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You can block callers from contacting you on your iPhone, and not only will it block their inbound phone calls but also any text messages or FaceTime communication attempts.
Many users should find this helpful, especially if your iphone’s phone number was previously owned by someone else, or if your number has been added to some nuisance list of marketers, persistent spammers, or another contact list that pesters you constantly. For those on the desktop, Mac users can also choose to block specific iMessage users directly in OS X through the app.
And if you have a Contact named Ignore This Call, with a Silent Ringtone, you can add as many phone numbers as you need to the list, and never be bothered by these telemarketers and nuisance callers ever again! I used to be able to reject the call and since installing IOS9 I am not give this option either. If you use this method to block Caller-ID, you will have to dial *82 before every call for which you do not want to block Caller-ID. Unwanted callers (people who you just don’t want to be calling your phone) can ruin even the best of days. If your iPhone is running on iOS 7, 8 or 9, blocking unwanted callers is going to be a breeze using the built-in number-blocking technology. Alternatively, you can also block an unwanted caller who’s in your Contacts from the Settings app. Once you have blocked an unwanted caller using this method, the blocked number will not be able to call you and will instead be diverted to your carrier’s messaging service. Search the app store for iBlacklist and tap on the app of the same name in the search results. Tap on General BL again once it shows up in the Blacklists menu, and then tap on the Add button in the top right corner of your screen. On the Add screen, you can select a contact to block from your Contacts, your Recent Calls or your Recent SMS Messages.
Once you’ve blocked any and all unwanted callers using iBlacklist, you can tap on Enable in its main menu to determine what forms of communication between you and the unwanted callers you have blocked are going to be denied. Pro Tip: When saving an unwanted caller’s phone number, you should consider setting an entirely different and unique ringtone for them so that you know it’s them calling without even having to look at your phone. Now that registered iOS developers have had a chance to install the first beta of iOS 7, lots of tidbits not covered during the keynote are trickling in now. In iOS 7, call-blocking is available in the Phone app by going to the contact details screen via the Favorites, Recents or Contacts tab. The feature appears to be rough around the edges due to the aforementioned inconsistencies and the lack of a centralized list where I could see all of the blocked contacts. This would be rather handy, especially when unblocking multiple contacts without having to separately browse their individual contact cards.
Obviously, more open apps at one time means more process power is required which means it is running everything open at the same time. Of course there is also RAM, it remembers where you were when you minimized an app so again, the more left open, the more RAM used to remember what it left open and where you were with it so when you go back to it you carry on where you left off.
And finally this will therefore have a hit on battery life as well as it is using the processor and RAM to keep these apps running in the background (although probably not processor if apps are just paused). Looking back at this I have no idea where I was going with that however I think my reply was for everyone else to back up your side? I just feel like iOS 7 looks like it was made for a woman, i cant see a grown as man with all those pink, yellow, light green, light blue, etc..

In iOS 7, you can block any number even if its not saved as a contact, I literally just did it. I really want to know whether in ios7 you can leave imessage group chats to stop recieving the messages without blocking the contacts!!? The easiest way to block a number on your iPhone (in iOS 7 or 8), is do it immediately after you receive the nuisance call. Download an app, like Call Bliss or (if your phone is jailbroken) iBlacklist, to manage unwanted calls by blocking or silencing them. Now that we’ve gone through a multitude of options for dealing with your annoying phonecall-mosquitos, what if *gasp* you yourself are a mosquito and you think someone may have swatted you onto their block list? Feel free to learn more About me, Contact me if you need to, and ask to Advertise on the site if you think you're a good fit.
Under normal circumstances when you call someone, your number is flashed on the recipient’s phone. It sounds like a sure shot great way to make crank calls and at the same time an essential feature for business.
Furthermore, there is an option of getting your number permanently blocked by connecting with the company directly. This really is all encompassing, which makes it not only very thorough but also fairly powerful if you’re really wanting to avoid a particular individual. Sure, you can just ignore the call by muting the ringer to silence it or sending the call right to voicemail, but actually blocking the contact works much better, especially since it reaches beyond the Phone app and will also prevent initiation attempts through FaceTime voice and video chat as well as SMS text and iMessaging attempts.
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Thankfully, the creators of Smartphones know just how big a problem unwanted callers can be, which is why all latest Smartphones have the capability to block numbers from calling you. However, you can’t add unknown numbers to your Blocked list, so you are going to have to add the unwanted caller to your Contacts before you block them. The unwanted caller will be able to record a voicemail with your carrier’s messaging service, but you will not be made aware of that voicemail as it will be stored in a special blocked folder.
Alternatively, you can also manually enter the phone number and other contact info of the unwanted caller you want to block. Here you can enable the blocking of calls, SMS messages, MMS messages and even FaceTime calls from phone numbers that you have added to your blocked list. This method is to simply save the phone numbers of any and all unwanted callers with names that you are going to easily recognize – names such as “Unwanted Caller 1” – so that you know it’s them whenever they call you and you can then simply ignore, reject or silence their call. You can also just set their custom ringtones to silent in order to make sure that their calls don’t disturb you in everyday life. Cody already told you about 24 iOS 7 features Apple didn’t talk about and Jeff explained how the new Clock app displays current time on its icon. He never even talk on stage for the past decade except for videos maybe he doesnt have the courage to talk infornt of many people…. I temporarily blocked my office phone on my iPhone, and called my iPhone from my office phone. I’m not exactly sure why, but for some reason telemarketers and scam callers and survey collecting people love to call me.
Most carriers will allow you to block at least a few numbers for free, and more if you’re willing to pay a few bucks.

Sometimes, more often than not, you will need to make a call but don’t want your identity or phone number to be disclosed to the other person you are trying to call.
Whenever you now make a call, your number will show as a blocked number to the person you call. Simply remove them from the blocked list in the Call and SMS filter settings to unblock them. This is the answer I was looking for, how to stop a blocked contact from leaving a voicemail. Screening calls from unwanted callers by actually saving their phone numbers into your Contacts is a pretty efficient way to block unwanted callers on any and all iPhones, especially older iPhones that are not jailbroken. This will block not only phone calls, but FaceTime calls and messages from that person as well. If a more complete version of Zephyr is implemented (being able to swipe to the home screen) I don’t know that there would even be a reason to jailbreak anymore, at least for me. In addition, in your settings you can also see all the numbers currently on your block list. Then, give that contact its own ringtone (or better yet, create a silent ringtone) so at least you’ll be able to distinguish real calls from annoying nuisance calls. If you don’t misuse this facility then it’s a blessing because a high level of privacy is reached with this feature on the phone.
If indeed  you are as of now, allowing your number to be seen by the other person, the button will be shown in a bright blue and say “ON”. Even if they have your number in the contact list , it will still  come across as “Blocked” to them.
On Windows Phone 8 devices with this installed, you can actually select certain contacts and add them to a blocked list.
It gives you the added option of being able to stop the Caller ID of the individual you are calling. I have my ex blocked and I have had to delete anywhere from 20 to 50 blocked messages a day. So if you, too, have tried and failed to get these nuisance calls to stop, you might want to try just blocking their numbers entirely.
We’d probably have Android by now — maybe — but it would be lamer than it already is. Indeed the caller is blocked with the message reading: you will not recieve phone calls messages FaceTime from people on the blocked list. I blocked her because she was really harrassing me, but her being able to actually leave a voicemail also amounts to harrassment. However, if you have iOS 6, it takes a bit more work to successfully get rid of unwanted callers.

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