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Getting a phone number can be an intimidating task for anyone, but this Lothario has the perfect technique when it comes to making the difficult first move. After the phonic fun that was the 3GSM Congress in Barcelona this week, herea€™s a quick look at a rather appealing concept handset from the Japanese-Swedish axis that is Sony Ericsson that might one day become a reality. The unnamed slider phone, as revealed by the wireless geeks at uber phones, looks like ita€™s made of polished glass and would need to come with an anti-fingerprint duster if ever released.

Pulchritude aside, the putative specs include an FM radio, a 3.2-megapixel camera and 2GB of onboard flash memory.
Alternatively, if you prefer to keep a little more grounded, feel free to check out the real-world phones over at the Sony Ericsson photo library. Spammers beware: Any links in comments to commercial websites will be treated as paid advertising and will be charged at rate of $10 per link per day.

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