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Almost everyone at this point has experienced the extreme frustration, anguish and even panic of losing their cell phone -- and to make matters worse, most of us were shocked to learn that there was no centralized database that could stop anyone who stole or found our phone from reactivating it and using it as there own. Other countries, such s the UK have created a database that allows all the major carriers offered in the country to black list cell phones that have been reported lost or stolen and on Tuesday, the major US carriers and the FCC will announce a similar system to help curb cell phone theft, and hopefully increase the number of people that get reconnected with their mini computers.
Wireless carriers representing 90% of subscribers will announce this new database of unique cell phone IDs to help prevent theft and reactivation of stolen or lost devices, according to published reports.

FCC officials are hoping that having a centralized database will allow consumers to notify their wireless provider of a theft and, in turn, their provider will block the device from being entered back into any major carrier system. The question how to Deactivate a Boost Mobile Phone has been asked 1915 times by our users.
Charles Schumer would make it a federal crime to tamper with the unique IDs in an effort to deter attempts to evade the database -- since that would be one major way to get around this database blacklisting.

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