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Any shares (savings) you have with the credit union will be paid to your nominated beneficiary upon your death.
Please enter Driving Licence or Passport information as shown in the examples at the bottom of this page.
By applying online for membership I agree to the credit union carrying out an identity check.
I hereby apply for membership of the Eastern Savings and Loans Credit Union and agree to abide by its rules.
Eastern Savings And Loans Credit Union Limited, Registered under the Credit Union Act 1979 and the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.
Make sure your company drivers are safe and legally entitled to drive with our ultimate online driving licence checking system. Check your company driver’s licences instantly with the most accurate data straight from the DVLA. Because we insure your life, at no additional cost to you, we will add the payment from our insurers to the payment we make to your beneficiary.
This involves checking the details you supply against those held on any databases our credit reference agency has access to. I declare that the information given by me on this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
If you want your nominated beneficiary to receive the funds from your account as soon as possible it is important you supply us with their name and address and keep this information up to date.
You will need to be a resident of Great Britain, meet the minimum age requirement, meet the eyesight requirement, not be prevented from driving, pay ?50 by debit or credit card, have a valid UK passport or another form of identity and be able to provide addresses where you have lived for the last three years.
A record of this search will be kept that may be used to help other companies to verify your identity.

We may also pass information to financial and other organizations involved in fraud prevention to protect ourselves and our customers from theft and fraud. You can apply for your provisional licence when you are 15 and 9 months old and you can start driving when you are 17 for a car or 16 for a moped or light quad bike.
If you give us false or inaccurate information and we suspect fraud, we will record this and share this information with other organizations. Before the test begins, you will be subject to an eyesight check, where you must read a number plate from a distance.
The driving part of the test will assess various aspects such as your ability to stop and start and reversing the vehicle. You will also be asked to complete 10 minutes of independent driving, where the examiner will assess how you drive on your own.DVLA ServicesBooking Your Theory TestYou can use the DVLA website to book your theory test for cars,buses,coaches,motorcycles and lorries.
Before you start you will need your Provisional Driving licence number and an email address in order to receive your booking confirmation. If you fail your theory test, you will need to wait at least 30 working days before taking it again.Renew Your Driving LicenceYou must renew a photocard driving licence every ten years. You cannot renew online if your name has changed or if you want to renew a five year bus or lorry licence. If you are 70 or over, the renewal process has changed- meaning you must renew every three years after your initial renewal at 70. To make a SORN online, you just need the 16 digit reference number from your tax disc renewal letter and the 11 digit number from your logbook. To apply online you will need the 16 digit reference number from your tax disc renewal letter and the 11 digit reference number from your log book. To apply at the Post Office, you will need your completed V11 reminder (or your V5C), your MOT test certificate which must be valid when the tax disc begins and the payment amount that is shown on the reminder.

To renew your HGV tax disc, you must go to the Post Office.Transferring a Vehicle Registration NumberIn order to transfer a registration number from one vehicle to another you must use form V317.
You can transfer a vehicle registration from your vehicle to another one in your name, to someone else’s vehicle or to one you are buying. If the number is being transferred to another persons vehicle, both registered keepers need to complete the application process. Alongside the form you will need to include the registration certificate, an MOT certificate and an ?80 transfer fee.Health Conditions and DrivingYou may need to tell DVLA if you have a medical condition which could affect your driving. You must surrender your licence to DVLA if your doctor tells you to stop driving or if you do not currently meet the medical required standards. For a full list of medical conditions that may mean you have to surrender your licence, go to the DVLA website. If your licence is taken away, you may be given a period of time before you can get a new licence.
You may need to send evidence of your fitness to drive.Where Are The DVLA Offices Based?The DVLA is a national corporation. It was created in 1990 as a section of the Department of Transport and was founded to replace to the ageing DVLC ( Driver & Vehicle Licensing Centre).
Calls are charged at 10p per min.DISCLAIMER Number Direct is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to DVLA.
The direct contact number for DVLA can be found in the public domain or on their official website.

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