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Actually no, repeaters use PL to reduce interference from other areas of the country and the world where our repeater inputs are simplex.
I was happy with my first time contesting event but had a pathetic score of 252 with 18 contacts in 14 grids.
Most of the rest of the time, my radios are on another 6 meter repeater frequency or its direct channel. I've heard plenty of European DX where you'd least expect simplex, the band plans vary by ITU region.

I PL my repeater input and output, along with the simplex talkaround just so noise and crud don't come blurping through.
I haven't made a transatlantic contact since I've lived on the east coast, but have some UK QSL cards from my old NJ QTH. Even using a tone that's not a harmonic of 60 Hz, I still have bursts breaking squelch from time to time. Here in Elvis Country, my furthest have been Canada, Mexico and parts of the Caribbean, with Cuba and Venezuela.

BTW, in some countries 6M ham is prohibited, the band is used by Land Mobile and military so when there's intercontinental DX you can hear just about anything.

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