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Wal-Mart has publicly launched Straight Talk, a new no-contract wireless service that offers unlimited talking for just $45 per month.
Wal-Mart’s $45 monthly plan includes unlimited calling, texting, and data with the plan.
The retailer is working with TracFone, a company known for its prepaid devices, and the two companies first began testing their joint pilot program in 234 stores in 2008. Not bad, but if it is anything like Tracfone, the web browsing capabilities will be extremely limited. The problem with this is the limited selection of phones at quite high prices (for a prepaid service). Straight Talk is running on Verizon's network and Towers which has been voted the best network in the USA, and I must say that I've got far better reception on Straight Talk now than I had on my old Sprint contract. I really appreciate the savings, of course, but not having those awful and undecipherable bills has been a great stress-reducer. Getting a phone of my choice without branding (including some nasty things like buttons you easily press and get rewarded by a pricey connection ) or other crippling. Additionally, most phones that are bundled with prepaid contracts are basic models, so such a bundle isn't a very attractive option, IMO. Around here there are tons of shady shops that will happily unlock any perpaid simlocked phone for a couple of euro's.
Use any unlocked phone that is able to use the network of the provider of choice (99% of current phones are) and buy the SIM card. Same around here, but it can still be legal to have your simlocked subscription phone unlocked in said shady shops. In addition to that, it can also be very very beneficial if you can change the IMEI number if you never want ot be traced. As some have asked here, Straight Talk uses the Verizon calling network that in turn provides excellent calling coverage and areas. Register in 10 seconds, pick a username, enter your mail address and proof you're human, that's all! I headed over to Walmart because I heard that they have a Family Mobile Plan that is one of the lowest priced unlimited plans. It is not quite Valentine’s Day yet, but I wanted to give my son his phone right away! My kids are still a bit too young for cell phones, but I will be hoping for a program just like this when they are a bit older. After crunching the subsidized cell phone math and multiplying the mobile contract costs, I came to the conclusion that buying an unlocked iPhone 5 outright from Apple with zero ties to any contract-wielding carrier is a ringin’ deal. Since this blog is about being a smarter, less spendy consumer, I’m going to walk you through my decision to spend a whopping $783 on a freaking smartphone. I have happily used my relic of a cell phone for the past 7 years, and I wrote about resisting the call of new phone technology in Do you really need that upgrade? While I’m awesome at delaying gratification, there comes a time when technology becomes unusable, deprecated, or broken. I love working in the Apple ecosystem, and spending more for an operating system, the applications, and hardware I prefer is worth it to me.
Also, with so few carrier options, studies show that mobile service in Canada is overpriced and anti-competitive.
Being dialed in and handcuffed to a contract and carrier was never my preference, but I still ran the numbers using the tools that have saved me money over the years — my brain and a spreadsheet. Mobile nerds can open my mobile cost comparison spreadsheet, but I’ll just tell everyone else the results.
I then compared the monthly cost of going prepaid (aka Pay-As-You-Go) with PC Telecom and Koodo Mobile, a subsidiary of Telus with plans that let you carry-forward unused voice and data balances. After pricing out SIM cards, base plans, and calculating data needs, my preference went to Koodo Mobile for flexibility and a low $26.32 per month cost.
Bottom Line: After doing two basic mathematical calculations known as addition and multiplication, I came to the conclusion that opting for a prepaid plan could save me nearly $30 per month, or just over $1,000 in monthly fees over three years.
Use your cell phone outside your local area or travel to another country, and you’ll likely get whacked in the wallet by crazy high roaming charges. It’s no shocker that Canada is known to have some of the world’s highest roaming rates. A SIM card is a small, thumbnail-sized chip that stores your phone number and personal information. I have every reason to be terrified of bill shock, especially since Canadians have little protection and warning when they’re set to hit data limits. By April 2013, more than 97% of American wireless customers will get automatic usage alerts when consumption of data, voice, text, and international charges approaches or exceeds plan limits.
Bottom Line: Paying the big bucks for an unlocked cell phone and opting for a prepaid plan can save you money by helping you to stick to a usage limit, capping spending, and avoiding the dreaded bill shock. Before dropping $783 on my brand new unlocked iPhone 5, I searched a slew of online classified sites to see if a used unlocked iPhone could be had for less.
