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Chicago O'Hare International Airport has seven parking lots, including the garage, which is also known as Lot A. Parking is only $4 if you are parked for less than three hours in the garage (Lot A) or Lots B and C, which are right in front of the garage. If you're traveling internationally or picking up and dropping off passengers at the International Terminal (Terminal 5), you will want to use Lot D, but if you park longer than three hours, it can get very expensive. If you are parked anywhere for longer than 30 days, your car will be considered abandoned and towed at your expense. If you do need to park for longer than 30 days, you can make arrangements by calling (773)686-7530.
The first hours costs $10, and you don't have to worry about getting your head wet; you wait at a covered drop-off and pick-up point.

For short-term uses, Lot D is convenient, but for long-term parking it is the most expensive of the O'Hare parking lots.
Lots E, F and G are the most remote lots, but they are connected to the O'Hare terminals via a shuttle service and the O'Hare tram service, known as the ATS. If you are parked in lots E, F and G (economy parking lots), you can either walk to the ATS station, or wait at one of the shuttle bus stops in the lot you're in, which will take you to the ATS station. Lot F, while being furthest away from the airport terminals is closest to the the Wisconsin Central Line, a Metra train line that goes into the city.

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