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Some health ailments that experts have already theoretically attributed to high cell phone usage include increased headaches, high blood pressure, earlier onset of Alzheimers and, of course, cancer.
According to the CNET article, “By publishing these lists we are in no way implying that cell phones are dangerous. The SAR level listed in the CNET article represents the highest SAR level measured with the phone next to the ear, as tested by the FCC.
FDA admitted that chicken meat contains cancer-causing arsenic, why are you still eating it? Why is the US government suppressing this herbal breakthrough that can protect your liver from alcohol damage? Police officers across New Jersey could be saying that to motorists at the scenes of car crashes if new legislation introduced in the state Senate becomes law. The measure would allow cops — without a warrant — to thumb through a cell phone to determine if a driver was talking or texting when an accident occurred. Supporters say it could be an important tool for cops investigating crashes in a state where distracted driving causes lots of accidents and driving while using hand-held cell phones is illegal.
Opponents say it could touch off a contentious legal debate over whether giving officers such access violates a motorist’s right to privacy or protections against unreasonable search and seizure. George Carlo, former chief scientist of the cell phone industry’s $28 million safety research project, believes we could be on the verge of a major health crisis.

In most recent times, concern for men’s health regarding cell phones has made international headlines. For a phone to pass FCC certification and be sold in the United States, its maximum Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR level must be less than 1.6 watts per kilogram. It’s possible for the SAR level to vary among different transmission bands (the same phone can use multiple bands during a call), and different testing bodies can obtain different results. Other digital wireless systems, such as data communication networks, produce similar radiation. CNET, a technology website, started reviewing cell phones over 10 years ago, and tracked the SAR of every handset that they reviewed.
Try to make your calls only the most necessary ones, and when you do use it, try to follow a two minute rule of thumb.
Obviously, don’t try this behind the wheel or any other time you need your full attention, but when a text will suffice, send one instead of dialing.
Right now, there isn’t enough research to determine whether using a speaker or headset, rather than your phone itself, offers better protection.
Again, it’s a device that emits and transmits electromagnetic waves that are absorbed by the soft tissues in your body. If you’re using your phone without a headset, wait for your call to connect before putting it next to your ear.

This sounds like funny advice, but using your phone in environments like an elevator or your car cuts signal strength and forces the phone to use more power to connect, which means it’s sending out even more radiation.
Think about supplementing your nutritional diet with anti-oxidants such as catalase, glutathione, and Coq10.
Research has shown that a short, two-minute call can alter the natural electrical activity of the brain up to one hour. It’s worth paying an extra cost in order to preserve one of the most valuable things you have: your health. But one thing is known: the electromagnetic waves emitted by your phone are absorbed most often received by the temporal lobe of your brain, during normal usage (phone to your ear), and that part of your brain handles hearing, auditory processing, formation of long-term memory, speech, and vision.
One study suggested that men who wear their cell phones near their waste could see their sperm count reduced by as much as one-third. Doing so will strengthen your bioenergy field and immune system against the harmful effects of EMFs.

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