After nearly laughing my a$$ off, I discovered that gently used unlocked smartphones are pretty decent at keeping a high resale value. Given my cell situation I’m set to save a minimum of $480 over the next three years by paying $783 outright for my fancy unlocked iPhone 5.
How much would you have saved by ponying up the cash for that pricy cell before locking into a lengthy phone plan with a greedy service provider? We have a basic cell that my son bought back in2009 after his father had a medical emergency and while he was in hospital our landline with Bell went down. So while you make great points i would just like to point out that if you are a person who cannot afford to buy your phone out right and you absolutely need one as you have no home phone the small companies are generally great for contracts.
I think one of the main reasons people go for contracts is so they spread the cost of the phone out over several years (even if it costs more in the end). Other valid reasons for going contract is it can be a better deal for heavy users (at least in the UK it can be), there is no risk of running out of credit, and the people like the experience (similar to you preferring the Apple ecosystem despite the higher cost).
Hey Kerry, I like your analysis but if I’m correct, your usage plans didn’t include data right? Ouch, $783 is more than a month’s rent for me so I was startled to see your latest post.
One tip for people who feel they absolutely, positively have to have a smartphone: Find out what kind of plan your work phone is on. Sorry, meant to add that it’s usually also much cheaper just to buy a pay-as-you-go phone at your destination when you travel for calls within that country, and just use the phone for emergency long-distance calls (and Skype for all other long-distance). I use virgin data card in my iPhone use fongo to make unlimited phone calls in Canada and Skype elsewhere. In Quebec, the termination fees cannot be more than the original price of the phone, decreasing per month. Since I bought a Galaxy Ace 2, priced at 200$, activated it on a good Canada-wide plan (25$!) and had a 100$ to buy the phone, it was a terrific deal!

The other way to cover your a$$ (to use a Kerryism) is to buy a smartphone but don’t buy a data plan. Wondering if anyone has tried this $99 Freedom Pop sleeve thingy that claims to turn an IPod Touch into an iPhone? I recently paid Telus $35 to unlock my iphone (they will do this for anyone who has been on contract for 3 months, I think) with the idea of swapping SIM cards while down in the US. When I set mine up, I went with Rogers because they were the only carrier to offer a prepaid $100 plan that wouldn’t expire for a year. If you're looking for a good deal on cell phone service, Walmart might not be the first place that comes to mind.
Designed primarily with families in mind, Walmart Family Mobile operates on the T-Mobile network, providing nationwide coverage and service. The main and simplest plan offered by Walmart Family Mobile is the $40 a month unlimited talk, text and web plan.
A growing player in the prepaid cell phone market is a company called TracFone, for which it is oftentimes possible to find free airtime codes to get started. As a joint venture program between Walmart and TracFone, Straight Talk Wireless focuses on providing cell phone service with no contracts. As of March 2013, some of the phones sold through Straight Talk include the hugely popular iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, the LG Optimus Dynamic, the Motorola Defy and the ZTE Merit Z990G. Straight Talk Unlimited monthly planThe base $30 plan is valid for 30 days and includes 1,000 nationwide minutes, 1,000 nationwide messages, 30MB of data and no contract. There is better value to be had by prepaying in advance, with options for 3 months ($130), 6 months ($255) or one year ($495), all of which are equivalent to the $45 per month unlimited plan. NET10 Wireless monthly planFamily plans allow for up to four people, providing unlimited calls, text and data with no activation fees.
30-day monthly pans start at $15 a month for 200 minutes with carryover, ranging up to $65 for unlimited international talk, text and data. The handsets sold by TracFone are primarily basic feature phones from companies like LG, Motorola and Kyocera. TracFone annual planValue plans are paid on a monthly basis, starting at $9.99 for 50 minutes and nationwide coverage. Pay-as-you-go airtime cards have expiration periods ranging from 30 days to 365 days, depending on the value added. In addition to the main Walmart cell phone services provided through TracFone and Walmart Family Mobile, the retailer also sells cell phones and cell phone plans from other wireless providers. The compensation received will never influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog. It's nationwide too so I don't need roaming nor do I have to pay any extra for long distance. I believe this means that you can use it with any carrier, but that still may not be the case with a prepaid carrier.
