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One common method used for tracing cell phone numbers is to use private directories or restricted phone records compiled by data mining companies.
Luckily, you can use this beta promotional opportunity to run a few free phone searches and even obtain one free premium tracer report, while Venture i. Since there are many scenarios in which we might need to look up someone's identity or run a background check, there will be more value added for these highly popular searches through partnerships with various data providers. A mobile version of the site is now available and mobile apps for iPhone and Android are in the making.
There are some working ideas for verifying the accuracy of generated people search reports. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. This application was created to enable you to delete your files permanently.Want to delete your files easily?
This automation tool for Yahoo Messenger will enable you to schedule different status messages.Useful to change Yahoo!
This easy-to-use utility was created to enable you to customize the display of your computer Windows Explorer.Want to change your Explorer background?
An easy-to-use application that will enable you to schedule it to launch any program you want.Set your time to open a file or launch an application and start timer and our program will launch it for you.Very useful when you want to launch your download manager at a specific time and you want to go to sleep! Know others ip address via messenger onlyAdd the person in yahooif the person comes online you can know his ipnot needed to chat with the person or send him a fileI found this trick now.Install kaspersky internet security. Some people say Google Talk is nice because of its minimalistic design, but they coudn't use an Instant Messenger that doesn't have smileys and font customization. Some time ago a friend sent me some pictures of a printer expansion card for a brazilian ZX Spectrum. What is it all about?This project is a cheap solution to install a car or bike tracking gadget. In today's video I'll show you a great idea, a long awaited video about how to make a Tesla coil at the minimal expenses. As some of you know that my college was having a science exhibition , their was also a project display competition going for the Juniors. Some PCB fab houses (like SeeedStudio, with their Fusion PCB service) will allow you to panelize smaller PCBs.
In this instructable, I'll show you how to build a REALLY powerful version of the slayer exciter circuit!
How to memorize the Resistor Color Code The reason I came up with this is because in High School and in College they taught us the same offensive phrase, bad boys, etc, but Violet gives willingly.
As any of you Chromecast owners will know, when you use the TV as the power supply for your Chromecast, your Chromecast will be on as long as the TV is on.
A friend was at a yard sale and bought a facsimile antique wall telephone that was really an AM tube radio. This instructable describes in detail the steps required to create an Arduino-based ECG simulator. Every once in a while I come up with an idea for a circuit or device that has applications where a battery may not be the best or most convenient option for a power supply. From our build night sponsored by Jameco, this is a fairly basic and common 555 LED Flasher Circuit. In this instructable, I will show you how to make a very basic, simple, working flashlight! The main problem, in most cases, is that you don't know the pinout diagram of a flyback transformer. Harnessing renewable energy sources is crucial for supporting the energy demands of modern society. How to assemble a PCB by hand intro: Printed circuit boards or PCBs are at the heart of modern electronic equipment. Build a Wireless Power Transmission system that can power a light bulb or charge a phone from up to 2 feet away! Bone conduction is the ability to hear sounds by conducting the vibrations directly to your inner ear, bypassing the middle and outer ears. Invisible Fence pet containment systems require a new battery in the dog's collar every 3 months. The objective of this Instructable is to show you one method of turning DC values, such as those from a thermometer, pH sensor, or pressure sensor into a frequency which can be used to send information over the microphone band of an audio jack to a smartphone. After  a series of beautiful performances in the Absa Premiership and being crowned “Champions” at the end, Robert has dedicated today’s show to celebrating Sundowns’ victory. Later, Robert chats to former New Zealand player, Jeremy Brockie, who is settling very well in South Africa. The Mi4 smartphone is all about seamless multitasking and designed to meet the rigours of an active lifestyle and has the looks to handle any boardroom.
The Redmi 2 Pro is an LTE, dual SIM device which comes equipped with a 4.7 inch screen and 720 x 1080 HD resolution display. Mzansi, if you thought you were browsing the internet and using your apps at lightning LTE speeds, it gets even better!
