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In this article we would be sharing with you how you can check Aadhar card status by name, mobile number, enrollment number and date of birth. The most refined facilities bring you the opportunity to show you the status of your Aadhar card while it is still under process. Just after your particulars have been verified and the officials are assured that they are genuine, you will receive a text message about the acknowledgement of your registered phone number. However, sometimes you may not receive any verification or acknowledgement response from the other end.
The date and time of enrollment: You can also use the date and time of enrollment as a useful information to know the present status of your card. Your name: Your name also comes handy while checking out the present status of your Aadhar card. Your mobile number: You cannot register for your Aadhar card without your mobile number at any cost and this too, is necessary for determining the current status of your Aadhar card.
Mera aadhar card abhik nahi aaya hi kya me punh enrolments karwa satkta hu kya old enrolments no.
I want to know my AAdhar Application Status Number for myself and my Wifw and daughter.Details are given below. I have received message mentioning that URN request has been successfully approved and sent for further proceedings. PFRDA switches to PAN from Aadhaar for online enrolment under NPS NEW DELHI: Pension fund regulatory body PFRDA initiated a policy of using PAN rather than Aadhar card online for validation of recent customers who will now be registered online beneath the National Pension System (NPS) scheme. The Supreme Court in October lifted restrictions on using Aadhaar card for social welfare schemes and said implementing agencies are able to use Aadhaar number voluntarily. Hi readers, Aadhar Card is govt document issued by govt of india to all peoples. Aadhar Card is very important for indian citizens. Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identification number issued to every individual resident of India by Unique Identification Authority of India. Note: You will receive an OTP on your registere mobile number for Aadhar Card Download so please check your mobile phone is active and near with you. The initiation of providing Unique identification number to every individual was mainly taken to collect the wholesome details of each and every individual resident of India. This service is absolutely free, in any case, your portable administrator may charge you standard SMS costs. In the event that your Aadhaar number has been produced then your Aadhaar number will be sent over to you as SMS and if your Aadhaar number has not been created then the current status will be sent to your enrolled versatile number through SMS. Hello, your blog is very nice and i suggest you if you want to free emailing so you can join us and get free emailing, free email templates and free email servers with security. Now more and more people are registering themselves for Aadhar card hence UIDAI takes more time to issue Aadhar card.
A large area of the nation is still waiting for its chance while large number of the citizens has lost it. Aadhar card does not specify citizenship to any of its holders, so any one residing in India can have it. If you are resident of India then must have an Aadhar card as it is a new identity card which is issued by Government of India with the help of UIDAI.
Aadhar cad has not been given to every citizen across the country, as it takes time to cover the whole nation.

Aadhar card being an identity card needs some of the documents while enrolling for the same. The availability of Aadhar card is being made increasingly easy with the online desk coming to play a crucial role. Once you enter the related information, the system checks out the relevant information available and inform you about the present status.
You should follow the instructions which appear on the screen and at last, you will be able to see the present status of your Aadhar card. If you already apply for aadhar card and not received yet then you can check your aadhar card status On UIDAI website. UIDAI will collect the information like residents particulars, his residence address, which include the bills of power or water that are paid in the past. With the use of Aadhaar card, you can easily access services like baking, telecom, financial institutions, other other small businesses. For this you will need to send an instant message (SMS) after which you will get the most recent status of your Aadhaar as an issue to your SMS on your portable number. Here is the manner by which you can check your Aadhar Card Status through SMS on your portable number.
You have shared very good information about How to Get Your Aadhar Status Online, by Email, or through SMS with us.
In the mean time Government has launched the facility of checking status of Aadhar card which was earlier possible only for the internet users. It is issued by UIDAI (Unique Identification and Development Authority of India) on behalf of Government of India.
Yes I am talking about Aadhar card, plenty of them who have received it has lost it as well.
Earlier NRIs were not liable to have Aadhar card but keeping the present scenario in mind Government has authorized NRIs also to apply for Aadhar card as it provides a solid identity to the NRIs in the different countries. However, government has come up with the facility of online Appointment of Aahdar card for the citizens. The two documents which are required for Aadhar Card  to be submitted are Identity proof and the address proof.
The Unique Identification Authority of India has made the reach of Aadhar card widespread over the internet.
The process is indeed complicated and needs a lot of verification, and the confidential process sometimes take more than the required time. If your computer is not connected to internet then you will not able to download aadhar card from UIDAI website. The other pros of Aadhaar is that, through a simple online process Aadhaar numbers can be verified.
After sharing this article they can also download their aadhar card from UIDAI official website. It is not always foolproof though, as its servers have a tendency to overload from the high volume of traffic it receives daily. But now keeping in mind India’s current rural status, Government has introduced a new procedure through which one can get the status of the Aadhar card in their registered mobile.
While retrieving your Aadhar is not more than a mystery but still keeping a hope will keep you go always.

Government has started it on trial basis in some of the states like Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Goa, Kerala and Jharkhand. Documents are required for checking the relevant details and identifying the correct identity of a person.
In such cases, you need not worry much as there is always the option of checking the present status of your Aadhar card over the internet.
Top Aadhar Card Portal to Help you solve your Aadhar Card Queries How To Get Aadhar Card Status and Download in 10 Minutes? Even though Aadhaar would not replace all the other identity proofs like PAN card, diving licenses, voter IDs, ration cards etc, but to some extent it will definitely reduce the difficulty and risk of having and maintaining multiple identity proofs.
We suggest you please subscribe our weekly newsletter if you want to receive latest updates and notification on aadhar card. By registered mobile it means the mobile number which has been registered by you while enrolling for Aadhar card.
There are few simple steps which will help you in registering yourself for an Aadhar card online. In case of a minor the parents are liable to submit their details and after attaining the age of 15 years the minor has to submit their own correct details.
The entire process of applying for an Aadhar card receiving it by post takes around three to four months. You just need a few clicks to know the present status of your card and get an approximate idea about how much more time it may consume to get the document in your hand.
Any individual resident of India irrespective of his gender, age, religion, and caste criteria are eligible to apply for Aadhaar card.
So, you can take away all the bunch of cards you are unnecessarily carrying in your wallets all this time. This method allows you to submit your information and have you Aadhar status sent to you by email. You can visit any of the enrollment centers throughout the nation with the proper documents for your registration. This is a highly confidential process and requires much verification for successfully obtaining the details.
This Aadhaar number is something that is generated irrespective of the caste and creed of the particular individual, thus passing the message of equality to the world.
In case your verified date of birth is incorrect in the Aadhar card, you can get Aadhar card corrected once.Write your complete address. Aadhaar number can be used to apply for any identity-based application like ration card, passport etc.
If your Aadhar has been generated and SMS is sent from registered mobile, you will receive your Aadhaar number.
For Update of Mobile number and Email ID, the notification will be sent on the given mobile number as well as Email ID.Once you’ve uploaded the documents, the next step would ask you to choose your BPO Service provided. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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