With a prepaid contract, I have two options:Use any unlocked phone that is able to use the network of the provider of choice (99% of current phones are) and buy the SIM card. Best thing of all is that you don't breach any contract whatsover, since you didn't sign any contract in the first place. I used to drop calls all the time with my previous major carrier and now, I have yet to miss one.
This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and its advertiser. This phone is an Android based phone with a high-quality 4-inch WVGA screen and a 5-megapixel auto-focus camera. An unlocked cell phone is not tied to the carrier you bought it from and can be used with most mobile carriers anywhere in the world by swapping something called a SIM card.
The world (and internet) have changed drastically since I starting using my 2006 candybar cell, and not being able to text friends, check my email, or do bloggy-related things online made my old phone a major liability.
First off, Canadians have the world’s longest mobile phone contracts — sign up for a subsidized phone with one of the big three carriers (Bell, Rogers, or Telus) and expect to be on the hook for three long years. After comparing the cheapest cell plans offered by Rogers, Telus, and Bell, the numbers were so uncompetitive and similar that averaging a price with a subsidized iPhone 5 was so easy-peasy, it kinda made me queasy. Going prepaid with an unlocked phone also gives me the flexibility to swap SIMs and switch providers if a better deal comes to town. Bell Canada issued this Canuck a $9,350 data roaming bill after his visit to Israel, but excessive smartphone roaming fees can happen during quick jaunts to neighbouring countries too. Americans may have greater choice in the mobile market, but there are cases where roaming Yankees got stuck with a $10,000 phone bill too.
When your cell phone is not locked to a specific carrier, you can easily switch networks by swapping the SIM with one from a local service provider and avoid exorbitant roaming charges.
It happens when you unknowingly go over your plan’s voice or data limits and your provider charges you dearly for the overage, without warning.
Wading through the used locked iPhones was a hassle, especially since most were being sold with a 2-year contract still attached!
If you like upgrading your mobile gadgets often, choosing to pay more up front for an unlocked device could save you a bit of money since the resale value is decent. And these savings do not account for potential overages, roaming fees, and other gotchas an inflexible contract might cost. In the states, it has to be transferred over from one company over to another to keep the number yours. Sean and I were spending approximately $160 per month on our Bell plan and as Kerry pointed out that did not include key things like if Sean went over his Data amount and if I wanted to call my family across the country.
It was pushed through by the big providers (AT&T and Verizon) under something to do with copyrights. Your best bet (in any country) is to contact the target carrier for instructions on how to move your digits. Nice thing about Koodo prepaid is these blocks never expire, so you can carry them over to the next month. In my opinion, the only reason for a fancy phone is so that WHEN on trips, you have access to maps, email, internet, your music, your videos, and a camera, with zoom apps already installed. I am not making huge savings but I enjoy the flexiblity of having an unlocked phone when I travel.
Between home, work, school, yer local java hut, etc., you might only be out-of-range for an hour or so a day. To keep my data cost low, I connect to free wifi at work and other public spots and use my home wifi. I’ve been using this for several years now, and usually need to put more money on my account every 10 months or so. However, the gigantic store where customers can buy everything from cereal to lawn furniture also offers a number of cell phones and plans that extend beyond what you can find directly from national carriers.
There are phones to "suit every family member," including basic phones and quick messaging phones with keyboards, as well as smartphones.
That includes virtually unlimited everything for the first phone with additional lines adding $35 to the monthly bill.

It works as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) with the Verizon wireless network, providing relatively inexpensive phone plans on a mostly prepaid basis. The selection is quite varied, including more basic feature phones, as well as a range of Android smartphones.
The cell phone selection is similar to Straight Talk and the main TracFone brand, including such handsets as the LG Optimus Logic, the Samsung Galaxy S II, the ZTE Merit, and the Motorola W409G flip phone. The first phone is $50 a month (or $45 on auto-refill), going up to a total of $170 for four people (or $165 on auto-refill).
The smallest top-up amount is $20 for 200 minutes with an expiration period of 30 days, going up to $100 for 1500 minutes over a 180-day period. The phones "aren't super fancy," but you do have "total control" of your monthly allowance.
