proteins. Consequently, SIRT1 slows down vascular aging by increasing blood flow to the skeletal muscles, cardiovascular system, and the neurological tissues.

Besides, nicotinamide riboside chloride supplement reverses aging by producing more NAD+ to aid in DNA repair within the cellular structure. This effect prevents oxidative stress

The available research also confirms that nicotinamide riboside chloride counters bone density depletion, a decrease in tear production, and fundus hypopigmentation. All these conditions are pervasive among the elderly.

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