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Bell Mobility is part of Bell Canada, a company that offers a number of communications services. Cons: The 30 dollar activation fee is quite steep, as is the 6 dollar monthly charge for caller ID. Payment Options: You can refill your account from your Bell Mobility phone, from a refill card which can be purchased at any Bell Mobility store, or through an automatic top-up program.
Data Plans: Unlimited mobile Web costs 10 dollars per month for unlimited 1X coverage and 100 minutes in digital coverage. Downloadables: Bell Mobility prepaid offers ringtones, screensavers, wallpaper, music, streaming video and more for varying download fees.
International Calling: International rates are available to many countries across the globe.
Calling Features: Voicemail, call waiting, call forward, and conference calling are available at no extra cost. Earliest Minute Expiration: A $15 dollar Bell Mobility prepaid top-up card expires in 30 days.
A good company BUT if you need to make international calls or texts with a prepaid phone, think twice before you buy a Bell prepaid phone.
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Though it offers two tiers of pricing per call, there aren't numerous plans to confuse people. Also, charging a 2 dollar fee for certain inquires to customer service isn't a consumer-friendly policy. There are also payment options available at select CIBC Bank machines in Ontario and Quebec.
Calls to other than the USA and Canada are blocked unless you enroll in an auto top-up program and give them your credit card number - not a problem you may think.
I am a mother of two little ones so it is just for emergencies.Bell offers me the best coverage of any provider in my area and I am still comfortable leaving town and still being able to use it. Bundles of text messages are also available: 5 dollars for 250 messages, 10 dollars for 2,500, and 15 dollars for unlimited. However, their top-up program doesn't allow you to top up $100 to keep the service going for another 365 days, the most you can top up is $50 which only lasts 60 days. Users can pay 50 cents per day for unlimited text messaging, 1 dollar per day for an unlimited calling window and unlimited text messaging, or 1 dollar per day for unlimited 6 p.m.

As an infrequent cellphone user, I don't use $ 50 worth of airtime in 60 days but do need to call internationally from time to time. A separate number is used for inquiries about account balance, prepaid vouchers, minute expiration dates, and to add minutes. I guess I should have done my homework in this instance and gone with Rogers who don't have these restrictions on their prepaid service. If you buy a new phone with service, ask for free caller ID instead of free call waiting - vmail - call forwarding, etc.
If these calls are made to a general customer service line, a service fee of 2 dollars will apply. The clerk (i think it was Jairo) was very polite and very quick into getting the account like we wanted it. Additionally, beginning March 19 there will be a 3 dollar service charge for calling customer service to perform certain transactions.
Customers can add unlimited text messaging to the nights and weekends plans for an additional 50 cents per day.
All calls not covered by the unlimited provisions of the daily plan are 30 cents per minute. Customers can pay 15 dollars per month for unlimited text messaging, 20 dollars per month for unlimited calling window, and 25 dollars per month for unlimited nights and weekends.

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