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I thought it could not get any worse than a belt holster but I happened upon this and it shook me to my very core.
Why wouldn’t you either give someone your personal cell number or your professional cell number? What about the asshats to walk around with their phones on speaker so we ALL have to hear it?
Creature, I can top that – I had 2 experiences with the Northeastern Blue Toothed Asshole, both in the bathroom.
Fun Northern Nevada Fact!: An Indian Taco is a piece of fry-bread with ground meat and onions on the inside. If you want to care about something, maybe it should be those guys who wear their pants halfway down to their knees. I really don’t see what the big deal is and after hearing all of the horror stories of people losing their phones because they slipped out of their pockets or bags.
Of the multitude of features our cell phones have, text messaging is the most popular, with 57% of cell phone users saying they text regularly. In terms of US smartphone operating systems (OS) market share, Blackberry has the largest at 35%, followed by iPhone at 28%, Windows Mobile at 15% and Android with 13%.
Vanguard is currently powering and securing 4 out of 5 of the selected phones in Verizon and Sprint stores nationwide. The VitalTM solution from Vanguard is the most cost effective power alarm security solution available. Using our standalone Vital coiled cord security solution, you can display, power and protect today’s most popular products.
Additionally, Vital offers a through-fixture, flush mount display option, flat and angled merchandising and cord-hiding features. Additionally, Vision offers self-centering product placement technology, along with a light weight (yet maximum strength) mechanical cord reel for optimal anti-theft security.
With its rich array of features that thrive on the increasingly proliferated Android platform and the reliability of the Verizon network, is this launch the equivalent of a one-two punch while the iPhone 4 staggers against the ropes?
The Google – Verizon squabble over Google’s proposed bidding for valuable wireless spectrum that left Verizon feeling bitter a few years ago, seems to be in the rear view mirror for both parties. While no one would challenge the fact that Apple has done remarkable things for the Smartphone category, is it reasonable to suggest that the growth of the popularity of Android phones should have Apple hearing footsteps? Vanguard Products Group today announced solution branding updates, along with the availability of two new product lines.
Volt™ – Sleek, cord reel based solution for displaying, powering and protecting a variety of CE products like smartphones, cameras, camcorders, iPods, GPS devices, eReaders and more. To learn more about Vanguard’s retail security solutions and devices, call 1-877-477-4874 or submit a request.
The April-May 2010 issue of Creative magazine features a new modular phone display LG is deploying at independent AT&T and Verizon locations throughout the country.

Developed by AMD Industries, Inc., the high profile display features interactive video messaging and live phone display and security solutions from Vanguard. By now, many of us has learned that the demand for the newest iPhone, the iPhone 4,  far exceeded the expectations of even the staunchest Apple devotees.  After reading the reviews and press releases detailing the product, it’s easy to understand why! Looking back to what now seems to be the dawn of time, we strain to remember when a mobile device did one thing and one thing only: complete a phone call.
As our nation’s first product manager for TDMA digital cellular service, I recall how excited I was when we launched ground breaking features marking a new era in cellular service.  Are you ready? Nowadays, it’s all about the Apps, baby, thanks to the evolving Smartphone platforms and the robust networks developed by the carriers.  I guess that helps to explain why Garmin has yet again introduced a mobile phone. This low-cost display, power and security solution can be used to secure a wide range of mobile phones and other devices. Vanguard recently deployed a custom version of this solution in over 1,000 Sprint stores, with the launch of their highly successful, new HTC EVO 4G phone. Vital now sets the stage as one of the lowest priced power alarm security solutions on the market today. Japanese cell phone carrier Docomo starts data recovering service from water-sunk cell phone. Japanese cell phone carrier NTT docomo revealed to start "Mizu Nure Ke-tai Data Recovering Service" which transfers data from wet cell phone.
According to the official site, the service provides data recovering from unintended submersion. Willcom to reveal their latest PHS phone “BAUM” and “WX340K”, and other new customer services.
4G LTE has brought blazingly fast Internet to our mobile devices, with speeds often even higher than what home Internet connections offer. Hes the type of person who wanted to be a cop but doesnt like being shot at… so instead he took a job as a car salesman and wanted to wear the holster… what a dick!
I had a girl haunt me through the grocery store last week babbling on her bluetooth 3 feet from me.
One was while the dude was taking a monster dump, grunts and all, while talking on his phone.
Having a quiet moment with my thoughts stripped away from me with a one way inane chit chat session tortures my very soul. Which is why I wear a holster for my Droid 4 because i’ll be damned if I lose that thing. Checking email and surfing the web are tied for the second most popular (23% each) activities US residents use their phones for. That being the case, another question arises: Does Verizon really need to offer the iPhone when their relationship with Google is apparently so strong? As a result, we believe it will make referencing our solutions much easier to potential and existing customers,” said Michael la Villa, General Manager.

And with it comes a new view into the breadth and depth of solutions we offer,” he continued.
They also added newly available display pedestal and sensor options to their Vibe™ and Volt™ lines, as well as two new product line extensions to the suite of security solutions. Recovered data such as contacts and texts will be burnt into CD-R and returned in about 2 weeks. Whether they succeeded or not, the device will be discarded but they won't charge if they missed.
However, not all carriers are equal in their offerings, and speeds can vary hugely on different carriers. This means that if uploading content on the go in the fastest possible manner is a priority to you, T-Mobile is probably not the best choice. If you’re going to wear your personal celllphone on your belt, why not just go full retard and get a fanny pack?
Mala, I am going to use that the next time I want to kick one of those jerks in the throat. People use their phones for so many things besides phone calls, that having it handy may just be more efficient. Actually, I live in Hawaii and hike through the jungle and explore waterfalls all the time, but I keep my phone safely in my backpack like a rational human being.
As Verizon launches the Motorola made and Android powered Droid X today, one has to wonder if Apple is hearing footsteps. Keeping your cell phone jutting out from your belt while being the action-man you claim to be is ridiculous.
We have used data from the 20 largest metropolitan areas in the United States to come up with nation-wide averages (but you can also see the results per area).
For the actual speeds, we are using publicly available data from OpenSignal's excellent maps. Do you check a daily list of approved things to wear or accessories to carry before stepping outside each day? OpenSignal takes its data from over 1 million consumer devices, which is a great sample size.
Surprisingly for some, T-Mobile has the lead with the absolutely fastest download speeds (averaging 8.1Mbps) across the 20 biggest US metros. Those are the nation averages, but we would recommend you look at not just the nation averages, but also at your particular area to see which carrier has the fastest speeds there.

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