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You will be surprised to know that this change of mobile notification to new number is very easy and can be done from your home in 1 minute.
Subscribe To Our NewsletterJoin our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. You can judge a person by their phone, how their home screen look like, and how their ringtone sounds like. To change the ringtone on your Windows 10 mobile phone is very easy, you can choose an existing ringtone or replace it with your own favorite music. If you managed to change the ringtone on your Windows 10 Mobile, share it to your friends, or if you still encounter difficulty, please let us know. Via Windows Phone, The duration of your favorite mp3 song needs to be cut so that not too long, perhaps only the reff part you want to use as a ringtone.
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October 15, 2015 by Vjay 11 Comments Now SBI allows you to change your registered mobile number via Online SBI Internet Banking. So to know the process on How to Change Mobile Number in Online SBI just follow the below steps. Enter the valid new mobile number in the new mobile field and in the second field re-enter new mobile number to confirm and click on submit.
By OTP on both the mobile number: (if you have both new and old mobile number with you than you can proceed with this option as it will be approved online by entering the OTP which you will receive on your mobile numbers). On successful validation, INB system will send OTP along with reference number on your old as well as new mobile number. Upon successful validation of the OTP value and reference number, the new mobile number entered by you will be copied in INB, CBS and ATM.
On successful validation, a message will be displayed saying “Thanks for registering mobile number with us. On successful completion of the process, the request (change of mobile number) will be initiated. Upon successful validation of the OTP value and reference number, the new mobile number entered will be updated in INB, CBS and ATM. Bank’s Contact Center person will call you within next 3 working days on your new mobile number only. Kindly ask for the reference number from Contact Center person before sharing your personal details.
On successful verification of information, the new mobile number inputted by you will be copied in INB, CBS and ATM. I have done this using ATM IRATA but I didnot got any message containing 10 digit reference number on my new mobile.
Did the correct procedure for IRATA to change my mobile number but did not get the reference number to change my mobile number on my new phone number. If you are not receiving OTP you may try installing State Bank Secure OTP App to generate OTP without SMS.

I also am not getting the reference number… the reference number on bank website contains 11 digits followed by UM. Actually, Apple have recently made a huge stride in aiding the transition from Android to iOS.
One word of warning; make sure you’re all set and ready to go BEFORE you set up your new iPhone or whatever iOS device you wish want to transfer to. Apple actually have a list of instructions for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of resetting their device.
Apple are notoriously difficult when dealing with something that isn’t created by them, but as long as you’ve got a Google account, moving from an iPhone to Android can be a breeze. Download Google’s innumerable apps covering all your various data, and hook them up to your Google account. For contacts and calendar, the difficulty of the task largely depends on whether you previously used Apple’s services or not. Open iCloud and turn on the toggle for “Contacts”, and merge across your device’s contacts. If you’ve been using another service other than Gmail or iCloud, you can transfer contacts via iTunes. For calendars, the process if you’ve already synced with your Google account is as easy as explained above. Alternatively, if your calendar is saved locally and stored in the iCloud, you’ll actually need an app to do the hard yards. Deep breathes now, the worst is over. Email is possibly the simplest account to move across.
If you’ve got an iTunes library packed full of music, you can transfer it across to Google’s equivalent, Google Play Music. Will Hinch Hey, Will here reporting on all the latest news and releases in the tech world for the Ebuyer blog. I have a Microsoft Lumia 640 – and very pleased with it, although unhappy with the number of Apps around.
I just switched 2 phones Android to Windows on a Lumia 640, and I must say it was very easy and I can’t think of an app I miss yet.
I thought this article was going to tell me how to change the OS on my phone, but it turns out to be how to change my phone. But most of our services like government services and banking services are linked to our mobile and we receive updates about fines, iqama renewal etc on our mobile.
I contacted MOI and reply I got was that I could change my number to be able to login at any of the KIOSKS available at Jawazat or shopping malls.
Phone reflect the personality of the owner, therefore each of Windows Phone user want to change their ringtone to be unique or to simply show their great musical tastes. This feature have proved very useful for those who wants to change their mobile number as it allows you to easily change registered mobile number with bank Online without visiting the branch.
If you don’t, you’ll have to painstakingly transfer content individually (which we’ll touch on later).

On your iPhone, select a language and Wi-Fi network and proceed.  Select “move data from Android” and you’ll be presented with a 10 digit code. If you plan on using your Google account (or any other provider for that matter) for email, photo storage and contacts etc, then untick as you see fit.
In general, they recommend plugging your Android device into your PC and transferring data such as music, video and eBooks onto your PC and then into iTunes. If you’re contacts and calendar events are already hooked up to your Google account, the process is as simple as logging into your account on your new device. If not, you could head to back the “Mail, Contacts and Calendars” Settings on your iPhone, tap in your Google account and ensure the slider for “Calendars” is on. Apps such as SmoothSync for Calendar will do the job, but will set you back a couple of quid.
You could use Android’s native email app and simply hook it up to your main account; or you could download the appropriate app from the Google Play Store, with all the most common providers appearing as an app.
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Here is how to change ringtone in Windows 10 Mobile, you can also change the ringtone in your phone with your own favorite music. Besides the aim to change the ringtone is to make a difference with the sound of other phones, if you hear a ringtone from your favorite music, then you will immediately recognize that the phone that is ringing is yours.
By using this application you can cut your mp3 file and set it as your ringtone directly without going to the phone settings. If you’re pondering a swift swap from one major mobile platform to the other, the practicalities of going about that may be holding you back. If you were a little too hasty, you could of course delete your device by resetting it and restoring it back to factory settings.
When you’re ready, just wait for the transfer to finish (time lengths depend on how much data you’re transferring). For email, contacts and calendar, simply add your email account in the settings of your device and switch on the appropriate tabs.
Music manager will then upload all your music stored in your iTunes library and throw it into the cloud. Whilst almost all your apps are likely to be available on both iOS and Android app stores, you can switch over any apps you’ve paid for.
Getting all your stuff over from one platform to the other is not easy, but has to be done unless you’re willing to hit reset.
You can then select what data you want to transfer over from your Google account and onto their respective Apple apps. Choose the saved vCard file that should not be saved on your desktop and the process should be complete.

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