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They need to be tracked and protected from people who might misuse the personal information that they hold.
Unfortunately, Google hasn’t seen fit to create that kind of feature for its mobile operating system. In order to control your Android device from the AndroidLost website, the application will need to have administrative access.
You’ll be asked if you’d like to authorize your Gmail account for use with the service one final time.
You can also remotely wipe your entire device if you’re worried about your information getting into the wrong hands. Samsung has this great feature named as “Find My Mobile” that allows its users to control device remotely if it is stolen or missing. Once you have successfully enabled remote controls feature, you can follow the following steps to find or even control the mobile in case it is stolen or missing. You can use ring my device feature by selecting the option from the main menu screen and then clicking on the Ring button.
Note: The screens may vary, depending on the device you’re accessing the Find My Mobile Service on. Starting off today’s list is the aptly named Find My Android Phone app and this one does exactly what it says. This is another dedicated phone finding app and places more of a focus on stolen phones then lost phones.
This Find My Phone app has the unique ability to integrate an Android Wear device into the equation. This one takes tracking to the next level and is designed to find your phone, you, or any of your family members or friends using GPS. Avast is possibly a name that you already trust to secure your device from internet sites, malware and viruses. It seems there is likely to be a number of more Wear apps popping up in find my phone lists and this seems to be the case now. Of course, many of the apps here are designed to help find your phone, some even with the use of your smartwatch.

Va da se che la nuova Applicazione permette di trovare e recuperare il cellulare smarrito, ma in caso di furto dovrete seguire le procedure classiche, poiche la nuova App non permette il blocco del telefono stesso., prima di pubblicare foto, video o testi da internet, compie tutte le opportune verifiche al fine di accertarne il libero regime di circolazione e non violare i diritti di autore o altri diritti esclusivi di terzi.
Though they can empower everyday users to stay connected to their loved ones, and keep them informed on the latest weather and news stories, smartphones have become an essential part of everyone’s lives. To their credit, Apple acknowledges the problem of carrying around so much user information early on and integrated Find My iPhone into its devices.
Instead, Android users have a wealth of applications that can give them the same experience.
In this example, we are using Google Chrome, however Internet Explorer, Firefox and Apple’s Safari web browser will work just fine. That password should be the same Google Account that was used on your Android device when you initially set it up. Press OK and do not forget to log out of the account immediately after using it so that no one else can misuse it. Your device will ring for 60 seconds on maximum volume, making it easier for you to find its location if it is present somewhere near you. However, the one common denominator they all have, is that they seem to be consistently becoming more expensive. Using this app, you can track and located any device associated or registered to your Google account.
As such, you can erase pretty much all the aspects of the device remotely, not to mention you can also read any text messages being sent or received after the phone has gone. As such, if you do lose your phone, you can simply tap the app on your watch and ask it to find your phone.
Once registered, all devices are tracked and able to display real time location information showing their exact whereabouts.
Following on from the last option, Wear Aware is also designed to help identify your smartphone within a short range location. This app is designed to make use of your whistling skills to help identify and locate your lost phone.

Here’s how to get the same features as Find My iPhone on an Android device using the free Android Lost application.
From there you’ll be able to trigger pop messages on your device in case it’s lost and even lock out the device until you can physically get it back.
Unfortunately, this feature is available only if you have enabled it on your device, which needs to be done manually. Find My Mobile feature not only allows you to track the device location, but also lets you ring a bell on it if it is missing.
With this in mind, making sure you do not lose your smartphone is becoming even more important.
While it also allows you to remotely wipe the phone if permanently lost or stole, send a text message to the phone and will advise you if someone changes the SIM card. If they are permanent lost or stolen, then you can also remotely wipe them or erase the data. There are also a number of ways to bring the phone to people’s attention with its flashing screen and siren. At which point, the phone will begin to sound, flashlight will turn on and the phone will vibrate.
Avast have their own find my phone service which like many of the rest here offer the ability to track your phone and delete and wipe its contents. As such is a great tool for phones lost in the house or to make sure you don’t leave the house without your phone. Once set up and you cannot find your phone, simply white and the phone will play your pre-set song choice. To learn how to set up your Samsung Android phone for the Find My Mobile service, click here. Well, there are a number of apps which can help safeguard you for when you do lose or have your phone stolen.

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