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Are you seeing depressing plateaus, or even declines, in your year-over-year conversion numbers? For many SEM accounts, this means that year-over-year conversion volumes may be stagnating, or even look like they are declining. When you’re testing mobile ads, you need to base your findings on call rate, not CTR or conversion rates. Call-based conversion optimization is very much like landing page and funnel optimization, only a bit more scary to the SEM because it’s real people talking in the real world.
When you implement a serious call strategy for your mobile campaigns, you are going to be sending calls to some sort of sales team.
Think of the IVR as your landing page — and, like landing pages, know that IVRs themselves, can be optimized. In AdWords, by using Google forwarding numbers, you can track phone calls as conversions based on their duration.
Some companies will have rich call reporting systems that track call outcomes in more depth. If you give users a click or call choice in your ads, you can also track on-page calls on mobile now in AdWords and tie that back  to your keywords via on-click tracking and a dynamically generated phone number on your page. Call details reporting (on the dimensions tab) which shows the duration, area code and other valuable individual call data, only goes to the ad group level. In any case, prepare to put some deep thought into your campaign and ad structure to maximize the success of your mobile call strategy.
When analyzing call data, we are adding a second human (who answered the phone) to our analysis. In any case, just remember that with a new set of people in the equation, better or poor performance does not always quantifiably tie with the time-of-day, day of week or any other factors you are analyzing.

In fact, if you see anything odd in your data, start by calling the numbers – call them a lot.
I do suggest actually analyzing this for your business if you have the money and resources, but if not, err on the side of going dark when the answering machine picks up.
It’s time to get that mobile search activity back in your conversion-data-filled arms and a mobile call strategy is the way to do it. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Susan Waldes has worked in the search engine marketing industry since 1999; she joined Five Mill Marketing as SVP of Client Services in April 2014 after 3 years serving as Director of Client Services at 3Q Digital. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists.
The only barrier to entry is that the world of phone calls is pretty new territory to most paid search professionals.
This could mean agents in insurance, admissions counselors in education, or customer service for e-commerce — but essentially, sales. If it’s an organization that does lots of TV, direct mail or radio advertising, they probably have everything you need already in place. Be prepared to analyze this data and be the person that makes sure it gets tied back to the source properly — ideally, down to the keyword level. If you need details at a keyword level for your most important keywords, consider single-keyword ad groups for them. Don’t assume the leads are poorer quality without first examining the call center itself.

An answering machine message is a way less-qualified lead than a sales person answering the phone.
Calls from click-to-call extension ads provide a way to short-circuit that leaky bucket entirely by having people call directly from the search engine results page without ever even having to go to your landing page!
It’s like the call extensions are sucking the commercial intent out of the search engine results page. In the absence of data, you probably don’t want to drive phone calls when there is nobody to answer them.
You probably already mastered navigating LPO (landing page optimization) and CRO (conversion rate optimization), so jump over those hurdles and master phone calls to get the edge on your competition.
We all know there is some value — recognition, top-funnel and cross device things happening. You may want to go dark altogether on your campaigns, or perhaps just schedule the call extension to run when the phones are open. It’s not often that you can completely eliminate a stage in the conversion funnel like this.
So far, the vast majority of advertisers don’t seem to recognize this yet, but I suspect that it won’t be long before more catch on. Our internal research shows that calls from ads are worth on average a whopping 3x more than clicks to your web page, yet cost around 20-30% less than desktop clicks on average!

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