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Here you will be able to see your PAN name as per Income Tax record, your PAN ASSESSING OFFICER, your PAN Ward Number, your pan CIRCLE code will be shown. You have masked your name from the PAN details displayed, but forgot the mask the PAN number itself! While filling the ward no field in ITR-1, do we have to give the ward no corresponding to our office address(i.e., finding it using the PAN no of our employer) or using our own PAN number ? IN DELHI REGION I FOUND 269 ENTRIES OF AO CODE HOW DO I KNOW IN WHICH AO I HAVE TO REGISTER. How do i know which location is nearby me, i have not a pan card, what is the method to know AO code FROM ADDRESS. If you are talking about any existing FDs with you, then I suggest you to fill-up details in schedule III not in schedule II. Anyways exchange of first name and second name do bring any differences as long as your PAN data are correct.
For 3 yrs I worked in Bangalore and then since last year April 2013 I have been working in Pune. I was manually filling my income tax returns at Bangalore from 2002 to 2009 until I moved to US.

My son has today received an intimation, under section 245, from CPC Banglore that the refund determined on processing of his return for AY 2014-15, is being adjusted against the outstanding demand on him for AY 2011-12.
Further, in the said return, through oversight, the interest on Home Loan, paid during the year remained to be included. Will the ITO WARD required change every time I move from one state to another or it will remain the same i.e. I have been filing my tax returns from the past many years and I am a government servent, but this year the name has got interchanged. Whenever you are submitting PAN for any purpose, writing down the purpose (just online) touching to the edges of PAN or little across of it and keep no much space between image of PAN and signature or the note you mention about the purpose. I went to Pune for Job and manually submitted IT return there using Pune temporary address.
Could you please advise me do I have to file my returns again with corrections or just leave it. The stupid CA should have made the Tax liability calculations by adding the salary payments made by both the employers…. A  I learned something from every man I met or exchanged emails with, and Lou taught me a few words in Spanish.A  Ole!

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