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Buyer's Remorse Cartoons and ComicsBuyer's Remorse cartoon 1 of 8Dislike this cartoon?'Ta Da! The ordinance is widely expected to face a robust court challenge from the Cellular Telephone Industries Association, the wireless industry’s trade group.
Cellphones emit non-ionizing radiation in the form of electromagnetic fields (EMF) that can penetrate human tissues. Some long-term epidemiological studies, however, have shown correlations between heavy cellphone use and cancer. A Turkish study published earlier this year, for example, found that the closer that the source of cellphone radiation was to breast cancer cells, the greater the damage to the underlying cells.
Safety tests mandated by the Federal Communications Commission, which regulates radiation levels in communication devices, assume that users will carry cellphones at least a small distance from their bodies in holsters. A survey conducted in April by the California Brain Tumor Association found that 70 percent of Berkeley adults did not know about the FCC’s minimum distance rule. Although ionizing radiation, the kind used in x-rays, is known to cause cancer, the National Cancer Institute says there is no evidence that non-ionizing radiation increases cancer risk.

According to CBS reporter Elizabeth Hinson, California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Oregon, and Pennsylvania have also considered requiring warnings, and legislation is awaiting a vote in Maine. Storing phones in pockets or bras may expose users to RF heating effects that exceed FCC guidelines. Devra Davis, an epidemiologist and the author of Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, asked me to snap a photo of her with Moskowitz on her iPhone 6. In 2010, San Francisco passed a ordinance that would have required manufacturers to disclose each phone’s Specific Absorption Rate (the amount of RF energy absorbed by the body), but abandoned it a year later after losing the first round of a legal challenge by CTIA. For this reason, the FCC requires phone companies to disclose the minimum distance from the body that users should carry their phones—yet these guidelines are typically buried deep inside phones’ menus and sub-menus, or in the fine print of user manuals. She’s not the kind of person who winces every time she gets a text, but she handles her phone with caution.
Whether you have euros or yuans, reals or pesos, the growing sense is that your capital will do better in the U.S. Producing more oil at low prices only forces down values, while producing less may raise oil prices but reduce sales.

The shrinking shale oil business has led to a recession in Canada, while reduced demand for iron ore is pushing Australia in the same direction.Meanwhile, the slowed Chinese economy is not the only indication of tough economic times. In Europe and Japan, for example, investments worth trillions of dollars now earn negative interest. According to NAR, metro home prices in the second quarter rose in 163 out of 176 metropolitan statistical areas.
Purchases are often made not just by individuals, but on behalf of groups of investors or numerous family members, further obscuring the origin of the funds. Miller has also spoken before such groups as NAR and the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials.(Do you have an opinion to share with MortgageOrb?

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