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Sometimes circumstances may compel you to check the plate number of a car that isn't yours. You see a car for sale, but since the sign is not large enough to view the contact details as you drive by, you may need to trace the seller by checking the car’s license plate number. Somebody persistently speeds by your home and you want him to desist for the safety of your children or property.
In some states, vehicle registration information is private and protected by the law, and you need to have genuine reasons why you want to check the plate number.
Depending on the reason why you want to check the plate number of a car, the state's motor vehicles agency can be a good resource.
Start the search with the state's motor vehicles agency where you first encountered the plate number of the car you want to check. Some third-party websites can be helpful when you want to find out about the owner of a vehicle through his plate number information.
Typing the words "license plate lookup websites" into your browser bring up several databases that provide license plate lookup services -- such as Veripsy, License Plate Search and DMV.govtFiles. Consider affordability and convenience of payment methods allowed by the different websites. The checking fee depends on the report access option you select -- such as for one month or one week, or for single-report access. A vehicle identification number (VIN) can tell you everything you need to know about a car. In New South Wales (NSW), Australia, all motor vehicles must have a Certificate of Registration. According to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, more than 48,000 vehicles were reported stolen in 2008 alone. Confirm that the state of Arizona is selected under the bold heading "License Plate Number." Type in the license plate number.
Call 480-WITNESS (480-948-6377) to become a silent witness if the plate does show as being stolen. In order to investigate the history of a car, a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is needed. Every registered car in the United States has unique a VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number. An interesting way to express your nickname or personality is to put it on a custom license plate.
Just like the Netherlands and every member of the European Union, Belgium has a license plate with the flag and the letter(s) of the abbreviation of the country since November 2010. The Austrian license plates start with one or two letters to show where the car is registered.
White license plates with black letters and a red part on the right side are export plates from Germany.
When you have spotted a car with a license plate of which you’re not sure how to fill it in, don’t hesitate and send us an email! It's the automotive event of the year, thousands of people always stand next to the highway to welcome the cars of Gumball 3000. Spotting a Ferrari Enzo Ferrari is already quite special but when you spot an Enzo in company of a Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari 599 GTo and Lamborghini Gallardo you've really found something special. If you’re able to capture the other driver's plate number, you can check his information to file an insurance claim. If you find the messaging system is automated, the phone number not in service or that no one answers your calls during business hours, it may mean that the website is not operational or is not updated regularly.

So, check for the website that has a small charge for the lookup service but provides the content you need -- such as **current address**, **name** and **phone number** of the owner. Unfortunately, the police cannot be everywhere at once, so citizens must be vigilant in watching for suspicious activity.
The yellow plates nowadays have the following order; two numbers – three letters – one number. The license plates on the front of the car were white and the plates on the back of the car were yellow.
They don’t have a European country-indication, because Switzerland isn’t a member of the European Union.
Germany is one of the few countries allowing an ‘umlaut’ in their license plates: A, O and U.
Because it is impossible to place them all in one article we will split them in to multiple articles.
There have been so many articles published about this car that you guys will probably know all the details inside and out.
At the Casino and Hotel De Paris you will find a lot of unique cars which will still get a lot of attention in a city like Monaco. The amount of hospitality and the granting of almost all our wishes isn't something you see too often. After confirming your subscription, you will receive our newsletter and you can vote every day for Spot of the Day. If you are concerned that someone in your neighborhood is using a stolen vehicle or if someone is trying to sell you a vehicle that you believe is stolen, check the status of the plate before taking any action.
Because it is impossible to explain the license plates of every country we made a selection of the most common countries. Personalized license plates start with the number nine which means you have to fill in 9001PA in case of the example below. Sometimes this are four or five numbers, but you also see license plates with two letters added. When you spotted a car with this kind of license plate, you have to fill in the black characters. Before the letter, the Royal Arms of Andorra is marked and below that we read 'Principat d'Andorra'.
These are Italian temporary license plates and haven’t got European indications of the country. Liechtenstein is a real fiscal paradise and many rich people register their exclusive toy in this country.
The flag of Switzerland is always at the left side of the license plates, followed by the two letters which indicate the canton where the car is registered. That means we want to see at least 4 characters and maximum 8 characters filled in at the spots. For Autogespot it is important to fill in the entire license plate when you want to upload a spot with a license plate like the one below. When you did fill in a license plate incorrect you can report this on the website of Autogespot.
Yet we can't help putting the car on the frontpage over and over again, certainly when this kind of images show up! This goes wrong very often so we will explain how to enter license plates on a correct way. A few years ago, the Dutch license plates had the following order; two numbers – two letters – two letters.

The current generation of license plates (as you can see on picture two) consist two letters – three numbers – two letters. The length will vary because the first letter(s) stands for the place where the car is registered. Andorra isn’t an official member of the European Union so this logo isn’t included at the license plates of cars from Andorra. It is impossible to say how many characters you have to fill in, because the amount of characters is various. There are 26 of them, the best known on Autogespot will of course be GE (Geneva), LU (Luzern) and TI (Ticino).
When you spot a car with a diplomatic license plate, the letters CD are in green on the license plates. We would like to see all the black ones, just everything from the indication of the city or region to the last character. Het zero has an interrupted stripe on the right side of the number, you don’t see a ‘whole number’, a little piece is missing. Even the cars with a so calles ‘grey license plate’ this are cars registered on a company’s name have six characters just like classics and cars from a dealership. You also have license plates where the blue letters EUR are in the middle of a circle of stars, followed by four numbers. We’d like to see the whole combination with six or seven characters filled in when you spot a car from Liechtenstein. After this, there will follow one or two stickers that this car has passed an emission and safety test. These so called T-license plates are mostly used when cars are imported from foreign countries. You have to pay 245 Euros to get such a plate and than all the characters after the Royal Mark can be personalized. The only thing you must not forget, license plates with red characters don’t have an interrupted zero.
These with plates with green letter have seven characters, nowadays starting with the number one, followed by the letter Z. A few years ago, the department was really part of the license plate as we can see on the license plate of the Vanquish below.
But when you spot a car which has that blue field in the right, please don’t fill in the characters of it.
Older Belgium license plates, before the one and nine were added on the license plates, had three letters and three numbers.
In contradiction to the regular license plates, the temporary plates don’t have a European flag. When you spot a car with such a license plate you have to fill in the two (or three) numbers – three letters – two numbers. These plates are green with white letters and can be used by the owner pending for a regular license plate.

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