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Update: 3G has finally come to Costa Rica, and after extensive testing, we have upgraded our entire rental inventory!
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San Francisco got the smack-down recently from a federal judge who decreed that the city’s cell phone “buyer beware” warning ordinance went too far and gave the false impression that “cell phones are dangerous and that they have somehow escaped the regulatory process,” said the district judge who made the decision.
No matter how many signs you put up in the grocery store aisle, how high you raise the fines for talking or texting while driving, it is going to take a much higher level of social outrage to get people to clean up their cell phone etiquette.
Whether you’re walking, cycling, eating lunch, working out, getting a mani-pedi, on Cal-Train, in the movies …there’s just about no place that is a true cell phone free zone.
The BART controversy has made it impossible for there to ever be a true cell phone free zone in the city, because we’d be deprived of our constitutional liberty to tune out and ignore the people around us. Cab drivers texting is a menace enough, imagine the accident that comes from the driver of one of those Muni double-bus combos careening around a corner because he looked away for a second to fix a mistake in his text message.
And by the way, memo to those texting in the car at red lights: A judge has ruled that you’re still driving, even when you are stopped, so please don’t do that.

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The Equal PHS700AWI (shown)  offers the power of a PC in a slim 7.0” unlocked Android tablet. This is one of several cell phones we offer.  See more here, or contact your local 5 Star Rental Purchase location. Order your cell phone before you travel and we will provide you with your number in advance and have your cell phone waiting for you at Dublin Airport or at your hotel cell phone. Greencaps are located at the arrivals level at the Terminal 1 directly adjacent to Terminal 2. The new 3G system works far better than the old GSM system and much better (and more reliably) than the old TDMA phones. Because what’s dangerous about cell phones isn’t the microscopic levels of radiation that they emit. And speaking of BART, did you know that both BART and Muni have both had to install cameras to police their driving and engineer staff from using cell phones while carrying passengers?

Users enjoy up to 300 hours of standby time and 10 hours of talk time thanks to the 2,600 mah battery. For rent-to-own computers, electronics, televisions, appliances or furniture come in today. From Terminal 1 arrivals go straight through the double doors beside the Budget car hire desk, enter the next building and the Greencaps desk is on the left. What’s dangerous about them is that they cause all of us to completely forget our ability to be courteous and civil to others.

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