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We haven't spent much time on cell phone towers and their danger here yet on this forum, even though the risk may be as big as that of aspartame, perhaps even bigger (newspapers reported on 2 billion people who will have cell phone cancer in 2020), so I thought lets bring some attention to this proven danger by making this topic about it. In case you are wondering why you never hear anything about this, there seems to be a media blackout on this issue. Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.-Edmund BurkeDo not under-estimate your own mind. Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.
There is a tower resembling the first example, but I couldn't find it on the tower map.
The local Catholic church about 150 meters away from my house just had a cell tower built next to it, encased in a bell tower. Note: If you intend to use an image you find here for commercial use, please be aware that some photos do require a model or property release. The major obstacle confronting recovery agents is that the person they are seeking is trying their best to hide.
One of our techniques is “Pinging cell phones.”  A ping tracks the location of a cell phone by tracking the last signal.
Pings are not immediately ascertainable, but within a few hours, the general location (sometimes as specific as a particular address) can be identified. One case handled by International Investigators involved a phone that was located in Portland, Oregon. The forensic cell tower evidence is not generally needed after, but the entire process is documented in a report for future use.

Where the person goes, their cell phone is not far behind, in fact, it’s usually glued to their hand, in their pocket, or vibrating in a handbag. Pinging cell phones may sound funny, but it is a sound strategy to find the truth – and that’s what we do! It does mean however, that you have to be even more strict in limiting your cell phone usage. The fugitive was running from Kentucky and no known connections would have led the recovery agent to Oregon. And, professional investigators have access to data bases and resources to obtain cell phone numbers for every use.
I can't yet make any comments to the efficacy of it, but I will be able to reasonably soon. When the cell phone has difficulty to find a cell phone tower it sends out an even stronger signal.Thanks, I appreciate that.I understand and I will keep that in mind--Thanks again for all the info!
I tried to talk to some of the workers, but the security guard who was always there when work was being done said nobody could bother the workers???WTF-I do believe there is something nefarious going on with all these towers-would be nice to find out the real agenda behind them. But with the investigative techniques available today, International Investigators is able to locate many of the fugitives for the recovery agents. Once permission is obtained, a signal is sent out to the phone and then the carrier is able to track the location of the phone through cellular tower triangulation. Because the distance was so great, the possibility of the fugitive having left the ping location was high, but two days after providing the information to the recovery agent, the fugitive was apprehended and on his way back to Kentucky. So even if the cell phone number is unknown, we will be able to find it if it is registered in their name.

For this recovery agent, there was nothing like a ping witness to this fugitive’s whereabouts. In fact people living within a certain radius, of a cell phone tower have a 300% increase in the incidence of cancer.
Multiple studies have been done that have proven this link, and it was the same types of cancer that increased in incidence the most, breast cancer and brain cancer.
I've written this post to help you find out if you are at risk, so hopefully you can do something about it (I have no idea what though, because there are actually laws that prevent towns from not allowing a cell phone tower to be placed).
I used Google Earth for this to make an accurate estimation of the distance, and if you want to follow what I did, it helps if you have some basic experience with the program. Compared to conventional treatment - surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy - which provides patients with a 40 per cent survival rate, the new treatment offers a 75 per cent chance.
More importantly, notice how the report says that in neighbourhoods that refuse to have one put up they are hidden this way. They spend thousands of dollars to hide cell phone towers when people find out it'll kill them. By the way, in case you were wondering, the screenshot I took is not where I live, I know the spooks browse this board.

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