Family value plans are priced similarly with additional phones starting at $5.99 each for 40 additional minutes. Many people say Sprint has limited coverage and that which they do have (both pcs & boost mobile) sucks! After 24 months, you can request an unlock code from the provider for free, if you don't want to wait that long, you have to pay 100 Euro (140 USD) for the unlock code.
If you can connect to a network with a completely random IMEI number, that would be very awesome! I was even able to carry over my phone number, but not as my contacts - Straight Talk does not allow you to carry over contacts at this point. I love the fact that he is able to keep in contact with me when he is at a friend’s house and that he is also able to talk to family that lives far away. Contract termination fees can cost you hundreds, even if you’re staying with the same carrier. Heck, this Verizon customer racked up a $1,500 cell phone bill in 12 days thanks to a little travel.
The shock part happens when a defibrillator is needed to revive your body after your brain realizes the financial impact of that massive cell phone bill. After adding up contract costs, comparing unlocked and subsidized phone options, fearing bill shock, and popping SIMs to avoid roaming fees, I think maybe it’s time to rethink how we buy cell phones. Also, if you’re coming off contract with one of the big 3 you might want to talk to your carrier about a monthly plan and BYOD (bring your own device) to use on the network. The way that contract-breaking is calculated has changed in the last few years and now the only amount that you have to repay is (percentage of your contract remaining) x (amount subsidized) which makes the decision to sign a contract or not dependent on what the user will do with the phone.
And you’re Bible, guitar chords, games, emergency contact info, reservation info, medical and personal contacts and more all previously organized and easily available to you or those caring for or playing with you.
Mostly I use the apps and it’s a very mobile computer around the house (where it uses my wi-fi network). I love the fact that it’s so cheap and if my usage ever does go up, I can bring my phone to whichever company is going to have the best plan for how I use it. Indeed, particularly for users who prefer prepaid or lower-use options, Walmart may prove to be a great value for cell phone service. Handsets available as of March 2013 include the Samsung Galaxy S II, the HTC Wildfire S, and the Alcatel 606A, among others. Although the plan says that it provides unlimited web, it really only provides up to 1GB of shared web access at 3G speeds. Pricing ranges considerably, as the more basic phones can be purchased for less than $100, whereas the iPhone 5 sells for more than $600. There is also a $60 unlimited international plan that includes unlimited international calling as well. In this way, Walmart can be a good place to shop around for the best possible option without having to go from store to store. I will only endorse products, companies, and services that I have found worthy of my time and opinion. Just keep in mind there ARE other companies offering similar deals with different phones so you are best served by comparison shopping these prepaid offers. Their incredibly well priced deal makes up for any minor issues - I'm saving more than $50 a month with the ST $45 unlimited use plan. The first step was to choose one of the many phones that Walmart has available for purchase. There are a number of phone available for purchase that are under $100, perfect for those on a budget! You can either have a Walmart employee activate the phone for you, or you can do it yourself when you get home.
This is so much more affordable than some of the other cell phone plans available from other carriers. This is definitely an option over the high priced plans that take so much out of my budget! Canadians are the big losers in the mobile space, paying a chart topping $67.50 for voice, text, and data plans.
Again, as there are no contracts and no subsidies, the pricing on the phones can get as low as $29.99 and as high as $500 or more. I know other prepaid companies offer a similair type of deal, but the benefits with Straight Talk just seemed to be the right fit for me.
Finally, with such an expensive phone get the Apple Care option or the equivalent for new non-Apple phones. Also if our phones are not paid off in 3 years they will just clear the tab and call it a loss.
I am also going to need to add another extended family member to my plan who is moving here is a couple months and will need a cell phone. There is an easy Starter Guide included with the phone that tells you exactly how to start your service. So instead of spending $160 per month between the 2 of us we spend $80 per month between the 2 of us. I am so glad that I have a tax refund coming this year because this will be the perfect way to spend my tax refund dollars! You will need the activation code that is found in the Starter Kit and your IMEI number that is found with your phone. So if you have to go into contract then do your research and don’t go with the big companies.
Then you simply activate by using the web or calling the provided number from your home phone.

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