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When we balance a chemical reaction equation, the primary concern is to obey the principle of conservation of mass - the total mass of the reactants must be equal the total mass of the products. Oxidation number methodIon-electron methodHowever, redox reactions involve the transfer of electrons from one species to another, so electrical charge must be considered explicitly when balancing redox equations.
During a redox reaction, the total increase in oxidation number must be equal to total decrease in oxidation number. The balancing of a chemical equation by ion-electron method (using half reactions) is done according to the following steps. The production of manganese from the ore pyrolusite, which contains MnO2, uses aluminum as the reducing agent.
In addition, the number of atoms of each kind on one side of the equation must be equal to the number of atoms of the corresponding elements on the other side (the law of conservation of mass should not be violated). There may also be a problem with the door switch, or the door locking mechanism or switch in a self-cleaning oven. Usually you will find the sensor inside the oven, at the top, near the back. In other words the electrons cant be left lying around.There are two very important methods for balancing oxidation-reduction reactions.
Temperature sensors are usually fairly easy and inexpensive to identify and replace. Not so with the solid state circuit components.

Multiply one or both half equations by suitable numbers so that on adding the two equations, the electrons are balanced. It may cost a little more now, but ultimately you will probably save yourself a LOT of hassle and money. The factory-authorized technician has an advantage in that he can diagnose by trial and error and reuse the part if he guesses wrong. Please note also that manufacturers constantly change things, using different parts on different oven models. Though we do our level best to keep up on all the changes, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the error codes listed.
When you need to test a live circuit, always make sure all contacts are clear from shorting, then energize the circuit just long enough to do your testing, Then de-energize the circuit again. Safety first!7-1 DIAGNOSISTHE FIRST STEP in diagnosing ANY oven error code is to attempt to reset the logic board. Press any "stop," "reset," "clear" or "off" button, wait for a few minutes and remove power from the unit, either by unplugging it or turning the breaker off for a few minutes. Remember also that a self-cleaning oven latch will not unlock until the oven is back below some pre-set temperature, usually around 550-650 degrees, so in some cases, if the door lock is involved, you may have to wait for an hour or more for the oven to cool off and reset itself. DIAGNOSTIC SHEETSThe error codes for your specific model may be listed on a diagnosis sheet contained within the oven itself. This connection is often the source of problems; the contacts are quite sensitive to being loose or any little oxidation.

Sometimes just simply wiggling a connector may clear up the error code. If you have an oven with a keypad separate from the ERC and you are showing a "stuck keypad" code, disconnect the keypad from the ERC (with power on the board) and wait two minutes.
If not, the problem is probably in the keypad. FUSESMany oven temperature-sensing circuits have a fuse. However, this symptom can be caused by relay contacts that have "welded" themselves shut. DOUBLE OVENSMost double ovens have two control boards.
Where an error code tells you to check the ERC in a double oven, make sure you check both boards. COOLING FANS Some ovens have cooling fans to cool the control board and circuitry.
Failure of this fan can cause all kinds of wacky and intermittent symptoms; usually overtemp codes, but others, too. They have a terrific marketing department; for most people, the name Kenmore evokes all kinds of emotion. They don't build ovens. What they do is to take ovens that other companies build and put the Kenmore name on them.

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