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Using this formula, you can create full names, names and employee IDs, status updates, and much more. When you need to add information that already exists in your Excel sheet but just need to make this information into one cell. It's pretty much impossible to use Excel and not notice the Name Box, which appears just above the upper-left-hand corner of the worksheet frame. To access all of the content on our site, register (it's free!) or login to your existing account.
David Ringstrom, CPA, heads up Accounting Advisors,¬†an Atlanta¬†software and database consulting firm providing training and consulting services nationwide. I'm a director of systems and infrastructure at a university and trying to use excel as a budget projection tool. Then click on sheet 4 who's name is "vSphere 5 EntPlus Licensing", click on the cell with the Estimate # (A2 for this sheet), click in the "Name Box" and type either:1. Or if someone know's of a better tool then excel I could use for this effort, please feel free to share. One of my favorite sayings is "Either you work Excel, or it works you!" With the right help you can turn the tide from the latter to the former. Now, I offer a free check-register spreadsheet, an "Envelopes" Check Register, and a fancier, for-pay check register with sorting. If you're not real familiar with Excel's layout, here's what's important: In Excel, "rows" run horizontally, and are ordered by number. Once the blank spreadsheet (or "worksheet") is opened, we'll start by adding a handful of column labels — the same ones you'd find in your paper check register.
I'm "selecting this range" because I would like to make these headers show up in a bold font. I'd also like to give my row of register labels a background color that's different from the rest of the worksheet. Look at our columns, and think ahead for a moment: Chances are, a few of them simply won't be wide enough to hold the data we'll need to put in them. In Excel 2007, using the HOME ribbon, click the FORMAT button, and then select COLUMN WIDTH.
When your cursor is between the headers of Columns D and E, and the resizing cursor appears, left-click and drag your mouse to the right. For one final formatting change to our Register labels, let's center each label in its respective cell.

Our Register labels are now created, and we've formatted them enough to make them look pretty decent. Launch Excel 2010, Open datasheet, choose the column you want to split, right-click the column next to it, and on its context menu click Insert. Now you can see in the screenshot below, that the column is successfully parsed into two columns. I would do it this way: 1) transpose columns and rows, then split into 1,000 columns 2) transpose columns and rows, then 2) split names and email addresses, then 30 split names.
However this is in Microsoft word i couldn’t find one in excel but see the icon split cell button and if you notice he is still in column 2 and row 1and the person split that one cell in 4 parts that is split cell. This does not work very well with dates, if you can shed some light on how to do it properly with dates I would be very appreciative.
AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. When you’re creating a new cell that has the information of two or more other cells, there is a formula that will do this for you instead of having you enter manually information that already exists in the document. There are sections for first and last names, and a 3rd section where you will apply the combination formula.
This will save you time from manually typing and adding information that already exists in your spreadsheet. Most users know this as the space in Excel where you can determine the address of the currently selected cell. It may depend whether or not you've saved the file yet or not was to whether the extension is required, but it certainly won't ever hurt to include the extension. If type a cell no in name box of excel 2013, for example E25000, then the cell no E25000 gets highlighted but I want that when I type E25000 in name box then this E25000 should appear at the top left corner of excel sheet and page view should change accordingly. The more I consider it, though, the more I think that building a tutorial like this could be a great way to show Excel beginners some of the basic workings of the program. Other versions of Excel will appear slightly different, but the functionality is essentially the same. I'll left-click cell B1 ("DATE") and then drag the cursor through the last label — it's in cell H1 ("BALANCE").
Our "PAYEE" column, for instance, could hold some pretty long names, and our "MEMO" column (which is meant for any notes you'd like to enter concerning the given transaction) could easily be even longer. It won't ever hold any data, and is mostly just an aesthetic thing — I don't like my tables to run right up against the left side of the page.

Now it's on to the really fun stuff: adding formulas and data to our spreadsheet, and letting Excel do its thing! It could be helpful when we need to split data in to columns without entering the data right from the scratch.
We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. As shown in Figure 1, the Name Box shows B2 because the cell B2 is selected, as indicated by the black border around the cell. We can all think of reasons for some of them, of course, but when would using each of these tricks be the most efficient way of accomplishing a given task? However, self-professed Excel junkies such as myself thrive on probing the obscure corners of the program. In this case you'd be better served by a custom macro that would enable you to double-click on an item on a summary sheet and automatically be transported to the detail sheet in question. This is another, often-simpler way to resize columns and rows — with the resizing cursor.
In our case, space is the delimiter so we will choose space and enable the options which says Treat consecutive delimiters as one. From Destination we have already selected the column which we want to split, but you can also change the Destination by clicking button at the end of it’s field. Each new nuance I learn about Excel sharpens my awareness of what's possible, and often leads to other serendipitous discoveries along the lines of "well, if I can do ____, then surely there's a way to do _____." It's through this endless pursuit that I've accumulated the Excel knowledge that I have today. This isn't something I can describe in a comment like this, plus I'd need to see your actual spreadsheet.
If you have someone on staff that knows VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) in Excel, it'd be a pretty easy (and for you, life-changing) macro. Or, this is a typical consulting project for me if you don't have another resource available.

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