This is the first LTE-U trial in Africa, which demonstrates MTN’s constant drive towards introducing innovative technologies to help improve its network quality experience. Krishna Chetty, Acting Chief Technology Officer, MTN South Africa, says: “This trial supports MTN’s strategy to drive sustainable growth by driving growth in voice, while developing new opportunities in data, enterprise, financial services and content. Chetty says LTE-U will offer MTN’s customers a great network experience because it packs more speed into the same site, which should allow more people to access the network simultaneously, while improving the overall customer experience. Henrik Linnet, Head of Practice Mobile Broadband, Ericsson Sub-Saharan Africa, says: “We are very excited to be trialling LTE-U with MTN in South Africa. This application is currently suitable for in-building LTE deployments due to the characteristics of unlicensed spectrum in the 5GHz band; meaning that where there is dedicated in-building MTN LTE coverage, one can expect great data speeds.
Thus far, our tests to demonstrate LTE-U have only been performed using a non-commercial prototype device; however, we expect commercial devices that support LTE-U to be available in the market later this year. The AG#Hashtag is rather striking in bright red, Cassper’s favourite colour, giving it a funky edge.
The mobile device features cutting edge technology with LTE for faster data speeds and a 5.5” Corning® Gorilla®3 glass screen for HD viewing.
The handset boasts a 5MP front camera, for those with a great selfie game, and a 13MP rear camera with auto-focus and flash, quick capture, 4x digital zoom, burst mode, Auto HDR and Panorama, making anyone seem like a professional photographer. Cash: Cash includes investments such as money market accounts, bank deposits and fixed deposits.
Shares: The investor buys a part of a company and can expect to receive a part of the company’s profits.

Bond: A bond is a loan made by an investor (bondholder) to a company or to the country’s government (bond issuer). Property: Property investment could be in the form of your own home or through a buy-to-let property. We hear some commentary from various  PSL coaches whose teams’ had to compete this weekend.
We’re joined by football legend, Stanton Fredericks, who played in the 2 coldest cities of the world.
Mzansi, in case you haven’t heard, AGMobile has launched a brand new smartphone designed and inspired by Hip-Hop superstar Cassper Nyovest, and it’s exclusive to MTN.
To mark the launch of this exciting new smartphone we are giving you the chance to win 1 of 3 AG#Hashtag devices. The app has received a good rating on Google Play and by PC Tech magazine, among many others, since the relaunch.
Find our Catch a Wish Pod at your favourite mall and get involved for a fun, wish-granting, pic-worthy experience. Start planning what R100 000 wish you’re going to make come true because we’ll be announcing winners every week, and it could be you. A: Yes, customers will receive an SMS as soon as they have effected any of the qualifying purchases, confirming that they have been entered into the promotion. Lastly, Robert chats to the Former President of the Football Association of Zambia, Kalusha Bwalya, who evens out the debate in studio.
Xiaomi’s aim is to deliver a smartphone packed with features at an affordable price, and to ensure that the best technology is no longer only for the few.
Xiaomi devices are super smart; it’s because they have great components from top suppliers under the cover. Robert kicks things off with a look at the upcoming PSL matchs and is joined on the line by Chippa United coach ?Roger Sikhakhane.
As today is Freedom Day, Robert is joined on the show by Howard Holmes, who heads up an anti-racist education programme. Tonight’s show kicks-off with a spine-chilling account of the Hillsborough disaster in which 96 football fans tragically lost their lives. Robert kicks the week off with a recap of all the best sporting action from the past weekend, including Brad Binders sensational win from 35th place on the grid to win the Moto3 Spanish Grand Prix.
Later, he chats to sports minister Fikile Mbalula to add some context to the recent decisionto ban certain sports federations from for bidding for major events. Finally, Robert is joined by BBC presenter Piers Edwards to chat about Riyad Mahrez, and his PFA Player of the Year award. Later, Robert is joined in studio by  ex-Chiefs striker and footballing legend Nkosinathi Nhelko to chat about his career and life after football. The MTN SA Foundation, in partnership with the Department of Social Development and the Department of Education, donated six multimedia centres, including a special needs centre at the Grace and Hope Special School, on 8 April 2016. Further to that, “the centre was specifically designed and fitted with special hardware and software equipment to cater for learners with disabilities,” said Mthunzi-Hairwadzi. The MTN SA Foundation recognises that remote and rural communities are among the neediest in South Africa. Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur Lei Jun, who believes that high-quality technology doesn’t need to cost a fortune.
