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A) The first registration (Partita IVA) is usually managed during the company formation, by the notary public or by your lawyer. B) The registration of the extra VAT number (VIES) is managed by a chartered secretary or by your accountant.
Because the Italian Tax Agencies are often overflow with their job, it is useful to remind your accountant from time to time that a regular and direct contact with the Tax Agency could be very effective to speed up the process. Yes Richard the Partita IVA (VAT number) is included in any subsidiary and branch (if your consultant does the job properly). I am looking into setting up a business where I would like to bring food products from the UK to sell wholesale in Italy and in return to buy food products in Italy and sell in the UK. Hi Duncan, against my interest, I would use a UK Limited company to trade wholesale food between the two countries. But what I do not know and would like to ask you, is whether the Italian client has to pay the Italian tax directly to the tax office at all? Do you know if it’s always mandatory for a freelancer to be registered to P.Iva to invoice customers or is Codice Fiscale enough on invoices under certain circumstances ?
Hi stefano, i want to open a P.iva on a business of buying of secondhand vehicles to africa, what type of P.iva do i need, and can i have also a targe-prove to be transpoting the vehicles to port?
We are UK Based business wants to start concession in Italy, the concession company is requiring an Italian VAT number, How we can get an Italian VAT number do we need to register a new company in Italy or we can open a branch or subsidiary. I am a (German0 retired Hotel executive living in Italy and have been approached to do some consultant work in the Hospitality business. Dear Mikel, as you can imagine I can’t provide a consultancy to a specific case (especially in the comment of a post).
2) Working as an employee + providing services in your name = means a sort of double tax declaration.

If the company formation is managed correctly, the company get its VAT number in 24-48 hours.
As a result, all the existing Italian companies have been deleted from the online VAT Registry of the European Union, and they should apply again.
On the contrary, if all your clients are Italian, the traditional VAT registration is fine. It usually takes anywhere between three weeks and two months, and the process takes place at the local Tax Agency. The accountant could be annoyed to be schooled by a foreigner like you, but in my experience it could be very useful. As i cas read in 2011 all companies with p.IVA was deleted from VIES and has to register again? Say he pays for the goods + transport I sell, but does he have to pay tax in Italy or is he completely exempt of that?
A freelance without a P.IVA (VAT number) can be paid once a year, for one project, for a limited sum.
Most of the time, an accountant will open your personal VAT for free or for a symbolic cost, if you appoint him to keep your books. I am very interested to do this, but found that in order to do this and get compensated, I need a IVA number. Yes you need a VAT number but starting a limited company or even a sole trader business in Italy is more complex than in other countries (and since you live in Italy you already know).
It means that you can provide a few consultancy (in theory related to the same project) and don’t get too much money. In this first stage, a smart account is going to charge you a small fee to get the client later.

When the revenue are good, you can setup a limited company (SRL) and get the VAT number in automatic. But think of if you added some great photos or videos to give your posts more, “pop”! And no, I didn’t register any link to Wikipedia (although I should have), someone else did. This could be quite frustrating because the European Registry is used by your clients to be sure that you run a legitimate company.
If you need recurrent work from the freelance, he needs to open his own personal VAT number. Thus pay italian tax on italian work and UK tax on UK work (I think an office address is necessary in the UK).
If your former client is still registered at the Chamber of Commerce, they can prove it trough a certificate with apostille valid in your country.
If the income is good (and you like to be back in business) you can open a sole trader in Italy or maybe abroad. If you live in Italy, and do business online from Italy, the Italian Tax Agency will probably request tax in Italy on the whole income.
As a general rule (i) there is NO vat tax on services (for instance if you consult them by phone), on the contrary (ii) a vat tax is usually charged on goods. EU countries are extremely concerned on VAT tax fraud, and they are more aggressive than in other field.

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