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I have been paying the bill in the portal for the last four months but still never they gave me any discount how to get it ???
Every month 6th they add new bill to the portal and bill will come home after 15 may be and DUE DATE IS 27 I think . I have paid online, the land line charge for my LL 0478 2816101 during the months from Oct.2012 to April 2013.
3- Then login with your created credentials and then you will have the option to register your Broadband or Mobile with providing it’s details like in case of Broadband(Landline No, Consumer No. 4- After Broadband registration, you can see your outstanding bills and make payment against that. Can i make online payment to BSNL anytime , what i meant is, Can i pay my bill after BSNL office hours (which is generally 10am to 5pm)? To enable BSNL, IDEA, Reliance, Aircel, Tata Docomo or any other 3G, EDGE or GPRS data network in iPhone, we need a setting called Cellular Data Network.
My main query is that, why there is no ‘E’ (E for edge) appearing only for BSNL(Activated GPRS) sim in iPhone but appearing in other phones? I had a iphone 3G s from apple model 1241 A and got BSNL 3G connection but after 3 months of followup could not get the settings to start 3 G services. Contact BSNL: Find below customer care details of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL), including phone and address. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has its headquarters in the capital, Delhi, and is one of the largest cellular service provders in India. Last year BSNl started its 3G services in 290 cities and acquired more than 6lakh customers. AboutCustomer Care Contacts is your trusted source for phone, address, email and website of companies and services providers worldwide.
Broadband Restoration offers for those Broadband connections got disconnected before 30-11-2015.
When you re-enter the area or switch the phone on, BSNL sends a message about the missed call including logged details. 9.After installing the application, the available mobile TV channel lists will be displayed alongwith an user alert. SMART ITC Service enables a subscriber to make calls from a prepaid account linked to his telephone number. RTMS is real-time tracking, management and communication with field employees and fleet drivers of a company equipped with mobile phones.
Centrex, or Centralised Exchange, is a telephone service offered by the local telephone company from a local central switching office. It is a central office based communication service which integrates all the multi located Telephone lines into a single highly functional communication group with more distinctive features without any additional equipment such as EPABX at your premises.
BharatSync provides an India-compliant solution to the mobile users across India , who are not able to use push mail capability because of low features in handsets, and high service cost with proprietary handsets.
3G Data cards provides high speed access of internet and emails at anytime and from anywhere.
Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is a technical standard for accessing internet over a mobile wireless network. Bluetooth technology is a wireless protocol that connects electronic devices while they are close to each another.
The term Bluetooth was coined after the Danish and Norwegian king Harald Bluetooth Gormson ,the 10th-century king unified Denmark with Norway. Wi-Fi connections in airports, hotels, bars, coffee shops and more are traditionally called hot spots. WiMax is a wireless broadband technology, provides fixed as well as fully mobile high speed broadband connectivity alongwith roaming feature. A smartphone is a device that lets you make telephone calls, but also adds features that you might find on a personal digital assistant or a computer.
Operating System: A smartphone will be based on an operating system that allows it to run productivity applications, such as the BlackBerry OS, the Palm OS, or Windows Mobile.
QWERTY Keyboard: A smartphone includes a QWERTY keyboard, so the keys are laid out in the same manner they would be on your computer keyboard. A small area surrounded by abtiny antenna (about 100 feet or so)where users can access Wi-Fi services to access the Internet if they have the appropriate device. Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) allows for the transmission of information via a GSM network.