This will provide a layer of security for users, and, thus, a better overall search experience. These accuracy scores will allow users to see the probability of incorrect information due to changes which simply have yet to be reflected in the database. Find the "skin_name".xml file, where "skin_name" is the name of the skin, and open it using notepad or wordpad. In order to produce a PCB layout for a clone of such board i needed some tool to make measurements based on a photo, and the choosen one was Google Sketchup. This is the last of several Instructables covering construction of this antenna that receives UHF stations and, optionally, those in the high end of the VHF band.
Now, heres my first Instructable and Ill show you, how to make a small Voltage Inverter (I mean, getting a NEGATIVE Voltage out of a POSITIVE) on you Bredboard.
The pedal enables me to easily turn the page on any sheet music app I wish to use on my tablet, without taking my hands off my saxophone. Typically this isn't an issue, but we use an aerial to get our live TV and having the Chromecast on interrupts the signal. It was while I had the TV mounted on the wall of my apartment, and kept the stand in the TV box, stored in my apartment building's storage room for safe-keeping—or so I thought. An ECG simulator replicates the cardiac waveform that can be measured by attaching three electrodes (RA, LA, RL) to the patient's chest.
It went through many revisions, saw many rule changes, and made it pretty far in development. So, I shall try to give you a simple method to find the primary coil input pins and also the 0 V output pin of the HV secondary coil. The IEA calculated that global energy usage increased by 10% from 1990 to 2008, and the number is expected to rise in the coming decades. I accidentally overwritten the laptops linux OS with a new version and wiped all the working files I had for the machine. Through this process you can hear sounds underwater, with your ears closed, and while others are talking.
Joined in studio by the legendary Raymond Hack, Robert brings us a front row seat to an interview you don’t want to miss!
We hear from Times’ Media Football Journalist, Tiyani Mabasa, about the strategies and tactics behind Sundowns title winning season. Later, Robert opens up the lines to hear all the excitement from the fans!
The two discuss how he made first team in every sport he participated in as well as the team dynamics of his current team, Mpumalanga Black Aces.
Jeremy describes his role at Super Sport United as a very pleasant experience and explains how the media can blow perceptions out of proportion. It offers a smooth operating experience powered with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 410 quad-core 1.2 GHz processor and 2GB of RAM. In order to future-proof its business, MTN SA, together with Ericsson, has successfully trialled LTE-Unlicensed (LTE-U) at MTN’s flagship channel store in Morningside, Johannesburg. Through aggregating licenced spectrum with unlicensed spectrum a bigger LTE carrier is created.
This solution, when fully operational, will allow MTN to boost data speeds and coverage in the cellular network and support the growth of indoor traffic by using the unlicensed 5GHz band already populated by Wi-Fi devices.
In order to have first-hand experience, we welcome all MTN customers to visit the MTN store in Morningside and try it out for themselves.

We at MTN have joined forces with local Hip-Hop star, Cassper Nyovest, to bring you the LTE AG#Hashtag. Equipped with a MediaTek MT6753 octa-core processor, the AG#Hashtag delivers a premium mobile experience.
It was designed for someone who loves music, being in the mix, and socialising with their crew. The bond issuer promises to pay a regular interest to the bondholder and to repay the original investment on a set date in the future.
The coaches discuss their teams’ performances and give recommendations for better play. Each day this week, from Tuesday until Thursday we will be posting lyrics from some of Cassper’s hit songs on Twitter and asking you to guess the name of the song.
We’ve heard your requests and suggestions about the existing MyMTN app, and today we’re happy to announce its relaunch! The first time you log in, you will be guided through a quick tour of the app, which will introduce you to all the features of the myMTN app. There are also other shortcuts available, such as MyUsage, MTN DataShare, MTN services and My Subscriptions to help you manage your account more effectively. You can download the MyMTN app on the Apple App store, Google Play store, BlackBerry® App World and Windows App store, or you can download it here from your phone.
