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Think of a business model as a drawing that shows all the flows between the different parts of your company's strategy. Alexander Osterwalder's Business Model canvas puts all the complicated strategies of your business in one simple diagram. So to answer to my students question, I pointed out that the author of the article had too narrow a definition of what a pivot meant.
Take a look at the Unicorn club and think about the changes in customer segments, revenue, pricing, channels, all those companies have made since they began: Facebook, LinkedIn - new customer segments, Meraki - new revenue models, new customer segments, Yelp - product pivot, etc.
Cell Phone Booster Store has the solution to getting rid of bad reception inside buildings. For the past few years it has been known as Global Phones selling Aventura’s best selection of Unlocked GSM handsets.

We still offer all those services, with an even bigger than ever selection of unlocked phones, even more carrier offerings, and a much broader range of accessories for iPhone, Blackberry and other smart phones. We’ve added cell phone repair to the line-up offering the most convenient location to get your iPhone, Blackberry or other smart phone fixed in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Unlike an organization chart, which is a diagram of how job positions and functions of a company are related, a business model diagrams how a company makes money - without having to go into the complex details of all its strategy, processes, units, rules, hierarchies, workflows, and systems. If you went back and analyzed how many Unicorns pivoted on any of the 9 business model components you'd likely find that the majority did so. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. We have the knowledge and expertise to boost cell phone signal inside brick homes, concrete homes or metal buildings.

Our clientele has included our foreign visitors looking for a great deal on some great unlocked phones, and our local Miami clientele that either want to activate an Unlocked GSM phone on a no-contract provider such as T-Mobile or Simple Mobile, or were looking to unlock their GSM phone so they can activate it on other networks.
Our cell phone booster kits amplify the cellular signal directly From and To the cell tower.
All our booster kits are tested and approved by the FCC approved manufacturers like Wilson Electronics, Surecall, Wi-Ex and others.
Our products come with a 2 year Warranty and no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee, buy with confidence!

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