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While many commercial services exist in this space, there’s currently no large public service to provide this crucial part of any mobile ecosystem.
If you want to help us build our service, you can install our dedicated Android MozStumbler and enjoy competing against others on our leaderboard or choose to contribute anonymously.
We welcome any ideas or concerns about this project and would love to hear any feedback or experience you might have. This work by The GovLab is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Find Geographic Location from an IP Address Tech Guides About Us Work 17 Jul 2012 Find Geographic Location from an IP Address Learn how you can easily determine the geographic location (city, country) and other details of an IP Address.

Currently in its early stages, it already provides basic service coverage of select locations thanks to our early adopters and contributors. Mobile phones with a weak GPS signal and laptops without GPS hardware can use this service to quickly identify their approximate location. Please contact us either on our dedicated mailing list or come talk to us in our IRC room #geo on Mozilla’s IRC server. Even though the underlying data is based on publicly accessible signals, geolocation data is by its very nature personal and privacy sensitive.
For an overview of the current experience, you can head over to the blog of Soledad Penades, who wrote a far better introduction than we did.

Mozilla is committed to improving the privacy aspects for all participants of this service offering.
The FAQ says that their IP-Country database is over 99% accurate though it may not work with every IP address that’s out there.
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