Tune in to Highveld Stereo FM, KFM, East Coast Radio, Jacaranda, YFM and Metro FM for our day-making ‘Wish it. Later, Robert reads some of the comments posted by the listeners regarding this matter on social media. Not all smartphones are created equal, so keep reading if you’re keen to know what makes a great device. Following this, the lines are opened up to get the listeners thoughts and to also look at at what can be done to improve attendance at local matches. Robert is joined by athlete, Caster Semenya, in studio to congratulate and discuss the factors that played a role in her spectacular achievement. The two discuss the confidence that they have for the team and how they believe that  they will do well at the Olympics and bring home a few titles.
This is not the only school that benefitted from this drive; Alf Makaleng Primary School, Luthuli Park Primary School, Dr AMS Makunyane Secondary School, Masedibu High School and Mayeke Higher Primary School also benefitted from this partnership.
These communities face multiple challenges, and their location often means they are overlooked by mainstream social development vehicles.
The company aims to create remarkable hardware, software and internet services for, and with, the help of their customers, and actively incorporate customer feedback into their product range. Rest assured though that this new model will result in an improved interface and overall end-user experience. It can throw really hot electrical arcs of plasma over 3 inches long, and has the capability to be modulated! Well, now you can!**An interesting observation: The other day I was using this device to listen to mechanical movements inside a machine.
In this instructable I will cover some of the main electronics components, their uses and what they look like in schematics. Ihave already done several instructables about antennas, though it would be nice to something a little different.
To connect it to the radio I needed a Balun.These are such simple things but yet they cost so much from some places.
I play videogames rarely, but my favorites are car racing and open world games just like Need for Speed and Grand Theft Auto series.
Later he plays some clips from very influential people who compliment the work that Raymond has done for the country. Later, Robert opens up the lines to hear what the listeners have to say about this youngster. LTE-U is a mobile technology innovation that enables higher data speeds, which increase network capacity and significantly enhances customer experience.
The aggregation of licensed and unlicensed spectrum in indoor small cells is a key enabler for 5G. We were pretty excited to try it out and it definitely didn’t disappoint, here’s why: Design The AG#Hashtag is rather striking in bright red, Cassper’s favourite colour, giving it a funky edge. Basically it has everything I would want in a phone so I’m giving a shout out to all my fans to check out the #Hashtag’s quality features and design, and then to change over to AGMobile. The first person to reply to our tweet with the correct song name will be the winner so make sure you keep an eye on our timeline. The simple and easy-to-use myMTN app will enable you to manage your account from your smartphone, as well as access a range of services to make staying connected with MTN more convenient. After, you simply tap on ‘Login’ to access a dashboard that will give you access to all the features you need to easily manage your account. Be 1 of 40 to win R100 000 towards making your wishes come true; all you have to do is… keep on doing what you do. Owen touches base on the strategies and player’s in question and describes a very solid team. This exciting drive is part of the MTN SA Foundation’s ongoing schools connectivity programme that aims to provide ICT tools and internet connectivity to previously disadvantaged communities. Through this, the MTN SA Foundation aims to continue using ICT to promote education, transformation and the development of disadvantaged communities of South Africa. The MTN SA Foundation also focuses on inclusive learning, one of the critical elements in the education value chain.
So without further ado let’s meet the stars of this blog post: Mi4 The Mi4 is a beauty, but it has brains too. Using this technology, MTN is able to combine its LTE spectrum with portions of the 5GHz spectrum band to enable LTE-Unlicensed. Robert also congratulates Platinum Stars GM, Senzo Mazingisa, for his victory against Orlando Pirates.
The login process is automated using secure background authentication to ensure the MyMTN app is logging in to the same profile of the SIM card in your phone.
Seriously, to enter, just sign up, buy any new device, upgrade or top up with an MTN data bundle or airtime. It also offers a model whereby South Africa can advance in the area of education through the effective use of communications technology.
If you’re paying more than the price of a Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 for spectacular 5.5”, 401 PPI, crystal-clear image quality, it’s time to get a smarter device.

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