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The broadband service is free for the initial 12 months, but it rises to ?10 after the contract period is over. Bundles with a limit on monthly downloads is best for light users (home users, gamers and people who do not stream online videos). Lyssa McGowan, the director of Sky broadband service says that they realize many people like to have super fast speed service but do not like the high prices offered by some broadband providers.
Broadband providers typically try to attract new customers by offering attractively low prices for an introductory period. All in all, it looks like a pretty sweet deal, especially since you can move on when your year is up having paid nothing for broadband during the entire contract. Broadband might not be getting any faster for the vast majority of UK homeowners, but we are starting to see some major deals to draw customers into cheaper contracts. Sky has went over-the-top with its recent deal, offering free broadband for 12 months on its basic fibre package. There are a few catches, the customer has to add Sky Line Rental (?16.40 per month) to the package and Sky Talk (?4 per month) for evening and weekend calls. This deal is worthwhile for anyone that uses a lot of mobile data or uses a low amount of Internet in general.
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When the switch is made you'll only be without broadband for a matter of minutes, plus, you can keep your existing phone number and bring your emails with you. Sky Fiber Unlimited download package has no download limit and is surely a better option available for all users. That’s why they are trying to make Sky Fiber easily accessible in terms of service and price thereby making superfast internet available to all. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Eventually, the monthly cost of these contracts shoot up to compensate for the discounted rate you've been paying up until then, but this is where Sky's latest fibre broadband deal is a little bit different. Firstly, it's a time-sensitive deal, though Sky hasn't volunteered an end date for the promotion. Sky would prefer you didn't, of course, instead hoping to tempt you in with the offer, and make you stay with the quality of service. Usually costing ?10 per month, this is a great deal made even better by the fact customers can close the contract 12 months later, meaning free broadband for a full year without massive costs after the deal. Caps are not present on most broadband contracts in the UK, but 25GB should be enough for someone that uses as low amount of Internet per month. Customers will receive the Sky Hub router, a dedicated online help team for 12 months, Sky Broadband Shield (porn and torrent blocker) and Sky WiFi, with 20,000 locations in the UK.

Not a good deal for people that watch video on Netflix, Twitch.TV or YouTube, due to the 25GB data cap. You'll need your 8-digit UAN (Universal Account Number) or Eir Account Number to get started, which you'll find at the top of your bill. Don't forget to choose one of our talk packages - whether you're a chatterbox or just like to check-in with mum at the end of the week, we have you covered with inclusive calls to Republic of Ireland local and national landline# numbers. Price for Sky Unlimited bundle has dropped from?20 to ?10 per month for 1 year after which ?20 will be charged plus ?16.40 line rent for one month.
Customers outside Sky's unbundled network area will need to obtain a MAC Code from BT before calling Sky to switch. But, if you're more of a browser than a chronic downloader, that's still a fair few gigs to work with.

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