Mobile Phone Backup is a service that safeguards all data of your mobile phone including Contacts, Calendar, SMS, Photos, Videos and Music. Cyber Crime Police Stations in Kerala state started functioning since 2009 having jurisdiction all over the state of Kerala and having power to investigate any offense committed under the Information Technology (Amendment)Act 2008(Central Act 21 of 2000).
Cases will not normally be registered by the Cyber Police Station by obtaining complaints directly from Public.
Crime Stpper Helpline:1090 This system was introduced by Kerala Police since 1998 in all Police Districts.
Any citizen coming to know of the designs of anybody to commit a crime or having information that a crime is being committed or having information that a wanted criminal is at large or having any other information which is of use to the Police from the Law & Order point of view, including information on Extremists and Terrorists, etc, would be encouraged to give the information through the above mentioned telephone.This Telephone is manned round-the-clock by Police Personnel designated by the Supdt. For storing the information, giving the information, and for keeping a permanent record, suitable Computer programmes have been devised, and a Computer is used for the purpose. The identity of the informant is kept secret unless the informant is willing to himself come forward and reveal his identity - This is the best part of the System.
9846 200 100 :The Kerala Railway Police has introduced Helpline Service 9846 200 100for the Railway commuters in the State, called “Rail Alert”. Kerala Police Message Centre - SMS 94979 00000 to enable general public to reach police by SMS. As soon as the computer receives SMS, it will be forwarded to the concerned officer(s) in the field immediately by the operator from the SMS centre through a facility called “ACT NOW”.All messages will be stored in the database and they can be retrieved as and when required. This system was introduced in the Kerala Police with objectives of controlling Traffic, enforcement of Traffic Laws, prevention of Road Accidents, providing immediate attention and assistance to victims of accidents, handling of Law & Order issues, and enforcement of Laws on Highways, etc. Each Vehicle has been provided with a Wireless Set and a Mobile Phone for easy communication. In the last two years, the Highway Police helped in averting some major accidents, reached timely medical help to a large number of accident victims in odd hours, detected some Crime cases and arrested some criminals.. The iPhone user needs to be on a particular data plan of the carrier to connect to the internet – also there are certain restrictions on tethering. You can reach the below contact for new connection, cancellation, telephone, broadband or other queries on BSNL services.
You will get a short duration pip-pip tone when you are busy talking , indicating that another call is waiting for you , provided you have activated this facility. The service on even a low cost handset ensures that you remain connected to your email, calendar and contacts through the servers hosted in India. A WAP browser is a web browser for mobile devices such as mobile phones,PDAs that uses the protocol.. Instead of creating a local-area network (LAN) or a wide-area network (WAN), Bluetooth creates a wireless personal-area network (PAN) just for you.
A device with Wi-Fi can wirelessly connect to the Internet when it’s with in the range of a wireless router that is hardwired to the Web. When a mobile phone has embedded Wi-Fi technology, the handset can access the Internet through a nearby wireless router. In relation to a smartphone, a stylus is a small stick used to enter information or write on the touch screen of a phone. A smartphone also offers the ability to send and receive e-mail and edit Office documents.While there is no standard definition of the term "smartphone" across the industry, there are a few features that you'll find on every smartphone. Such cases will be first registered at the concerned local Police Station and wherever it is felt by the Unit head that application of Cyber Forensic techniques are essential in the investigation of that case, the case will be referred to the Cyber Police Station who may continue further investigation or assist in the investigation. This is a Round-the-clock Helpline, which is monitored from the Railway Police Control Room in Thiruvananthapuram. It is intended to prevent crimes, terrorist acts rendering of immediate assistance on receipt of information regarding traffic problems, accidents, harassment by antisocial elements etc. The Officers and men are deployed for duty in the Highway Police from various Police Stations in the District, and they perform duties in three shifts.
Each Patrolling Vehicle carries various Records, Arms, and other traffic-related equipments (including stretchers, First-Aids, Boxes, Traffic Enforcement items, etc.).
In India, Vodafone and Airtel are the only mobile phone carriers who officially support iPhone.
In addition, provides over-the-air (OTA) synchronization of calendar and contacts for multiple mail accounts. This service is available in all SSA head quarters , District head quarters in Kerala Roaming facility also available.
Wi-Fi-enabled devices can be Mobile phones, Personal computers and Personal digital assistants etc.

To establish a Wi-Fi connection between a mobile phone and a wireless router, it is very likely that login credentials (i.e. Originally derived from the Linux desktop operating system, Android is a customizable platform that can look and feel very different on very different handsets.
A wide-array of applications is available on the Apps Store & Applications are updated on a regular basis.
A typical USSD message starts with a * followed by digits which indicate an action to be performed or are parameters. The Rail Alert number 9846 200 100 can be accessed by the Railway commuters from any corner. However,citizens should note that it is only designed to receive the text messages not the voice calls and perform chatting. Airtel is working with out any problem, however Vodafone GPRS needs some tweeking with the APN but works. However, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) recently said it wanted to revive a proposal for the merger of both BSNL and MTNL.
Sorry to say, I have to compel, I request you to cancel my connection so that I take new connection of any other company. Thus your Lap top become truly mobile.You have to Plug in 3G Data Card into your laptop and can get the fastest available connection, with mobile broadband speeds in terms of Mbps.
When used in tandem with a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone and successfully paired, you can leave your cell phone in your pocket and perform most of your mobile phone’s functions using your in-ear Bluetooth headset.In addition to being paired with cell phones, short-range Bluetooth technology is also compatible with personal computers, laptops, printers, GPS receivers, digital cameras, telephones, video game consoles and more for various practical functions. A Wi-Fi-enabled mobile phone can link to a wireless router at your home, a coffee shop, a business or anywhere with an active wireless router. That means that an HTC Android phone will look and operate differently than an Android phone made by Samsung. However, some are free - for example privately owned in restaurants or cafes or public in universities and schools. Unstructured Supplementary Service Data allows interactive services between a Mobile client and applications hosted by the Mobile Operator. There will be reply by way of prompt action but not by reply SMS.If action is not seen on urgent issues, on dialling 100, citizens can also send SMS to this number.
According to the website, BSNL is currently world’s 7th largest Telecommunications Company. Its neat, compact design makes it easy to use; you can easily swap it between laptops for use at work, home or on the move. The USSD gateway in turn can interact with external applications based on the USSD command. However, in life threatening situations,every efforts will be made by the police to reach the victim as early as possible.
In Network Settings, open Cellular Data Network and change the APN as bsnlnet and restart the phone. Being user-friendly and a single point contact number, it is of tremendous use to the Railway commuters. Mobile Phones have been provided to the Railway Police Officers and personnel on Beats and Patrol duties in each trains. All come with a desktop that is made up of a certain number of screens that you can customize to your liking. Thus, any information received in the Control Room, reaches the field Officers in no time, and the Railway Police can provide assistance to the caller traveling in the train, directly, very quickly, by meeting the caller at his seat in the train then and there. You can populate screens with shortcuts to apps or widgets that display news headlines, search boxes, or more.
This system has been found to be successful not only in detecting and preventing crimes, but also providing timely help to passengers in need. All Android phones also offer access to the Android Market, where you can download Android apps .
In some instances, lives of critically ill passengers could be saved due to timely Police help through Rail Alert.

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